Virtual applications

On nwzCitrix you can use Windows software available in the NWZ from any terminal device with network connection (if necessary after VPN dial-in).

Preliminary Information

To use the applications, you need the Citrix Receiver. It installs a plug-in in the web browser. The following browsers are supported: Internet Explorer 6.X (or higher), Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.  Supported operating systems on the device are Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, but also iOS, Android and ChromeOS.

In the Citrix Receiver application the desktop is located under "All Apps" and not on a separate page like on the website!

For mobile devices you can find the Citrix Receiver in the respective App Store. You must enter as the configuration address.

Important: Outside the university network you need a VPN client. Further information can be found here: VPN instructions

Is something wrong? At the end of the website there is a troubleshooting section.

  • Guide for Windows

    If you visit the website for the first time, you will be asked to download and install the Citrix Receiver.

    New Sf _1_
    Figure 1: Install Citrix Receiver

    After the installation you can log in on the website with your username. The domain NWZ does not have be named.

    New Sf _2_
    Figure 2: Login

    Now you see three selection fields above. Under Favorites you will find desktops or apps that you have added to the favourites view. For desktops, you will be offered the available terminal servers or operating system desktops. Under Apps you can see all applications. Either sorted from A to Z or divided into categories.

    New Sf _3_
    Figure 3: Select Favorites, Desktops & Apps

    If you want to add a desktop or an app to your favorites, you first have to click on Details and then on Add to Favorites.

    New Sf _4_

    Figure 4: General View of a Desktop

    New Sf _5_

    Figure 5: Detailed View of a Desktop

    New Sf _8_
    Figure 6: General View of an App

    New Sf _7_

    Abbildung 7: Detailed View of an App

    The Favourites apps remain in place even after you log off. Applications can be started by clicking on the icon, a rotating circle then appears on the icon.

    App Starten
    Figure 8: Start Application

    Since a user log on is performed in the background, the start of an application takes a few seconds. Then the app starts and can be used completely.

    Figure  9: Starting...

    The Citrix Receiver transfers existing devices such as printers to a laptop or computer. This can be allowed or denied.

    Zugriff auf lokale Geräte
    Figure 10: Access to local devices

    You can also access the NWZ drives (I:) and (N:) as well as the hard disk(s) in the local computer. Here you will also be asked for security.

    Zugriff auf lokale Festplatten
    Figure 11: Access to local drive(s)

  • Guide for Linux Ubuntu and Mint

    Installing Citrix Receiver on Ubuntu 20.04 or Mint 20.1

    The Citrix ICA Client (Citrix Receiver) allows access to remote Windows sessions that run on a Citrix server.

    1)    Download und install the Citrix Workspace app 2101 for Linux Ubuntu


    • Installation with the terminal and the command:

    sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/icaclient_21.1.0.14_amd64.deb


    2)   Link the required certificates

    After the installation of Citrix Workspace, implement trusted certifcates in Citrix. If you don't do that, you get an error.

    Link the certicate directory of Mozilla with the command: 

    sudo ln -s /usr/share/ca-certificates/mozilla/* /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts/

    The following command activate the change:

    sudo c_rehash /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts/

  • Guide for macOS

    1. Open a internet browser and go the website If the site appears click on the button "Receiver ermitteln"

    1. Now the internet browser checks if the Citrix Receiver is installed on your MacBook or iMac. If the Citrix Receiver is not installed please accept the citrix license agreement and click on the button "Download" to download the installer

    1. If the download has finnished start the installation

    with a double click on "Install Citrix Workspace"

    1. Please confirm the next message with a click on "Erlauben"

    1. In the beginning of the installation click on the button "Fortfahren"

    and accept the software license agreement

    1. The installation starts with a click on "Installieren"

    and the enter of your user credentials

    1. After the installation you need to login to the Citrix Workspace App. Check "Konto hinzufügen" and click on "Fortfahren"

    1. Now enter the server adress and click on "hinzufügen"

    1. Log in with your user credentials

    1. When the configuration of the Citrix Workspace App is finnished and you can use the NWZ applications

    1. An other option to start NWZ applications is to use the website Accept the opening of Citrix Workspace launcher with a click on "Erlauben"

    and "Öffnen"