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IP@WWU travel grants awarded to Lena Slupinski and Judith Mergen

Lena Slupinski and Judith Mergen were both awarded an IP@WWU Stipendium travel grant. IP@WWU is a project made available through a partnership of DAAD and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), with the aim to strengthen international collaborations throughout the doctoral programs at the WWU. The travel grants provide financial support for a research visit of up to six weeks. Lena will use the grant to travel to Joan López-Moliner at the Vision and Control of Action Group of the University of Barcelona, while Judith will visit Anouk Keizer at the Helmholtz Institute of Utrecht University (Touch, action & perception). Both doctoral students will thus get the chance to gain research experience in a lab abroad, work together with experts in their respective fields of research, and altogether give a boost to their PhD projects. Congratulations to both of you!