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Study@home: Additional Course in the Winter Term

Material Analysis and Design: Study@home - The TOOLS Project
22nd – 26th November 2021

Please note that we now offer a project week for future teachers of English (Blockseminar) who still need to complete their study@home. It will be taught by teachers of the University of Vic, Spain, the University of Opole, Poland, and the WWU as part of the ERASMUS+ TOOLS project. As part of this international project, you will be placed in groups with international students from Vic and Opole University to study together.

General information:

Organisation:  22nd – 26th November 2021, synchronous sessions via Zoom: Monday to Friday, 9-11; self-study must be completed until 31st of December 2021

Total amount of hours:
30 hours, 10 in synchronous online sessions, 20 in asynchronous self-study modules

Credits: 5 or 6 LP, depending on your course of study

Requirements: only for students in their 5th Fachsemester and above

For more information please see below.
To register, please send an e-mail to claudia.weber@wwu.de.
Registration is now open and will close on 1st August.

We can only accept 20 students, so please note that it will be on a first come, first served basis.

TOOLS – an Erasmus+ project!


The project TOOLS (Technologically enhanced online opportunities for language learning in inclusive education) aims to prepare in- and pre-service English teachers to face diversity and inclusion in the classroom in the digital age. Inclusive schools are effective in countering discriminatory approaches and attitudes toward students with disabilities if teachers are aware of the variety of needs and can cope with them in their classrooms. We believe that foreign languages, especially English, form a powerful platform for enhanced education and personal development for learners with different individual needs. The project examines how learning settings in schools can be further established, improved and enhanced with the help of digital technologies.

With the support of the European Union and Erasmus+, 7 partners across 5 countries combine skills in the areas of inclusion, ICT and teacher training, along with their different cultural perceptions. The project deals with questions of inclusion and diversity in the digital age, more pressing than ever in light of Covid-19, and will provide an online platform with an e-learning and blended learning course as well as an inventory of materials on inclusive learning. The platform will assist teachers in implementing a more inclusive approach to teaching and can start a conversation on what diversity and inclusion mean in the context of foreign language education today.

In Münster, the Zentrum für Lehrerbildung (ZfL) and the team of English language education at the WWU as well as the Zentrum für schulpraktische Lehrerausbildung (ZfsL) are working on the project.

Link to the TOOLS-Moodle Plattform.

22.09.2020 | TOOLS
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Tools: Keeping up the good work!

After a short hiatus over the summer, the Erasmus Plus Project TOOLS has taken up work again in its partner meeting on September 22nd. Due to the Corona crisis, this meeting had to take place via Zoom (see photo).

During the meeting, the different partners of the project provided a short update on their work in progress and arranged a timeline for their contributions in the upcoming weeks. The project, which deals with questions of inclusion and diversity in a digital age, has just entered the phase of materials development. The team of English language education at the WWU Münster (represented by Frauke Matz, Daniel Becker and Anika Marxl) will also contribute some learning materials to the project. The materials to be developed aim at assisting teachers in dealing with different forms of diversity in their classrooms and will be collected on a project-platform soon.

04.11. - 06.11.2019
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TOOLS Kick-off Meeting

Das TOOLS Projekt hat begonnen.

Im Rahmen dieses praxisnahen, anwendungsbezogenen europäischen Kooperationsprojektes sind Daniel Becker & Frauke Matz (Fachdidaktik Englisch), Corinna Schopphoff & Martin Jungwirth (ZfL) und Ralf Kerstgens (ZfsL Münster) nach Opole gereist.
Mit diesem Kick-off Meeting vom 04.11.-06.11.2019 beginnen wir ein phasenübergreifendes Projekt, das im Zeichen von Inklusion und Digitalisierung steht.
Wir freuen uns sehr auf diese Zusammenarbeit!

The Münster Team

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    ZfL Münster

    The ZfL, represented by Dr. Martin Jungwirth, Corinna Schopphoff and Felicitas Haupts, is responsible for the quality assurance of TOOLS. In order to support the implementation of the project and to assess the achievement the intended outputs and outcomes, the ZfL team will design and implement a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework and provide feedback on project activities.

  • ZfsL Münster

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  • Münster University - English Language Education

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