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...that thanks to the so-called Morfeus project, unused computing time from hundreds of computers within the IVV Natural Sciences is available for your programs, so that you can perform complicated calculations in a shorter time - without blocking your PC?
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22.07.2019: Scientific Storage Cloud: Replacement of a Storage Controller - no disruption of service expected

Next Monday, 22.07.2019 afternoon one of the Storage Controllers at one of the Scientific Storage Cloud sites will be replaced.

As this is an online replacement, we expect no disruption in service.

Current job advertisement: System Engineer - focus on infrastructure and systems at IVV 4 Natural Sciences

At the Information Processing Supply Unit (IVV) Natural Sciences (NWZ) of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (WWU) the position of a

System Engineer - focus on infrastructure and systems

is open. The working time is currently 39 hours 50 minutes per week. The grouping takes place according to the transfer of tasks and the fulfilment of personal requirements up to remuneration group 10 TV-L.

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