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...that the university is making the Sophos AntiVirus virus protection program available to all its staff and students for free? It can (and should) be used on your own home computers.
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Registration open: "Introduction to the administration of computers in the IVV Natural Sciences"

In the winter semester the lecture series "Introduction to the Administration of Computers in the IVV Natural Sciences" will take place again.

You will find the selection of event topics in Learnweb2.

Further suggestions are welcome. You can register online until October 3, 2022, for some or all of the topics.

Please note that you first have to enroll in the course in the Learnweb and then register for the individual topics via the so-called feedback.

The enrollment in the course alone, without answering the feedback for topic selection, is not sufficient. Enrolled only students are NOT counted as participants (see below)!

The topics will be selected based on demand on October 4, at which time the exact dates for the individual topics will be fixed. If a minimum number of 5 participants is not reached for a topic, this topic will be skipped for this semester's course. In that case, registered participants will be informed of the cancellation by e-mail.
Please register only for the topics you are actually interested in.

The event will take place during the semester (starting 10/10/2019) at ComputerLab 745 in the Institute for Solid State Theory, Building IG 1, Wilhelm-Klemm-Str. 10 on Thursdays from 10:15am to 12pm.

Origin Home Use: Activations are available again

After releasing some old activations, Origin Home Use Product Keys are now available again for new activations.

If your Origin Home Use license has been deactivated in the process, please install the latest version (Home > Services > NWZ@Home > Software > Origin). It will be activated automatically during installation.

Gentle Reminder: The Home Use license is intended for use on private PCs only. A virtually unlimited network license is available for the business devices, which can be installed in the NWZ e.g. via ConfiMgr (SCCM).


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