Investigation of kinematics, kinetics, and joint loads of bicyclists in a bikefitting setup

Coursework credits for Bachelor and Master students

We are looking for a bachelor/master students with an interest in studying the effects of saddle and handlebar adjustments on the kinematics, kinetics, and joint loads of bicyclists. Experience with Qualisys and Matlab is beneficial.

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Background and aim

The height adjustments of saddle and the distance of the saddle to the handlebar reportedly have an influence on the kinematics of the bicyclist and the forces that interact with the bicyclist in the saddle, the handlebar and the pedals. However, the impact of these adjustments on the joint loads in ankle joint, knee joint, and hip joint as well as on the muscle forces in the lower limbs has not been investigated yet. Using 3D kinematics of the bicyclist as input for the musculo-skeletal model "Myonardo" it is possible to calculate the joint loading. You can find a video of the Myonardo visualization here.

Your assignment

Your assignment is first, to measure the subjects' kinematics using the Qualisys system. Second, you need to familiarize with the myonardo software to simulate joint loads using the previously measured kinematics.

Possible Projects

BSc Research project or thesis; MSc Research project, thesis or work experience

What else do you need to know?

You will be working at the department of Movement Science located at Horstmarer Landweg 50 in Münster.


Andreas Mühlbeier