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| Thesis Defense
Svea Schröder
© S Schröder

PhD for Svea Schröder

We congratulate Dr. Svea Schröder on successfully defending her thesis "Neural Correlates and Dynamics of Attention, Inhibition, and Working Memory Storage" at the Institute of Psychology. The thesis was supervised by Prof. Dr. Niko Busch,  Prof. Dr. Ricarda Schubotz and Dr. Maximilian Bruchmann.

| Venture camp 2023
Venture for Science

Venture for Science 2023

Summer and Venture Camps at the Coburg
During two weeks in July 2023, two combined summer and adventure camps took place at the Coburg in Münster, just like last year. The camps were organized by the German Alpine Club (DAV) together with the Otto-Creutzfeldt Centrum (OCC) and were sponsored by the city of Münster and the DJK Sportstiftung.
This year, for the first time, it was an integrative camp with a total of 30 children in each of the two weeks, with 10 of these children from each of two wards of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry of the University Clinics in Münster. The children were able to climb on a climbing or bouldering wall, ride a lift truck to a height of about 10 meters, or even immerse themselves in virtual realities using VR. In doing so, they could face various daredevils, such as confronting spiders, thunderstorms, dark places or stepping onto a free-standing observation plank on a skyscraper. The goal of the camp was to have fun and enjoy playing together as well as to strengthen the children's self-efficacy in passing the dares. The children were enthusiastic about the integrative camp and it was enormously gratifying to see how many more dares the children were eventually willing to take than they had initially thought themselves capable of. More integrative camps are already being planned for next year 2024.

| Thesis Defense
Sophie Siestrup
© S. Siestrup

PhD for Sophie Siestrup

We congratulate Dr. Sophie Siestrup on successfully defending her thesis "The Influence of Mnemonic Prediction Errors on Brain Activity and Episodic Memory - a Perspective on Memory Modification" at the Institute of Psychology. The thesis was supervised by Prof. Dr. Ricarda Schubotz,  Prof. Dr. Pienie Zwitserlood and Prof. Dr. Sen Cheng.