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OCC Retreat 2022

Talks by OCC PhD Students

This year's OCC Retreat was held at the Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences on September 26th. The OCC PhD students presented the current state of their projects in twenty-minute talks each followed by 10 minutes of discussion. Again, the diversity of the covered topics within the field of cognitive and behavioural neuroscience was impressive (complete program). In the evening on Monday OCC members and PhD students braved the cold weather outside and had the traditional OCC BBQ with a lot of interesting discussions and interdisciplinary discourse.

Venture camp 2022

Venture for Science

Researchers from the Otto Creutzfeldt Center investigated the positive aspects of children's successful involvement with adventure. In the OCC Venture Camp 2022 elementary school students faced different challenges during their summer vacation, while the researchers measured the children's experienced fear by means of questionnaires and increased heart rates. For example, the children went up to a height of 7 meters with a lift truck. In another challenge, courage was required to look through VR goggles, where the children experienced a virtual thunderstorm, sat in a room with virtual spiders or rode a virtual elevator to a platform of a skyscraper to look down from there.

"Children increasingly have fewer opportunities to take risks in their everyday lives or at school," says Prof. Dr. Markus Junghöfer, who is the scientific director of the venture camp together with PD Dr. Marc de Lussanet. "This minimizes the risk of accidents, for example in school sports, but at the same time deprives children of many opportunities to learn successful strategies and self-confidence in dealing with scary situations.”

Even though the evaluation of the data is just beginning now, the children's feedback shows that the learned mastery of dares led to a significant reduction in the experienced anxiety and was experienced very positively. The long-term goal of the OCC researchers is now to be able to offer Venture Camps to all children as part of school field trips in Münster and to study their prevention of anxiety disorders in children in even greater detail. 



Mark the date

Mark the date

Upcoming OCC Lab Rotation on fMRI

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and especially functional MRI is one of the most commonly applied methods in neuroscience. This lab rotation will offer insight into the work with (f)MRI. The participants will get to know the procedures in preprocessing and analyzing fMRI data, gain experience in the processing of structural data, and will be able to experience an MRI measurement first hand. In the end participants can (hopefully) walk away with a lot of new knowledge about the method (f)MRI in neuroscience as well as with a little 3D-printed model of their own brain.

The lab rotation is available for around six OCC PhD students and will take place from 04.10. – 10.10.2022. If you are interested to take part, please contact Svenja Gremmler.