Dr. Rosemary Dubbeldam

Professorship for Motion Science (Prof. Wagner)
Dr. Rosemary Dubbeldam

Horstmarer Landweg 62B, Room SG 16
48149 Münster
T: +49 251 83 31784

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  • Research Areas

    • Computational modeling
    • Foot and ankle biomechanics and pathologies
  • CV


    PhD Biomechanical engineering "Towards a better understanding of foot and ankle kinematics in rheumatoid arthritis", Roessingh Research and Development and University Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands
    BSc Physiotherapy, Hogeschool Thim van der Laan, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands
    MSc. Aeronautical engineering, Technical University Delft, The Netherlands Department of aerospace materials and manufacturing


    Physiotherapist, specialised in foot and ankle pathologies at “FysioHolland Twente”, Enschede, The Netherlands.
    Research engineer at Roessingh Research and Development, Enschede, The Netherlands. Studies on cycling (kinematics) and personal characteristics of elderly people to develop bicycles (or add-ons) which are able to support the older cyclist and reduce fall risk. Studies on gait kinematics of patients with various foot and ankle pathologies to improve understanding of foot and ankle function, impairments and related clinical factors
    Physiotherapist at “Fysiotherapiepraxis Andrießen”, Ahaus, Germany
    Project engineer in the department of Occupant protection systems at Delphi Automotive, Wuppertal, Germany: Simulation and development of automotive restraint systems (airbags) and development of human computer models for car crash simulations.
  • Projects

    • PhysAgeNet - Network on evidence-based physical activity in old age ( - )
      EU-project hosted at WWU: EC - COST Actions | Project Number: AGA-CA20104-1; AGA-CA20104-2
    • Digital Health Application for Personalized Rehabilitation after Ankle Inversion Trauma ( - )
      Own resources project
    • Lateral ankle sprains - foot posture and its effects during rehablitation ( - )
      Own resources project
  • Publications

    • Neugebauer, Jonathan; Dubbeldam, Rosemary; Pham, My Linh; Beser, Lokman; Gerlach, Luka; Lee, Yu Yuan; Kuchen, Herbert. . ‘A Medical Information System for Personalized Rehabilitation After Ankle Inversion Trauma.’ In Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Software Technologies - ICSOFT, edited by SciTePress, 319–330. Lisbon, Portugal: SciTePress. doi: 10.5220/0011295800003266.
    • Westerhuis, Frank; Engbers, Carola; Dubbeldam, Rosemary; Rietman, Hans; de Waard, Dick. . ‘Enlightening cyclists: an evaluation study of a bicycle light communication system aimed to support older cyclists in traffic interactions.’ International Journal of Human Factors and Ergonomics 8, No. 3: 294–317. doi: https://doi.org/10.1504/IJHFE.2021.118225.
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    • Cooke, Adrian; Beusenberg, Marc; Bonnema, Maarten; Poelman, Wim; Bulsink, Vera; Koopman, Bart; Dubbeldam, Rosemary. . ‘Methods to assess the stability of a bicycle rider system.’ In Proceedings of the ASME 2012 5th Annual Dynamic Systems and Control Conference joint with the JSME 2012 11th Motion and Vibration Conference., edited by American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 189–193. Florida: American Society of Mechanical Engineers. doi: https://doi.org/10.1115/DSCC2012-MOVIC2012-8524.
    • Dubbeldam R, Baan H, Nene AV, Drossaers-Bakker KW, {Van De Laar} MAFJ, Hermens HJ, Buurke JH. . ‘Foot and ankle kinematics in rheumatoid arthritis: Influence of foot and ankle joint and leg tendon pathologies.’ Arthritis Care & Research 65, No. 4: 503–511. doi: 10.1002/acr.21852.
    • Dubbeldam, Rosemary;. Nester, Chris; Nene, Anand; Hermens, Hermie; Buurke, Jaap. . ‘Kinematic coupling relationships exist between non-adjacent segments of the foot and ankle of healthy subjects.’ Gait and Posture 37, No. 2: 159–164. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.gaitpost.2012.06.033.
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  • Talk

    • Fennen L, Dubbeldam R, Wagner H (): ‘A comparison of a multi-segment foot model to a one-segment foot model during balance tasks.’ International Foot and Ankle Biomechanics Meeting, i-FAB Committee and the University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil, .