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Last Name First Name Office hours Room E-Mail


Prof. Dr. Deuber Dagmar by appointment ES 127 deuber
Prof. Dr. Gut Ulrike Via Zoom and by appointment. Please register in advance via e-mail ES 221 gut
Prof. Dr. Knewitz Simone Thursdays, 2:00–3:00 pm, via Zoom
Please register via
ES 228 sknewitz
Prof. Dr. Matz Frauke  14.08., 21.08., 04.09.: 9-10 (The Office hours will take place via Zoom). Registration via Learnweb. ES 223 matz
Prof. Dr. Norrick-Rühl Corinna 21.10.: 10-11:30 a.m. via Zoom (or telephone). Please register via and/or by appointment ES 125 norrick-rühl
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Poarch Gregory ES 323 poarch
Jun.-Prof. Dr.


Julia by appointment ES 218 reckermann
Prof. Dr. Stein Mark U ES 126 stein
Prof. Dr. Stierstorfer Klaus

personal website

ES 222 stierstofer


Feldhof Annika Admin Prof. Stein: Mon-Thu: 10:30-12:00 ES 132 SekStein
Heuger Jutta Admin Prof. Deuber (ES 117): Tu&Th: 10-11 | Fr: 10-12
Admin Prof. Gut (ES 216): Mo&We: 10- 12 | Mo, Tu&Th: 14-16
ES 117
ES 216
Hötker-Bolte Birgit by appointment AE 110 hotkerb
Ottenhues Eva  by appointment ES 6 englsem
Ullrich Simone by appointment ES 101 ullrichs
Wahlig Chris

Admin Dr. Müller (ES 215):

Tuesday-Thursday, 10:30-12:30 (or by appointment)

Admin Prof. Stierstorfer (ES 213)

ES 215

ES 213



Weber Claudia

Admin Prof. Matz

Until further notice, I will be in home office available via mail.

ES 214

Academic staff

Alfes Luisa by appointment via e-mail lalfes
Barth Ellen by appointment via e-mail AE 201 barth
Becker Daniel by appointment via e-mail ES 225 daniel.becker
Becker Joanna by appointment via e-mail ES 303 jobecker
Dr. Bischof Janika by appointment ES 251 bischofj
Durgasingh Ryan by appointment ES 307 durgasin
Espinoza Garrido Felipe 20.07.: 12-14; 04.08.: 15-16; 06.10.: 14-17 and by appointment ES 309 espinoza.garrido
AOR Fehn Silja by appointment via e-mail ES 128 silja.fehn
Folkerts Jens by appointment jfolkert
Dr. Gabel Stephan by appointment via e-mail ES 225 gabel
Gerfer Anika 20.07.: 14-15, 06.08.: 10-11, 13.08.: 10-11 ES 217 anika.gerfer
Golin Christina by appointment ES 320 c.golin
Gröne Anja by appointment via e-mail ES325 anja.groene
Hani Siti by appointment via e-mail ES 052 siti.hani
Hänsel Eva-Canan by appointment ES 322 eva.haensel
Hartmann Johanna 20.07.: 9-10:30, 23.07.: 9-10, 12.10.: 9-10:30 (Zoom office hours until further notice, registration via e-mail or on Learnweb) ES 322 johanna.hartmann
PD Dr. Haselow Alexander by appointment ES 052 ahaselow
Dr. Heinz Evi by appointment AE 201 eheinz
Ho Sin Yu Bonnie by appointment via e-mail AE 204 s_ho0003
Jansen Lisa by appointment ES 307 lisa.jansen
Jain Jayana (Zoom) Please register in advance via e-mail ES 326 j_jain01


Kirsten by appointment ES251 juhas
Dr. Kögler Caroline ES 324 caroline.koegler
Dr. Kopeckova Romana 13.08.: 10-11, 17.08.: 13-14, 24.08.: 10-11 a.m. as well as upon appointment ES 320 kopeckov
Lau Ka Man (Darlene) by appointment via e-mail ES 052 kmlau
Dr. Lensing Irmgard 19.08., 21.09., 30.09.: 9 a.m. (telephone office hours) ES 317 ilensing
Li Zeyu by appointment via e-mail AE 111
Lindenberg Nicole Please register via e-mail ES 325 lindenberg
Dr. Lückert Claudia by appointment via e-mail c.lueckert
Marxl Anika

Password: ELE

Mason Michael

Zoom meeting ID: 768-535-0626
Zoom meeting URL

Meer Philipp by appointment philipp.meer
Nienhaus Miriam by appointment nienhaum
Nyangulu Deborah (please register in advance via e-mail) ES 307 deborah.nyangulu
Oyebola Folajimi Kehinde by appointment via e-mail AE 204 oyebola
Dr. Padberg-Schmitt Britta 7/21 from 9-11 am (ID: 93365404290 Password: 424875)

8/13 from 9-11 am (ID: 98108369676 Password: 955383)

8/26 from 10-12 am (ID: 92001852078 Password: 464633)

Please write me an email before you come so I can give you an exact

ES 225 b.padberg-schmitt
PD Dr. Quabeck Franziska by appointment ES 304 fquabeck
Rasing Rachael Zoom meetings (as needed). Please register via e-mail. ES 306 rmartin
Dr. Reddig Jesper

by appointment via e-mail: 21.07., 28.07., 04.08.: 16-18 (by telephone only)

ES 318 jesper.reddig
Ritter Marius by appointment via e-mail ES 225 marius.ritter
Rogge Michael by appointment
Römhild Ricardo

by appointment via e-mail

Rosenberg Simon simros
Sander Amrei Due to Corona restrictions, office hours are currently only available by
phone; please e-mail A. Sander to arrange a time slot
Currently only home office; from Nov. 2020 onwards AE 109  amrei.sander
Sanders Samuel by appointment ssanders
PD Dr. habil. Schmitz Markus Audio office hours (telef. Sprechstunden) and Zoom consultations by appointment via e-mail ES 308 markus.schmitz
Dr. Siepmann Philipp please register in advance via e-mail (my absence: 10.08-04.09.2020) t.b.a. philipp.siepmann
Sigmeth Kristy by appointment via e-mail ES 217 kristy.sigmeth
Steffens Lea by appointment lsteffe1
Dr. Stroh Silke Due to Corona restrictions, office hours are currently only available by
phone; please e-mail S.Stroh to arrange a time slot
Currently only home office; from Nov. 2020 onwards AE 109 silke.stroh
Dr. Thiemann Anna by appointment via e-mail ES 318 amthiemann
Dr. Tronicke Marlena Please register in advance via email. ES 323 marlena.tronicke
Wacker Julian by appointment ES 326 juwacker
Wagenknecht Nico t.b.a. nico.wagenknecht
Dr. Westphal Michael by appointment ES 322 michael.westphal
Zander Laura by appointment lzander

Staff of the department library

Hokamp Ingrid ES 119 hokampi
Dipl.Bibl. Lück Silke ES 103 lucks
Roepke Carsten ES 119 roepkec
Ullrich Simone ES 101 ullribib

Student assistants (Website Management)

Diekmann Clarissa Thu 9-12 (via e-mail only) ES 4 esweb
Janzen Thomas Tue 9-12 (via e-mail only) ES 4 esweb

Emeriti and Guest Professors

Prof. Bharucha Nilufer
Prof. Dr. em. Diedrich Maria by appointment ES 005 diedri
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. em. Fabian Bernhard by appointment ES 005 bfabian
Prof. Dr. em. Kruse Horst by appointment ES 005 hhkruse
Prof. Dr. em. Legenhausen Lienhard by appointment ES 005 legenha
Prof. Dr. em. Müller-Oberhäuser Gabriele by appointment ES 316 oberhae
Prof. Dr. em. Nugel Bernfried by appointment ES 301 nugel
Prof. Rajeswaran Sridhar by appointment
Prof. Dr. em. Real Hermann by appointment ES 250 realh
Prof. Spickard Paul by appointment

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