Guest lecture
Gastvortrag The CEFR & Language Learning
© Prof. Dr. Frauke Matz

Gastvortrag The CEFR & Language Learning

Im Rahmen der Vorlesung Selected Aspects of SLA/ELT lädt Sie die Fachdidaktik Englisch herzlich zum Gastvortrag The CEFR & Language Learning von Prof. Dr. Bernd Rüschhoff ein.

Der Vortrag findet am Mittwoch, den 15. Januar von 16-18 Uhr im Schloss, S8 statt.

Wir freuen uns auf zahlreiches Erscheinen!


Welcome Jun.-Prof. Dr. Julia Reckermann!

© Vennemann & Bohr

We are excited to welcome Prof. Dr. Julia Reckermann, who has just joined our team in January 2020.

Please find more information here.

Training event
8. Nachmittag der Fremdsprachen
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Nachmittag der Fremdsprachen - Fortbildung für Lehrkräfte

Nachmittag der Fremdsprachen - Fortbildung für Lehrkräfte

Wir freuen uns, Sie bei unserer nächste Fortbildung am Mittwoch, den 04.03.2020 von 14 -18 Uhr am Englischen Seminar begrüßen zu können.


Please find more information here.

Training event
Plakat Nigeria2020 Rz 0402 Tiny
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Learning with Nigeria

In this school year, the North-Rhine Westphalian Ministry of Education has introduced Nigeria as a country of reference into its school curriculum. It is a challenge, though, for teachers and teacher trainees to find their way into the vastness of this new topic area as part of the Abitur. On 4th February, 2020 we will offer a training event which will serve as a practical introduction to the complex field of learning with and about Nigerian literature, film and music in the secondary EFL classroom and will generate a range of fresh perspectives on Nigeria for teachers.

Please find more information here.

Teaching English in a Multilingual Classroom
© Englisches Seminar

Teaching English in a Multilingual Classroom

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Symposium Plakat Entwurf
© Daniel Becker


Die Fachdidaktik Englisch läd Sie herzlich zum Symposium "Video Games and Foreign Language Teaching" am 12. Feburuar 2020 ein. Die Keynote der Konferenz wird von Prof. Dr. Sebastian Domsch der Universität Greifswald vorgetragen.

Das Symposium findet am Mittwoch, den 12. Februar von 9.00-16.00 Uhr im Schloss, Senatssaal, statt.
Kontaktpersonen: Daniel Becker ( und Prof. Dr. Frauke Matz (

Wir freuen uns auf ein spannendes Symposium!

TOOLS Kick-off Meeting
Tools 2019
© Prof. Frauke Matz

TOOLS Kick-off Meeting

Das TOOLS Projekt hat begonnen.

Im Rahmen dieses praxisnahen, anwendungsbezogenen europäischen Kooperationsprojektes sind Daniel Becker & Frauke Matz (Fachdidaktik Englisch), Corinna Schopphoff & Martin Jungwirth (ZfL) und Ralf Kerstgens (ZfsL Münster) nach Opole gereist.
Mit diesem Kick-off Meeting vom 04.11.-06.11.2019 beginnen wir ein phasenübergreifendes Projekt, das im Zeichen von Inklusion und Digitalisierung steht.
Wir freuen uns sehr auf diese Zusammenarbeit!

ADIBE in Münster
Adibe Treffen M _nster
© Prof. Frauke MatzADiBE Project

A warm welcome to the ADiBE-Team!

We are delighted to host the 2nd partner meeting of our ADiBE project from Thursday, 24th until Saturday, 26th October 2020.

A very warm welcome to the representatives of the Austrian (Silvia Bauer-Marschalinger, Christiane Dalton-Puffer & Helen Heaney), Finnish (Tarja Nikula-Jäntti & Kristiina Skinnari), Italian (Teresa Ting), Spanish (María Luisa Pérez Canado, Diego Rascón Moreno, Trinidad Jerez Montoy, Antonio Vincente Casas Pedrosa) and UK teams (Do Coyle & Kim Bower) as well as Dominik Rumlich (Germany).

It’s a pleasure to have you and to be working with you on this project!

Guest Lecture
Mediation in the Digital World
© Melanie Arriagda Espinoza

Cooperation Wuppertal - Münster: Mediation in the Digital World

For the first time, the TEFL team cooperates with the team of Romanistikdidaktik of Wuppertal in form of a tandem seminar.

Anika Marxl and Melanie Arriagada engage in the topic of mediation in the digital context together with their seminar groups. Both groups cooperate with the help of various digital tools. Additionally, both lecturers will visit the other group giving a guest talk.

We are very excited to welcome Melanie Arriagada on the 27th of November in Prof. Matz’s "Selected Aspects of SLA/ELT“ lecture.

Guest Lecture
© Englisches Seminar

Olumide Popoola’s Creative Writer’s Talk

In a joint event hosted by the TEFL team and the Chair of English, Postcolonial & Media Studies, author Olumde Popoola delivered an engaging creative writer's talk titled "Undo Me! Language, Form, and Queer Potentiality" as part of this year's "Postcolonial Narrations" graduate forum. Popoola engaged with her novel "When We Speak of Nothing" and explored the idea of how form and Yoruba folklore provide means to express alternative understandings of youth culture and transgender identities. With the TEFL team, Popoola was also in talks about further projects that center on teaching Nigerian texts in German high schools.


Welcome Marius Ritter!

01 Marius Ritter
© Sperlinger

We are very pleased to announce that Marius Ritter has now joined our team.
He is a PhD student within the QLB Projekt Videobasierte Lehrmodule als Mittel der Theorie-Praxis-Integration and will support us within this project.

You can find more information here.

Final Plakat Hybrid2020 Rz _1_
© z|zwei design

Call for papers - International Conference: Designign Hybrid Learning Spaces 2020

We welcome contributions regarding conceptual, theoretical and empirical findings including, but not limited to the following sub-themes:

  • Supporting individual learners through the help of Open Educational Resources (OER) and assistive technologies (such as Artificial Intelligences)
  • The role of augmented and virtual reality for (cultural) learning
  • Genre learning in foreign language classrooms with (new) digital genres and formats
  • Teaching diverse foreign language learners through game-based language learning
  • Digital storytelling and other formats for literary learning
  • Opportunities and challenges for assessment in hybrid learning spaces

Deadline for submission is Friday, 15th November 2019.
The presentations will be 20 min with 10 min discussion time. Please submit your proposal (300 words) to

Visit our conference homepage for more information.


Language Assistantships in Harrogate (UK)

We are currently looking for Language Assistants in Harrogate (UK).

Please find more information here.

Contact at the English Department: Dr. Britta Padberg-Schmitt.


Prof. Dr. Frauke Matz zu Gast bei der Fachaufsicht Englisch im Regierungsbezirk Münster

Am 02. Juli 2019 hielt Prof. Dr. Frauke Matz einen Vortrag und Workshop zum Thema Teaching Nigeria - Impulse für einen kompetenzorientierten Unterricht in Grund- und Leistungskurs im Rahmen der Dienstbesprechung der Fachleiter*innen (Gym/Ge) im Regierungsbezirk Münster.
Wir bedanken uns an dieser Stelle noch einmal für diese Einladung von Frau Götte und den sehr wertvollen Austausch mit der Fachaufsicht und Fachleiter*innen, der uns dabei hilft, die beiden Ausbildungsphasen der Lehrkräfte für Englisch weiter aufeinander abzustimmen


Welcome Dr. Philipp Siepmann!

01 Philipp Siepmann
© Sperlinger

We are very happy to announce that we have a new team member:

Dr. Philipp Siepmann will join us from the winter term onwards as a full-time member of staff.

You can find more information here.