Scientific Internships within the department movement science

Here is a tabular overview of possible internships which we have experiences with. There are many more to explore and also enough which can be done from Münster/Home Office. If you are interested in an internship at or supervised by our department, please follow the steps described below.
Research Topic / Department Location Supervisor
Kinematics & Motion Capture

SIMI Reality Motion Systems
Munich, DE

Dr. Marc de Lussanet
Psychosomatics & Children's neurology

Universitätsklinikum UKM
Münster, DE

Dr. Christiane Bohn
Measurement technology & force assessments

GeBioM mbH
Münster, DE

Dr. Christiane Bohn
Measurement technology

Humotion SmarTracks
Münster, DE

Dr. Christiane Bohn
Children's rehabilitation & psychomotor therapy

Association of Mototherapy
Münster, DE

Dr. Christiane Bohn
Faculty of Engineering Technology
Department of Biomechanics Engineering

University of Twente
Enschede, NL

Dr. Rosemary Dubbeldam
Rehabilitation, Research and Developement

Roessingh Research and Development
Enschede, NL

Dr. Rosemary Dubbeldam
Human Movement Sciences (only MSc)

Vrije Universiteit
Amsterdam, NL

Dr. Maarten van den Heuvel
Movement & Gait analsyis in clinical settings

Spital Zürich
Zürich, CH

Lena Fennen
Elite athlete training camp

Tenerife Top Training
Tenerife, ES

Lena Fennen
Public Health & Fitness applications

Fitsurance B.V.
Amsterdam, NL

Lena Fennen
Immunology, Movement & Back pain research

Jena, DE

Prof. Dr.
Prediction of Motion & Movement analysis

Predimo GmbH
Münster, DE

Prof. Dr. Heiko Wagner

In all concerns, matters of application, questions or interests, please contact Lena Fennen!

  • You want to be supervised by someone from our department for your internship?

    For students of the study programs in Münster.

    1.    Think of your research interest
    The first step for your internship lies with you as student.
    What do you want to do? What are your interests? Where do you want to go for your internship?
    The different research topics of our department can be found here.

    2.    Apply for department movement science (Motivation letter + CV)
    Apply for our department by sending your motivation letter and curriculum vitae.

    3.    Meeting to find contact for internship and supervisor in department
    After you have send your application to the department, we will check if it is the right fit for you. We will thereafter contact you to come by for a meeting to select your research topic and find the according internship location. This can be one of our contacts, but we encourage you to find some options yourself as well. Since you need a supervisor from our department, we should discuss your options before taking action. After we established a research topic/location, you will be assigned to a supervisor within our department.

    4.    Meeting with supervisor in department
    The last step is to discuss your scientific internship with your supervisor. From this moment on, this person is your contact person within our department.

    The research facilities we cooperate with are mostly located within Europe.

    Examples of contacts:

    Companies that develop …
    …car crash simulations
    …pressure sensors
    …motion capture devices
    …rehabilitation solutions (prosthesis, etc.)

    Clinics with a focus on…
    …gait analysis

    Universities with a similar movement science program or similar research topics.

  • You want to do your internship at our department?

    For e.g. students of other (applied) universities.

    1. Check out the current research projects at our department.
    See if there are any project running that match with your interests and / or skills. An overview of the research within the department can be found here, and some current projects can be found here.

    2. Apply for the department movement science (Motivation letter + CV)
    After you have selected the research project you like to contribute to, please apply for our department by sending your motivation letter and curriculum vitae.