QISPOS and Examination Management

Welcome to the QISPOS and Examination Management (Modulprüfungsbüro) of the English Department! We are responsible for centrally administered examinations and will advise and look after you in all related matters.

The QISPOS and examination management...

  • ...supports students and the department during exam registration
  • ...reserves classrooms/lecture halls for exams
  • ...schedules module exams and re-sits
  • ...records and reports attendace and module grades
  • ...offers advice on module exams, exam scheduling and re-sits
  • ...stores past exam papers and offers appointments where you can look at yours
    (But please note that the QISPOS and examination manager of the English Department, Ms Hötker-Bolte, can only give you access to your exam papers; she cannot discuss contents, grading or your further studies with you. If you have any questions on the latter, please contact your examiner/s or the Department's Student Advisory Service.)

The website of the QISPOS and examination management provides you with up-to-date information on...