Research at the Wagner-Lab


Myonardo Squat
© Heiko Wagner

Myonardo is a mixed dynamics musculoskeletal 3D-model of the human body.

Computational Neuroscience

© Heiko Wagner

We develop various models of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system, ranging from relatively simple models of muscular contraction to complex 3D models of the human body. 

Clinical Biomechanics

Img 0977
© Lena Fennen

 The aim of the research is to induce a movement from evidence based therapeutic approaches towards science based therapeutic approaches in conservative and surgical treatment in both orthopedic and sports medicine.

Active Ageing

Alter Dragon30 2 1
© dragon30/

Understanding the changing physical capacities of persons of older age is crucial in maintaining quality of life.

Evolution and Movement

A Entstehendes-nervensystem Bauke-klaembt 2-1
© CiM - Anni Bauke, Christian Klämbt

Our sensorimotor system is the product of a non-goal-directed movement and arises through a gradual process of growth.