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Time to Shine – Good Luck for Your Exams!

As exam season approaches, we are wishing everybody well for their exams. After months of hard study, the time has come for you to show what you have learned. Trust in your preparation and stay calm.

If you find yourself struggling, keep in mind that there is a wide network of support services within the university.

You’ve got this!

Course Registration
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Course Registration for Winter Term 2024/25: Post-allocation starts on 29 July, 2024

All students are asked to check their LSF accounts for the results of course registration.

To take care of scheduling issues and other mishaps, please contact us during the post-allocation period which starts on July 29th, 2024.  Appointments for post-allocation will be made available via Learnweb on 28th July, 2024 at noon. 

If you wish to simply drop a class, please send an email including your id number and the number of the class you wish to drop to so we may give your spot to somebody else.  

Ellen Photo
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Congratulations to Ellen Brösterhaus on Winning the Prestigious Anéla/VIOT Award!

We are thrilled to announce that our alumna, Ellen Brösterhaus, has won the first prize at the Anéla/VIOT Junior Day 2024 in Nijmegen for her outstanding Master’s thesis in Applied Linguistics. Ellen’s groundbreaking research, conducted under interdisciplinary supervision in English and Dutch studies, explored common syntactic errors among German L3 learners of Dutch and provided significant insights supporting the L2 Status Factor Hypothesis (Bardel & Falk 2007, 2012).

Ellen’s exceptional work stood out for its robust research design, meticulous argumentation, and convincing evaluation of results. Her achievement, shared with Flemish alumna Sara Bergen from the University of Antwerp, marks a significant recognition by the Dutch/Flemish society Anéla/VIOT.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Ellen for this well-deserved honor. Bravo, Ellen!

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Additional group workspace

We are happy to announce that the additional group workspace - including a smartboard to work with - can be booked now. It can be reserved either directly at the supervisor's desk or by email.

A short instruction on how to use the smartboard can be found here.

  • Recent events

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    GLAM Lecture Series: Summer Term 2024

    Please follow the QR code on the picture on the left to register for the events if you want to join via Zoom.

    Any questions? Please contact











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    Please feel free and more than welcome to join these promising events!
















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    Date and time: April 25, 3:30 pm

    We are looking forward to meeting you!













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    Courses can be registered on HIS-LSF from 18 March 2024 – 22 March 2024. Results will be announced on 28 March 2024.

    The booking portal for appointments with our post-allocation team will be opened at 10:00 am on 02 April, 2024. The actual post-allocation will start on 02 April 11:00 am and continue throughout the following days. The slots for post-allocation are primarily offered for 1st semester M.Ed.-students, but may also be booked by anyone who is enrolled at the English Department and still needs a spot in a class.

    Please refrain from contacting your instructors about admission as they are not allowed to add you to their


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    Welcome (back)!

    Einführungsveranstaltung für M.Ed.-Studierende (1. Fachsemester)

    > 27.03., 14 Uhr
    > ES 131
    > Präsentation










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    Film Screening: "Songs that Never End" by Dr. Yehuda Sharim from the University of California

    The film is about the Dayan family, who fled their home in Iran to the United States, only to be greeted in Houston with hurricanes and perilous politics. In particular, the film accompanies the nine-year-old Hana in her struggles to be heard, questioning the immigrant realities in the USA, while longing for songs about a kind world.

    This event is hosted by the Erasmus+ "MigraMedia" Project. It is free and open to the public.




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    Course Registration for Summer Term 2024: 15 January 2024 - 2 February 2024

    Course Registration for higher semesters of each degree programme (2nd semester onwards) starts on 15 January 2024. Please check out information on deadlines, info sessions and proceedings under Study and make sure to keep the relevant deadlines in mind. Students will not be allowed to attend classes without registration via LSF. Course registration for first semester courses of our M.Ed. programme starts on 18 March 2024.


    © ELE Chair

    What? 12. Nachmittag der Fremdsprachen
    When? March 6th, 2024, 2 - 6 pm
    Where? English Department, University Münster
    For whom? All (future) teachers and educators in the field of foreign language didactics

    The registration is open now.

    For further information please visit our NdF-Website.









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    Summer Term 2024: Post-Allocation

    Students book an appointment via the Learnweb-Folder “Nachmeldeverfahren Englisches Seminar”, password “Nachmeldungen”. On the Learnweb page, you will find an overview of classes that you may register for and can book an appointment with one of our student assistants to receive the required spot.

    The booking portal for appointments with our post-allocation team will be opened at noon on 07 February 2024. The actual post-allocation will start on 08 February 2024 at 10:00 am and continue throughout the following days. Please note that the English Department will be closed on 12 February 2024
    (Rosenmontag) and that no appointments for post-allocation will be available
    that day. Please refrain from contacting your instructors about admission as they are not allowed to add you to their rosters.


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    New Study Abroad Opportunity: Mary Immaculate College (Limerick, Ireland)

    We are happy to announce that the English Department found a new Erasmus partner university in Ireland. Through this cooperation, we may send up to three students per winter semester to spend a semester at Mary Immaculate College. Students may upload their application on Learnweb or update applications that have already been submitted. Please keep in mind that the application deadline for the academic year 2024/25 ends on 10 January 2024 and that the examination office might need a couple of working days to issue your Transcript of Records that is required for your application.


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    The Tale of Swift’s Whale: Three Hundred Years of Whale Imagery in Swift’s A Tale of a Tub (1704)

    (30 Nov 2023 - 29 Feb 2024)
    The Ehrenpreis Centre for Swift Studies is pleased to announce that it will host an exhibition exploring The Tale of Swift’s Whale, curated by Dr Corrina Readioff, University of Liverpool, in collaboration with the Department of English (Department Library, Second Floor).
    Running for three months, from 30 November 2023 (Swift‘s birthday) to 29 February 2024, the exhibition will not only highlight the most striking holdings of the Ehrenpreis Centre but also tell the story of the Tub‘s illustrations over the centuries.

    Information poster