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Launch of a new collaborative research centre at the English Department

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The English Department proudly announces the launch of a new collaborative research centre "Law and Literature".

In the CRC "Law and Literature", researchers in the fields of literature and law will work together more closely than they have previously in Germany. This collaboration is based on the recognition that the disciplines' analysis of the key questions of their respective counterpart has been fragmented. In view of the heated debates surrounding fact and fiction as well as the disappearance of traditional media and the emergence of a legal communication vacuum, it is important that there is research into the content, processes and forms of articulation of normative and aesthetic values. The CRC aims to incorporate the entire cultural region of Europe and the Mediterranean into its research. (University of Münster, Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Klaus Stierstorfer).

Further details:
Announcement of the Faculty of Philology (German)
Announcement of the DFG

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