Phase 5 HTML Editor

 This website is currently under construction. 

is available for the following platform:

  •  Windows

    1. Citrix
      You can use HTML Editor Phase 5 via the terminal server nwzCitrix.
    2. DFS
      On every computer of IVV Naturwissenschaften you can open Phase 5 HTML Editor from the start menu.

HTML Editor Phase 5 is a program for creating HTML documents under Windows. In addition to HTML, the syntax highlighting supports PHP, ASP, JavaScript, Perl, SQL, Java, C++, Modula-2, Object-Pascal, Python, Visual Basic and some more. Furthermore, the editor supports the user when editing HTML source code with automatic code completion, a built-in preview and additional tools such as a debugger/link tester, the ability to search and replace across files and a tool for creating tables.

More information on Phase 5 HTML Editor can be found here.

For installing software, please consult your responsible IT administrator.