Stay abroad
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Stay abroad

All BA students studying to become teachers are required to go abroad as part of EITHER the Culture & Communication OR the Work Experience Abroad Module. According to the relevant legislation on teacher training in North Rhine-Westphalia, you have to spend your stay abroad in an English-speaking country (§11 LAGB). Exceptions may be granted in cases of hardship or if students are studying two foreign languages. To complete the module, you will have to submit the Intercultural Dossier.

  • the duration of the stay abroad is 12 weeks (but can be split into two separate stays abroad of any length, i.e. two stays of six weeks or one stay of 10 weeks and the second of two weeks)
  • for the Culture & Communication Module you have to obtain 7 credit points at an English-speaking university
  • for the Work Experience Abroad Module you have to work for 210 hours in an English-speaking country
  • Recognition of your stay abroad

    If you would like to have your stay abroad recognised, please send us:

    • your name
    • study programme
    • matriculation number
    • An authenticated transcript of records/learning agreement from the university abroad OR a confirmation by your employer of 210 working hours completed
    • Train or flight tickets showing that you have spent 12 weeks abroad

    Please send these documents

  • Recognition of pre-university stays abroad

    You have already been abroad prior to your studies and would like to have this recognised for the Work Experience Module? This is only possible if the stay abroad was completed within the year before you took up your studies. Please send us:

    • Your name, study programme and matriculation number
    • A confirmation by your employer of 210 working hours completed
    • Train or flight tickets showing that you have spent at least 12 weeks abroad

    Please send these documents to workexp.abroad[at]

  • Cases of hardship (Härtefälle)

    If you are a recognised case of hardship (Härtefall) you can be exempted from going abroad. You will instead do the study@home programme.

Information and guidance for your stay abroad

The International Office [de] offers students several information sessions on planning and financing a semester / year abroad.

The Career Service [de] gives information for internships abroad and financial support for this.

For information on educational exchange, you can also turn to the ZfL (Adeline Weinberg). The ZfL has also established an internship platform: [de]

The Student Advisory ( is responsible for distributing information on study abroad programmes for both German and international students. Any administrative questions on staying abroad should be directed toward this office.

Studium zu Hause, Ausnahmeregelung
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Study at home (Ausnahmeregelung)

Important: Students wishing/needing to study the module "Culture and Communication" in the ‘at home’ category must submit proof that for them the exceptional rules apply until the beginning of the respective QISPOS registration period. They should approach the student advisory service for this during their respective office hours. If the rules apply, students will receive a form.

Ausnahmeregelung: Studies at Home (LabG 09) (pdf) [de]