Server Hosting and Server Housing in the IVV

IVV Natural Sciences offers two types of server operation: either by using a virtual machine on IVV's virtualization cluster (server hosting) or by installing a server system in IVV's server rooms (server housing).

The costs incurred for this server hosting depend on whether a virtual machine is provided by the IVV or a physical server system to be provided by the workgroup is installed in the IVV server rooms.

Provision of a virtual machine (server hosting)

A virtual machine can be provided with a preconfigured operating system (Windows or e.g. openSuSE).The operating system license (except Windows Server) and any software not used from the NWZ offer must be procured separately by the working group. These costs are not included in the following prices.

The costs of thevirtual machine depend on the number of requested processors (vCPU), main memory (vMem) and disk space (vDisk).

Preisliste (Stand: 10/08/2020)

Component Costs
Processors (vCPU), currently max. 6 cores per VM 42 €/Core
Main memory (vMem), currently maximum 64 GB per VM 50 €/GB
Hard disk space (vDisk) 0,83 €/GB

Ordering of a virtual server

Hosting a Physical Server (server housing)

The standard costs for the housing of physical server systems are caused by the occupied network connections and the maximum power consumption (kW) of the system for which the power supply system (PDU, UPS, etc.) is partly designed.

Network Connections

All connections in the server rooms of the IVV are server connections according to the definition of the network department of the WWU IT and are treated accordingly when calculating the costs according to the "Price list for LAN connections" of the WWU IT (double the price of a standard LAN connection).

For each server system, which is set up in IVV rooms, at least two network connections are required, one for the access by the users of the working group (production LAN) and one for the operating-system-independent access by the system administrator of the working group (management LAN), see Serverhosting in the IVV Natural Sciences. If a redundancy of the production LAN, management LAN or further LAN connections (e.g. for clustering etc.) is required, further LAN connections must be requested accordingly, which will be invoiced in accordance with the WWU IT price list. It is advisable to request all LAN connections bundled, as each request is calculated individually according to the price list of the WWU IT.

Power Consumption

The costs arising from the maximum power consumption are calculated individually. As a guideline, you can set 0.28 € per watt.

Deployment Time

All prices mentioned are a one-time payment. The resources should be taken into account in new purchases (e.g. replacement of virtualization systems) and updated and maintained accordingly.

Alternatively, an annual payment can be agreed upon on request, please ask for the conditions for this the managing director via email.

If a hosted or housed server is shut down and not replaced by a successor, the resources will be returned to the IVV and no refund will be made.