Software list

Here you will find an overview of the software available in the IVV Natural Sciences, sorted by category.

This software may be available on one or more operating systems (Lin, Mac, Win) and can be run immediately, has to be installed by the IT administrator first or is also available from other systems and sites via Citrix.

Commercial software is only licensed for use on WWU systems, in the subject and associated areas involved in the IVV Natural Sciences, by its employees and students. Please contact your IT administrator if you have any questions.

IT administrators will find an overview of the expiration dates of the software contracts of the IVV Naturwissen on this web page. This does not include contracts signed by the university (e.g. Adobe or Microsoft) via WWU-IT or contracts signed by the IVV, a department, institute or working group/circle with special funding (e.g. Comsol Multiphysics, PyMol, Snapgene).

License management in the NWZ is done under Windows and macOS via the software KeyAccess, for which you can find further information under the following links:  Windows, macOS.

Software, which you can install on your own computers as students, employees of these departments, if necessary within the scope of a so-called home use, can be found in the offer under NWZ@Home -> Software.