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14.05.2021: Information on the maintenance procedure

On the day of the maintenance, the filesever including its home and group directories (initial letters A-E) will be offline from 6 am.

Consequently, from this point on, logging on to the PC is no longer possible for the affected users, nor is access to the group directories (see below).

The plan is for maintenance to be completed by 12 noon.

If, contrary to expectations, problems arise that prolong the work, we will inform you in a timely manner.

14.05.2021: Maintenance of a Fileserver causing partial disruption of service

We are working towards a planned maintenance of a Scientific Cloud: Storage Cloud file server for Friday May 14, 2021 the day between Christ Ascension holiday and the weekend. This work will cause a partial disruption of service.

Affected are

  • Home Directrories A-E and
  • Group Directories A-E.
Additionally the following storage spaces
  • p0ds.2
  • r0bphi.2
  • r0bphi.3
  • r0bpmo.2
  • r0bpmo.3
  • r0bppr.2
  • r0bppr.3
  • r0bpschw.2
  • r0bpschw.3
  • r0busch.2.
As this is a software maintenance, there is no way to make the resources available on one of the other three file servers.

Please plan for disruption of service for the mentioned resources. Espescially users, whose account names start wir the letters A-F, will not be able to logon or access their home directories and user profiles. If you have any restrictions, so this maintenance should not take place on Friday May 14, 2021, please contact the hotline as soon as possible. We will adjust our planning accordingly, if possible.

Regarding the duration and procedural steps of the maintenace, we wil post additional information starting May 7, 2021.

19.05.2021: COMSOL Day Münster

Since the beginning of the year, a Class Kit License of COMSOL Multiphysics, as well as several additional modules, has been available at NWZ for use on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

As part of the IVV Natural Sciences Colloquium, a COMSOL Day for the University and Colleges in Münster will be held on Wednesday, 19.05.2021 from 9am - 4pm.

Both simulators with experience and interested beginners can get to know each other at this event, exchange ideas, and be inspired by user presentations from students and researchers from various disciplines. In addition, we offer a compact introduction to the COMSOL modeling workflow, advanced training opportunities, and insights into current trends in simulation.

For more information on the agenda, speakers and the link to register, please visit Learnweb.


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