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Registration for "Praktikum zur Rechneradministration in der IVV Naturwissenschaft" is open

In view of the various challenges regarding the security and confidentiality of data and the operational security of the entire computer network, this practical course supplements the lectures "Einführung in die Administration von Rechnern" with practical components. In particular, the university services and their use in conjunction with the "NWZ" Active Directory will be discussed.

The hands-on training will take place the week of 8/23 - 8/27 2021.

The courses will start at 9:15 am. A lunch break is scheduled from 12 - 2 pm, the event will not last longer than 5 pm. The topics in the blocks Installation/Software Distribution and Security are based on each other, knowledge from the lecture "Einführung in die Administration von Rechnern in der IVV Naturwissenschaften" is encouraged, but not rewuired. Registration is mandatory.
Enrollment to the Lernweb course is not sufficient, you have also to answer the Feedback Anmeldung zu den einzelnen Themen/ Registration for the Individual Topics.

Registration is open until August 1.

Please register only for the topics in which you actually want to participate.


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