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OCC Retreat 2019

Talks by OCC PhD Students

Retreat 2019
© Harald Frenz

This year's OCC Retreat was held at the Institute of Psychology on July 8. From 9 to 5 the OCC PhD students presented the current state of their projects in twenty-minute talks each followed by 10 minutes of discussion. Again, the diversity of the covered topics within the field of cognitive and behavioural neuroscience was impressive (Program Retreat 2019). After the presentations, OCC members and PhD students braved the cold weather and had the traditional BBQ in the backyard of the institute where several ideas regarding the ongoing and future research projects were discussed.

Upcoming Talk

Prof. Dr. Peggy L. St. Jacques

A new perspective on visual perspective in memory
Peggy L. St. Jacques
© Peggy L. St. Jacques

Our next speaker in the OCC Colloquium Series in the summer semester 2019 is Prof. Dr. Peggy L. St. Jacques (University of Alberta, Canada).

  • Time: July 10th, 2019 (Wed), 16.15 h
  • Location: Institute of Psychology, Fliednerstraße 21, lecture hall, room 40

Neuroscience in School

Time Slots Available for Project "Wir sind Hirnforscher"

Robot Mr. Tie goes back to School
© S. Gremmler

The OCC offers the teaching material for the the 2-week teaching unit „Wir sind Hirnforscher“ designed by the Hertie Foundation including the robot „Herr Tie“ to primary schools in Münster. At first glance, the brain is abstract and difficult to grasp for primary school children because it is hidden inside the head. The aim of this teaching unit for 3rd and 4th grades is to make the brain, the control center of our body, accessible for the pupils. The pupils themselves take the role of brain researchers and, through their own experimentation, find the answers to questions about the brain. They learn that the brain is exciting, that anyone can explore it, and that it is worth protecting. Furthermore, each project can be completed with a question-and-answer session about the brain with OCC PhD students. Interested schools and teachers can contact the OCC coordinator for further information. Please click the on the heading above to find the bookable timeslots for the project in the school year 2019/2020.