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...that you as a student or employee of a department belonging to the IVV Natural Sciences receive many Microsoft products for free under the conditions of the Azure Dev Tool for teaching program and can use them on your PC at home, including e.g. the operating system Windows 10 and the development software Visual Studio?
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"Introduction to Computer Administration", Topic of the week: Safety at work

On Thursday (02-MAY-2019), the lecture "Introduction to the Administration of Computers in the IVV Natural Sciences" will deal with the topic

Windows - Installation

The lecture will take place in the ComputerLab 745 of the Institute for Solid State Theory, Building IG1, Wilhelm-Klemm-Str. 10 from 10:15 am.

IVV Colloquium: 02.05.2019 - Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks 2

Robert Bäumer: Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks 2

The presentation "Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks 2" deals with the analysis of deployment errors of applications. Which typical errors are there and which approaches to error analysis have proven successful?

Target group
The presentation is for system administrators who have already had their first experience with System Center Configuration Manager. The basic functionality of SCCM as well as the structure of applications should be known.
Lecture content

  • Analysis of log files
  • Common errors
  • Client Center for Configuration Manager
  • Support Center for Configuration Manager
  • Remote Management Settings
  • Best Practice - Deployment

The colloquium will take place at 14:00 h (s.t.) in the seminar room EG (100.003/004) at the Institute of Food Chemistry, Corrensstr. 45.


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