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Insa Schlossmacher
© Robert Stojan

New OCC member - Robert Stojan

We welcome Robert Stojan from the Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences as a new member of the Otto Creutzfeldt Center in 2024.

Robert Stopjan works on questions about

  • Virtual Reality to Investigate Everyday Like Motor-Cognitive Behaviour
  • Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS)
  • Neurocognition and Aging
  • Parkinson’s Disease and Freezing of Gait

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Insa Schlossmacher
© Nils Winter

New OCC member - Nils Winter

We welcome Nils Winter from the Institute for Translational Psychiatry as a new member of the Otto Creutzfeldt Center in 2024.

Nils Winter says about his work:

"I have a background in psychology, with specializations in cognitive neuroscience and clinical psychology. Early in my academic journey, I developed a fascination with computer science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. As a researcher, I enjoy exploring the interplay between these fields, using statistical modeling and machine learning techniques to investigate and address questions related to mental disorders."

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Martina Saltafossi
© privat

New OCC PhD Student - Martina Saltafossi

In our OCC PhD Program we welcome Martina Saltafossi. Her research is based on the contexts  "Recent research has unveiled the profound influence of respiration on behavior and neural activity, suggesting it acts as a clock mechanism aligning behavior with brain dynamics. These findings open up intriguing avenues for understanding the translational implications of fundamental research in clinical contexts." The project is supervised by OCC members Prof. Dr. Joachim Gross and Prof. Dr. Markus Lappe. The PhD Committee is completed by Dr. Daniel Kluger.

| Thesis Defense
© Olga Schröder

PhD for Olga Holtmann

We congratulate Dr. Olga Holtmann on successfully defending her thesis "The role of the insular cortex in emotional processing: Evidence from a multi-dimensional lesion-based approach" at the Institute of Medical Psychology and Systems Neuroscience. The thesis was supervised by Prof. Dr. Thomas Straube, apl. Prof. Dr. Jens Bölte and Prof. Dr. Pienie Zwitserlood.

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Insa Schlossmacher
© Thomas Kroker

New OCC member - Thomas Kroker

We welcome Thomas Kroker from the Institute of Biomagnetism and Biosignalanalysis as a new member of the Otto Creutzfeldt Center in 2024.

Thomas Kroker works on questions about

  • Reward processing
  • Learning
  • Fear generalization

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Insa Schlossmacher
© privat

New OCC member - Jan Ernsting

We welcome Jan Ernsting from the Institute of Geoinformatics as a new member of the Otto Creutzfeldt Center in 2024.