Satura - A Student-Edited Journal
© Satura

The idea of Satura took birth in 2018, when two  MA students in the English Department at Westfälische-Wilhelms Universität Münster - Laura Ntoumanis and Natalia Tolstopyat - decided that a literary journal in English would be an excellent tool to encourage and showcase student writing. The first volume of Satura was published in 2019, and we will print our fourth issue in 2022.

Satura is student-edited and its purpose is to foster an open-ended discourse on subjects in the humanities. We mix academia and creative writing as both forms allow students to explore different ways to express themselves. We are proud to publish poems and short stories from students with a broad range of cultural and literary backgrounds. They are carefully crafted pieces that look deep inside human nature and cover the expanse of the world around us.

The primary purpose of Satura is to provide students at WWU the opportunity to have practical experience in working for academic/creative journals. We accept entries from students globally who write in English. Satura would like to maintain itself as an annual (for now) journal, produced entirely by students, with an online presence via Open Journal Systems as well as a small print run (~100 copies). This serves the purpose of not only preserving the cultural memory of a printed text, but also of reinforcing the role of the book in academic life. It gives Book Studies students in the National and Transnational Studies and British, American and Postcolonial Studies programs the opportunity to play with formats of printing and hands on experience in the material production of texts.