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is available for the following platform:

  •  Windows

    1. You can use TeXMaker via the terminal server nwzCitrix.
    2. DFS
      On every computer of IVV Naturwissenschaften you can open TeXMaker from the start menu.

Texmaker is a Unicode text editor for creating LaTeX documents with integrated PDF viewer. Texmaker can compile and display documents. To make work easier, the program has syntax highlighting and a wizard for easy creation of tables. Special characters can be inserted automatically via mouse click as LaTeX commands and mandatory elements of a LaTeX document via wizards. Texmaker supports Unicode and includes an integrated display of DVI, PostScript, PDF and HTML files. The editor is aimed in particular at LaTeX beginners, for whom the creation of documents is to be made easier with the help of wizards.

More information on TeXMaker can be found here.

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