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Dr. Daniel Becker

Senior Lecturer and Post-Doc Researcher

Daniel Becker studied English, History and Educational Studies at the University of Koblenz-Landau. After graduating in 2011, he started his practical teacher training at the Studienseminar Trier, where he obtained his Second State Exam. In 2013, he moved to Wuppertal to work on his PhD-project in literary studies (Title: On the Thresholds of Memory – National History and Liminal Memory Practices in Contemporary Irish Poetry), which he recently defended and completed. Since October 2018, Daniel Becker works as a TEFL-lecturer at the University of Münster. His research interests include teaching literature and culture, inter/transcultural learning, multiliteracies and digital media.



Johannisstraße 12-20, Room ES 310
48143 Münster

Office hours: appointment via email

Phone: +49 251 83-24648

Mail: daniel.becker

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April 20th - 21st, 2023
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Game On: (Digital) Game-Based Language Learning and English Language Education

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Out now!

Becker, D., Ludwig, C., and Summer, T. (2022). Taboos in ELT through the lens of critical pedagogy: A short Introduction. Teacher Development Academic Journal 2(2), 9-16.

Taboo topics are still taboo in English language education research. While the discipline has significantly broadened its academic spectrum over the past few years, by more prominently reaching into realms such as global education, digital learning, and ecocriticism, there are hardly any studies which explore the notion of taboos and their relevance for language learning and cultural participation. Yet, we believe that, despite their difficult nature, taboo topics should be explored in English language education and with this special issue we advocate for discussing different taboos in the ELT context, using the overarching perspective of critical pedagogy.
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New Publication
New Publication

Out Now! - Videospiele im Fremdsprachenunterricht

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Becker, Daniel (2021): Videospiele im Fremdsprachenunterricht. Tübingen: Narr.

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Description (German):

Videospiele sind nicht nur äußerst beliebt bei Jugendlichen, sondern weisen auch vielseitige Potentiale für das Fremdsprachenlernen auf. Doch wie genau kann man diese Potentiale praktisch umsetzen und im Fremdsprachenunterricht nutzen? Das vorliegende Buch möchte Antworten auf diese in der Fremdsprachenforschung bisher vernachlässigte Frage bieten.

  • List of Publications


    Becker, D. (2021). Videospiele im Fremdsprachenunterricht. Tübingen: Narr.

    Becker, D. (2021). On the Threshold of Memory: National History and Liminal Remembrance in Contemporary Irish Poetry. Trier: wvt. [Dissertation]


    Edited Volumes

    Becker, D., Ludwig, C. & Summer, T. (2022). Taboo(ed) Issues in ELT in the Light of Critical Pedagogy. Special Issue of Teacher Development Academic Journal 2(2).

    Becker, D., & Matz, F. (Eds.). (2022). Focus on Video Games and English Language Education/ Designing Hybrid Learning Spaces. Anglistik,  Vol. 33 (1), Winter. Open access



    Becker, D. (2023). What’s your status? On the Relationship between Mental Health Education and English Language Teaching. International Journal of English Studies. 34(1), 211-227. DOI 10.33675

    Becker, D., & Matz, F. (2023). Authors of everyday life: Towards learning with literary texts in English language education.  AAA 48 (1), 99-120. DOI 10.24053/AAA-2023-0005.

    Becker, D. (2022). Hashtags and Environmental Literacy in the EFL Classroom. Zeitschrift für Anglistik und Amerikanistik. DOI 10.1515/ ZAA-2022-2077

    Becker, D. (2021). All the Monoliths Are Fluid Now: Using Metaphor Analysis to Facilitate Student Teachers' Understanding of Transculturality. Anglistik: International Journal of English Studies 32(3), 227-242. DOI 10.33675 ANGL/2021/3/17

    Becker, D. (2021). Let's (Not) Address the Monster: Zum Thema der Depression im Englischunterricht. Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik 46(2), 139-157. DOI 10.2357/AAA-2021-0012

    Gießler, R., Becker, D., & Schledjewski, J. (2020). Aufgabenentwicklung und projektbasiertes Studieren an der Schnittstelle von Erzählforschung, Fremdsprachen- und Mediendidaktik. Herausforderung Lehrer_innenbildung Zeitschrift 3(2). DOI 10.4119 HLZ-2517

    Becker, D. (2019). The Digital Citizen 2.0 – Reconcidering Issues of Digital Citizenship Education. Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik 44(2), 167-193. DOI 10.2357/AAA-2019-0008

    Gießler, R., Becker, D., & Schledjewski, J. (2019). Cognitive apprenticeship as a tool for materials development in an EFL teacher education project. Proceedings of the HEAd Conference 2019. Open access

    Becker, D. (2018). 14 Lines of Memory: The Sonnet as Memory Genre in Iggy McGovern’s Poetry. Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik 42(2), 101-124. Open Access

    Becker, D. (2018). The Debris of History: On Waste and The Past in Irish Celtic Tiger Poetry. Etudes Irlandaises 43(2), 93-109. DOI 10.16995/c21.1778


    Further Articles

    Becker, D., & Matz, F. (2023). Rethinking Cultural Learning in Light of 'Response-Abilities.' Shifting Language Education 'onto a Sustainable and Resilient Path'. In C. Amerstorfer & M. von Blanckenburg (Eds.). Activating and Engaging Learners and Teachers. Perspectives for English Language Education (pp. 223-240). Tübingen: Narr Francke Attempo.

    Becker, D. (2022). On the Use of Commercial Video Games in the EFL Classroom in Northrhine-Westphalia - An Empirical Perspective. In D. Becker & F. Matz (Eds.). Video Games and English Language Education/ Designing Hybrid Learning Spaces. Anglistik: International Journal of English Studies 33(1), 59-76. DOI 10.33675 / ANGL 2022/1/8

    Becker, D., Ludwig, C. und Summer, T.  (2022). Taboos in ELT through the Lens of Critical Pedagogy: A Short Introduction. Teacher Development Academic Journal 2(2), 9-16. Open access

    Becker, D., & Matz, F. (2022). Introduction. Daniel Becker und Frauke Matz (Eds.). Anglistik - International Journal of English Studies: Focus on Video Games and English Language Education/ Designing Hybrid Learning Spaces, 33(1). Heidelberg: Winter, 7-14. DOI 10.33675 / ANGL 2022/1/8

    Becker, D., & Marxl, A.(2022). Videospiele im Englischunterricht – Ein kurzer Leitfaden. Schulwelt NRW 5(22), 8-10.

    Ritter, M., Stannard, M., & Becker, D. (2021). No Way to Win: Exploring Video Games as a Form of Black Lives Matter Protest. Der fremdsprachliche Unterricht Englisch 173, 20-25. [Choice of the video game,  design of the task, textualisation of parts].

    Becker, D. (2021). You, Me, and the Black Dog: Im Englischunterricht Bewusstsein für das Thema Depression entwickeln. Praxis Englisch 2, 234-38.

    Becker, D., & Matz, F. (2021). Science and Visions of the Future: Lösungen und didaktischer Kommentar. Green Line Oberstufe Lehrerband. Stuttgart Klett, 250-265.

    Becker, D., & Matz, F. (2021). Science and Visions of the Future. Green Line Oberstufe Schülerbuch. Stuttgart: Klett, 210-230.

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    Becker, D. (2012). Projecting the Peace Process: Kinofime der 1990er- und 2000er Jahre über Nordirland. Konferenz Bericht. In Berichte 2012. Internationales Begegnungszentrum der Wissenschaft München e.V. München (pp. 10-13). Bavaria.

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    Becker, D. (2011). Rezension zu Hans-Peter Wagners A History of British, Irish and American Literature.  Literatur in Wissenschaft und Unterricht 4: 316-318.

    Forthcoming/ Accepted

    Becker, D., Eisenmann, M., Krüger, N., Ludwig, C., & Summer, T. (Eds.) (forthcoming 2023). Mental Health in English Language Teaching. Tübingen: Narr. [SELT-Series of Prof. Dr. Engelbert Thaler].

    Becker, D. (forthcoming 2022). Taboos, Texts, and Cultural Learning in English Language Education. In C. Ludwig & T. Summer (Eds.). Taboos and Challenging Topics in Foreign Language Education: Critical language pedagogy in Theory, Research, and Practice. London: Routledge.

    Becker, D. & Gießler, R. (forthcoming 2022). #hashtagsareforlearning - Hashtags as Digital Texts and their Affordances in the EFL Classroom. In S. Kersten & C. Ludwig (Eds.). Born-Digital Texts in Language Learning and Teaching. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.

    Becker, D. (forthcoming 2022). Rezension zu Sambanis, Michaela / Walter, Maik (2022): Make it work! Interaktive Impulse zum Sprachenlernen: Von neusten Befunden der Neurowissenschaft zu konkreten Unterrichtsimpulsen. In: Beiträge zur Fremdsprachenforschung 66.

  • Talks and Presentations

    February 2023
    (with Frauke Matz) Autor*innen des Alltags: Zur Notwendigkeit einer Didaktik literarischer Lerner*innentexte. Symposium: Lerner*innentexte im Fremdsprachenunterricht: Theorie, Konzepte, Praxis. Leuphana University Lüneburg. 
    September 2022

    (with Marius Ritter) Game On: Ein praxisbezogenes Konzept für die stufenübergreifende Implementierung von Digital-Game-Based Language Learning im Fremdsprachenunterricht. Conference: GAL-Jahrestagung 2022, Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg.

    (with Dr. Ralf Gießler) Hashtags as Digital Texts: What is Their Potential For Language Education? Conference: Anglistentag 2022, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

    May 2022
    The New Romantics? The Representation of Mental Illness in Young Adult Literature and Its Implications for English Language Education. Symposium: Reading Young Adult Literature in the EFL Classroom & Beyond, University of Münster.
    March 2022
    (Keynote, invited) What’s Your Status? On the Relationship between Mental Health Education and English Language Teaching. International Webinar: TEFL Development Hub.
    November 2021

    (Keynote, invited) Global, Digital…and Healthy? Dimensions of Mental Health Education in English Language Teaching. Symposium: Taboo Topics on the Foreign Language Classroom II, University of Würzburg.

    October 2021

    (with Dr. Ralf Gießler) Hashtags as Digital Texts. Forschungskolloquium Prof. Dr. David Gerlach, Bergische University of Wuppertal.

    August 2021
    Guys you won’t believe what happened to me! - Storytime Videos and Narrative Competences in the EFL Classroom. Conference: ‚This is my story‘ – focus on biographical and autobiographical narratives in the EFL classroom, University of Zürich.
    July 2021
    Video Games and English Language Education. Invited guest lecture, University of Münster.
    June 2021
    Let’s Class? Using Video Games in the EFL Classroom. Westermann Impulse Webinar.
    May 2021
    Let’s Class? Using Video Games in the EFL Classroom. Invited guest lecture, University of Bonn.

    #mystory: Hashtags, Narrative and Global Education. Conference: GAPS 2021, University of Oldenburg.
    March 2021
    Teaching Nigeria - Suggestions and Perspectives. Workshop: Heriburg Gymnasium Coesfeld.
    January 2021
    Hashtags as digital texts: What is their potential for language education? Symposium: Born-Digital Texts in Foreign Language Education, Free University of Berlin.
    November 2020
    Let's (Not) Address the Monster: On the Topic of Depression in the EFL Classroom. Symposium: Taboo Topics in Foreign Language Education, University of Würzburg.
    October 2020
    Global, Digital, and (Slightly) Scary: New Forms of English Literature in the EFL Classroom. Workshop: Teachers' Day 2020, University of Saarbrücken.
    February 2020

    New Games in Old Schools? On The Practicality of Video Games in the EFL Classroom. Symposium: Video Games and Foreign Language Teaching, University of Münster.

    Nigerianische Lyrik unterrichten: (wie) geht das? Fortbildung: Teaching Nigeria, University of Münster.

    September 2019

    (with Frauke Matz) Die Förderung digitaler narrativer Kompetenz am Beispiel des YouTube Formats Storytime. Conference: DGFF Kongress 2019, University of Würzburg.

    Nigerianische Lyrik unterrichten: (wie) geht das? Workshop: Teaching Nigeria, University of Münster.

    June 2019
    (with Janine Schledjewski) Cognitive Apprenticeship as a Tool for Materials Development in an EFL Teacher Education Project. Conference: 5th International Conference on Higher Education Advances, University of Valencia.
    April 2019
    (with Ralf Gießler and Janine Schledjewski) Zum Einsatz von YouTube-Videos im Englischunterricht. Workshop, Studienseminar Kaiserslautern.
    March 2019
    The Digital Citizen 2.0 – Reconsidering Issues of Digital Citizenship and Personal Identity with the Help of Dave Eggers’ The Circle. Conference: Educating the Global Citizen: International Perspectives on Foreign Language Teaching in the Digital Age, University of Munich.
    September 2018
    (with Ralf Gießler and Janine Schledjewski) Didaktische Kompetenzen von Studierenden entwickeln – Narrative der Populärkultur verstehen: Ein Projekt zur Förderung der Kohärenz im Anglistikstudium. Conference: Vielfalt und Kohärenz in der Lehrerbildung, University of Wuppertal
    December 2017

    (Keynote; with Ralf Gießler) The Narratives of Popular Culture: Text- und Medienkompetenz mit popkulturellen Medien entwickeln. Symposium: Sprachenwerkstatt NRW 2017, University of Duisburg.

    Experience, Knowledge and Remembering World War One in the Plays of Sydney Tomholt and Alan Seymour. Conference: Der Erste Weltkrieg in der Dramatik: deutsche und australische Perspektiven, University of Wuppertal.

    September 2017
    (with Ralf Gießler) Ich erzähle also bin ich. Ü-55 Forschertage, University of Wuppertal.
    April 2017
    New Formats on YouTube. 2nd Workshop für Lehrer und Lehrerinnen, University of Wuppertal.
    March 2017
    (with Janine Schledjewski and Ralf Gießler) Using Media Literacy as a Tool to Analyse Narrative Identities. Conference: Media Literacy in Foreign Language Education: Digital and Multimodal Perspectives, University of Munich.
    October 2016
    Das Potential der Narratologie für die Sachanalyse. Workshop für Lehrer und Lehrerinnen, University of Wuppertal.
    June 2015
    Metaphors of History in Contemporary Irish Poetry. Conference: EFACIS 2015, University of Palermo.
    April 2015
    14 Lines of Memory: The Sonnet as Memory Genre in Iggy McGovern’s Poetry. Conference: Irish Studies and the Dynamics of Memory, University of Nijmegen.
    January 2015
    Outside History: Representations of Irish History in Contemporary Irish Poetry. Workshop: Irish Studies Workshop, University of Wuppertal.
    June 2014
    Pop and Narration: A Survey of Recent Academic Trends. Conference: Pop-Narratology? Social, Cultural and Historical Aspects of Popular Narratives, University of Wuppertal.
    July 2013
    Celtic Tiger Ireland and the Aesthetics of Mundane Urban Lifestyle in the Poetry of Paul Durcan and Rita Ann Higgins. Conference: IASIL 2013, Queens University Belfast.
    May 2013
    Narrativity and the Reconceptualisation of the Lyric Genre in a Post-Classical Age. Conference: Post-Classical Narratology, University of Wuppertal.
    October 2010
    A Question of Belonging: Irish Identity in the poetry of Seamus Heaney. Conference: NEICN 2010, University of Sunderland.