Diamond 3

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is available on the following platform:

  • Windows

    1. Citrix
      You can use Diamond 3 via the terminal server nwzCitrix.
    2. DFS
      You can open Diamond 3 on every computer of IVV Naturwissenschaften from the start menu and the chemistry folder.

Diamond 3 allows you to create high-quality images from crystal structure data (either space group/unit cell/atom parameters or a file (e.g., CIF)) for a presentation or publication, understand the design principles of the structure, and visualize the design principles in various ways for other students, for example. A Diamond 3 document can contain multiple sets of structure parameters and multiple images for each structure in a document. You can copy or move structures or images between different documents.

More information regarding Diamond 3 can be found here.

For installing software, please consult your local IT administrator.