is available on the following platforms:

  • macOS

    1. You have to install the KeyAccess Client prior to using DNASTAR
    2. For macOS there is a DNASTAR installation package available under smb://nwz.wwu.de/dfs/Software/Admin/DNASTAR/Vxx/Mac.
    © IVV Naturwissenschaften
  • Windows

    1. Citrix
      You can use DNASTAR programs via the terminalserver nwzCitrix.
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    2. DFS
    On every NWZ computer you can start DNASTAR programs from the starting menu with the folder Biology\DNASTAR.

    © IVV Naturwissenschaften

For installing software, please consult ypur responsible IT administrator.

DNASTAR provides software solutions for molecular biology, protein analysis and genomics, including cloning and primer design, Sanger Sequence Alignment, protein structure analysis and next-generation sequence assembly and analysis.

You can find the website of DNAstar here.

Home Use

DNAstar can be used by students and staff from home thanks to the "DNASTAR Lasergene Site License". More information can be found here.