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is available for the following platform:

  •  Windows

    1. Citrix
      You can use MorfeusConsole via the terminal server nwzCitrix.
    2. DFS
      On every computer of IVV Naturwissenschaften you can open MorfeusConsole from the start menu and the programming folder.

Using Morfeus is useful when you use a program that performs a calculation that would take hours. The Morfeus project enables the use of computing power that is unused in the IVV Natural Sciences (e.g. in ComputerLabs). The batch system HTCondor is an intelligent queuing system. It is designed for environments where computers are not used 24 hours a day. A computer acts as a central manager and decides when and where to start a job, so that you can use the optimal computing power.

More information on using the MorfeusConsole can be found here.

For installing software, please consult your responsible IT administrator.