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dr. silke stroh

Senior Lecturer / Akademische Oberrätin (AOR) a. Z.

Englisches Seminar
Johannisstraße 12-20
48143 Münster

E-Mail: silke.stroh AT wwu.de

Students should please note that, from 1 October 2020 onwards, Silke Stroh will no longer work for the student advisory service; instead, she will take on new duties as part of the PTTS team (Postcolonial, Transnational and Transcultural Studies). The new members of the student advisory service can be contacted via the usual e-mail address of the student advisory team (AdvisoryService AT wwu.de).

Silke Stroh studied Anglophone Literature, German Literature, Political Science and Celtic Studies at the Universities of Aberdeen and Frankfurt, where she obtained an M.A. in 2000 and a PhD in 2006. She has also taught at the Universities of Frankfurt, Giessen, Mainz and Basel.

Publications include the monographs Uneasy Subjects: Postcolonialism and Scottish Gaelic Poetry (Rodopi 2011) and Gaelic Scotland in the Colonial Imagination: Anglophone Writing from 1600 to 1900 (Northwestern University Press 2017; winner of an ESSE Book Award 2018), as well as the co-edited collections Postcolonial Translocations: Cultural Representation and Critical Spatial Thinking (Rodopi 2013), Empires and Revolutions: Cunninghame Graham and his Contemporaries (Scottish Studies International 2017) and The Black Diaspora and Germany (Edition Assemblage 2018).

Her current main research project is a post-doctoral thesis ("Habilitationsschrift") / monograph entitled "Narratives of transmigration: Multiple movement and cultures of memory in the British colonial diaspora," with a focus on Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Other research interests include postcolonial theory; Black/Asian British as well as African literature and culture; film and TV; as well as strategies for teaching transcultural competence in EFL (English as a foreign language) courses.

She is also a member and main coordinator of the international Young Scholars' Network "Black Diaspora and Germany" (funded by the German Research Foundation DFG from 2010 to 2018).

In addition to teaching on her abovementioned fields of research, Silke Stroh also teaches other areas of Anglophone and Postcolonial Studies, such as Caribbean, South Asian and Irish literature and culture. She has also taught Gaelic language courses.

  • Books & edited journal issues

    © Northwestern University Press

    Gaelic Scotland in the Colonial Imagination: Anglophone Writing from 1600 to 1900.
    Evanston IL: Northwestern University Press 2017.

    Winner of the ESSE Book Award 2018 (European Society for the Study of English) in the category "Cultural and Area Studies".

    Reviewed in:
    Eighteenth-century Scotland 32 (2018), 25 f (by Alastair Noble)
    Northern Scotland 10.2 (2019), 202–204 (by Thomas Black)
    Postcolonial Text 13.2 (2018) (by Wilson McLeod)
    Scottish Literary Review
    9.2 (2017), 168–170 (by Emma Dymock)
    Studies in Scottish Literature 43.2 (2017), 351 f (by Carla Sassi; title: “Gaelic Scotland and Post-Colonial Readings”)

    © Brill Rodopi

    Uneasy Subjects: Postcolonialism and Scottish Gaelic Poetry.
    SCROLL series (Scottish Cultural Review of Language and Literature), vol. 17.
    Amsterdam & New York: Rodopi 2011.

    Reviewed in:
    Anglistik 23.2 (2012), 183–185 (by Carla Sassi)
    The Bottle Imp 12 (2012) (by Gioia Angeletti)
    Cothrom 70 (2011), 43
    Eighteenth-century Scotland 26 (2012), 30 f (by Matthew Dziennik)
    International Review of Scottish Studies 37 (2012), 150–154 (by Michael Newton)
    Journal for the Study of British Cultures 19.1 (2012), 102–105 (by Graeme Dunphy)
    Postcolonial Text 6.4 (2011) (by Manfred Malzahn)
    Representations and Contexts: A Transdisciplinary Journal of International Relations and Cultural Studies 3 (2014) (by Anke Bartels)
    Scottish Gaelic Studies 29 (2013), 301–304 (by Michael Newton)
    Scottish Literary Review 4.2 (2012), 213–215 (by Kirsten Sandrock)
    Transnational Literature 7.2 (2015) (by Graham Tulloch).

    © Brill Rodopi

    Hybrid Cultures – Nervous States: Britain and Germany in a (Post)Colonial World.
    Ed. with Ulrike Lindner, Maren Möhring & Mark Stein.
    Cross/Cultures series, vol. 129.
    Amsterdam & New York: Rodopi 2010.

    Reviewed in:
    Anglistik 23.1 (2012), 223 f (by Ellen Grünkemeier)
    The European English Messenger 22.1 (2013), 85 f (by Carla Sassi)
    Journal of Postcolonial Writing 47.5 (2011), 571–573 (by Dieter Riemenschneider)
    Research in African Literatures 43.3 (2012), 127–129 (by Nina Berman)

    © Friedrich Verlag

    Transcultural Identities: Britain.
    Ed. with Britta Freitag.
    Issue no. 95 of Der fremdsprachliche Unterricht Englisch  (‘Teaching English as a Foreign Language’), 2008.

    © Rawat Publications
    © Stauffenburg Verlag

    C. 150 entries (and assistant editorial work) for Postcolonial Theory: The Emergence of a Critical Discourse.
    A Selected and Annotated Bibliography
    main ed. Dieter Riemenschneider, preface Homi K. Bhabha,
    Tübingen: Stauffenburg 2004, ISBN 3860577468;
    repr. Jaipur & New Delhi: Rawat 2006, ISBN 813160022X.

    © GNEl/ASNEL

    Member of the editorial team of Acolit (newsletter of the Association for the Study of the New Literatures in English, ASNEL), 1996, ISSN 0943-738X.

  • Essays


    “(Post)Colonial Contexts of the Declaration: Conquest, Resistance and the Ambiguities of Writing Back.” Scotland and Arbroath 1320 – 2020: 700 Years of Fighting for Freedom, Sovereignty, and Independence, ed. Klaus Peter Müller, Scottish Studies International, vol. 43, Berlin et al.: Peter Lang 2020, 55–73.

    "Scottish–Indian Connections and (Trans)National Identity: Bashabi Fraser’s Engagement with the Literary and Visual Archive,” in Literatur in Wissenschaft und Unterricht (LWU) 49.4 (officially dated 2016, but actually published in 2019), pp. 249–264.

    “Migration, Multiculture and Mirroring: Gaelic / South Asian Outreach in Iain Crichton Smith’s ‘An Duine Dubh’ and ‘The Exiles,’" in Litteraria Pragensia: Studies in Literature and Culture 28.55 (2018), themed issue: Irish-Language & Scottish Gaelic Literatures: A Global Context, ed. Radvan Markus & Petra Johana Poncarová, 82-95.

    “Postcolonialism, Celticity, and the Nation State: Interrogating Old and New Multiculturalisms in Europe and beyond,” in Contested Identities: Literary  Negotiations in Time and Place, ed. Claudia Marquis, Roger Nicholson & Gertrud Szamosi, Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars 2015, 3–30.

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    “Theories and Practices of Transmigration: Colonial British Diasporas and the Emergence of Translocal Space,” in Postcolonial Translocations: Cultural Representation and Critical Spatial Thinking, ed. S. Stroh, Marga Munkelt, Markus Schmitz & Mark Stein; Cross/Cultures series, vol. 156; Amsterdam & New York: Rodopi 2013, 295–320.

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    Other essays:

    “Literature and Beyond: The Uses of Postcolonial Perspectives in Gaelic Studies.” Cànan is Cultar / Language and Culture: Rannsachadh na Gàidhlig 10, ed. by Wilson McLeod, Anja Gunderloch & Rob Dunbar, Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press, forthcoming summer 2020.

    “Introduction,” in The Black Diaspora and Germany / Deutschland und die Schwarze Diaspora, ed. by BDG Network (S. Stroh et al.), Münster: Edition Assemblage 2018, 17-32 (co-written with other network members).

    “George Padmore’s Writings in and about Germany: Interfaces of Race, Class and (Anti-)Imperialism”, in The Black Diaspora and Germany / Deutschland und die Schwarze Diaspora, ed. by BDG Network (S. Stroh et al.), Münster: Edition Assemblage 2018, 118-134.

    “Introduction,” in Empires and Revolutions: Cunninghame Graham and his Contemporaries, ed. Carla Sassi & Silke Stroh, Glasgow: Scottish Literature International 2017, vii–xviii (with Carla Sassi). Also available on Project MUSE: https://muse.jhu.edu/chapter/2013335.

    “Nation and Home,” in The International Companion to Scottish Poetry, ed. Carla Sassi, Glasgow: Scottish Literature International 2015, 144–155 & 247 f (with Carla Sassi). Also available on Project MUSE: https://muse.jhu.edu/chapter/1756734.

    “The Gaelic Voice in (Post)Colonial Discourse: An Alignment Illustrated by Case Studies of Neil Gunn, William Neill and Tormod Caimbeul,” in Within and Without Empire: Scotland Across the (Post)Colonial Borderline, ed. Carla Sassi & Theo van Heijnsbergen, Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars 2013, 77–91.

    “Revisioning Irish Postcolonialism: The Scottish Connection,” in Anglistentag 2012 Potsdam: Proceedings, ed. Katrin Röder & Ilse Wischer; Proceedings of the Conference of the German Association of University Teachers of English, vol. 34; Trier: WVT 2013, 35–46.

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    “Introduction: Directions of Translocation – towards a Critical Spatial Thinking in Postcolonial Studies,” in Postcolonial Translocations: Cultural  Representation and Critical Spatial Thinking, ed. S. Stroh, Marga Munkelt, Markus Schmitz & Mark Stein; Cross/Cultures series, vol. 156; Amsterdam & New York: Rodopi 2013, xiii–lxxix (with M. Munkelt, M. Schmitz & M. Stein).

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    “Introduction,” in Hybrid Cultures, Nervous States: Britain and Germany in a (Post)Colonial World, ed. S. Stroh, Ulrike Lindner, Maren Möhring & Mark Stein; Cross/Cultures series vol. 129; Amsterdam & New York: Rodopi 2010, xi–xlvi (with U. Lindner, M. Möhring & M. Stein).

    “Muslims, the Discourse on (Failed) Integration in Britain, and Kenneth Glenaan’s Film Yasmin,” in Hybrid Cultures, Nervous States: Britain and Germany in a (Post)Colonial World, ed. S. Stroh, Ulrike Lindner, Maren Möhring & Mark Stein; Cross/Cultures, vol. 129; Amsterdam & New York: Rodopi 2010, 229–251.

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    Crossing cultures – from Burns to Bhangra! Identitätsentwürfe im Film Ae Fond Kiss untersuchen” (‘… Analysing identity constructions in the film Ae Fond Kiss’), in Transcultural Identities: Britain, issue no. 95 of Der fremdsprachliche Unterricht Englisch (‘Teaching English as a Foreign Language’), ed. S. Stroh & Britta Freitag, 2008, 30-37 (with Britta Freitag).

    “Cultural Identities on the Move,” in ibid., 2–6 (with Britta Freitag & Uta v. Reinersdorff).

    “Transkulturalität und Intertextualität in der Oberstufe: Arranged marriage in Film und Drama” (‘Transculturality and intertextuality in senior high school teaching: Arranged marriage in film and drama’), in Moderne Dramendidaktik für den Englischunterricht (‘Modern methods and suggestions for teaching drama in EFL classrooms’), ed. Rüdiger Ahrens, Maria Eisenmann & Matthias Merkl; Heidelberg: Universitätsverlag Winter, 2008, 371–384.

    “Moral und Politik in Conrads nichtfiktionalen Schriften: Eine postkoloniale Polemik“ (‘Morality and politics in Conrad’s non-fictional writings: A postcolonial polemic’), in Joseph Conrad (1857–1924), ed. Cordula Lemke & Claus Zittel; Memoria, vol. 8; Berlin: Weidler 2008, 33–57.

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  • Reviews

    Inspiring Views from “a’ the airts” on Scottish Literatures, Art & Cinema: The First World Congress of Scottish Literatures in Glasgow 2014, ed. Klaus Peter Müller, Ilka Schwittlinsky & Ron Walker (Frankfurt am Main et al.: Peter Lang Edition 2017). In: Scottish Literary Review 9.2 (2017), 188–190.

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  • Other short publications

    "Ùpraid anns a' ghàrradh: Mì-mhodh, mion-chànain, agus feum air àite tèarainte" ('Uproar in the Garden: Impoliteness, Minority Languages and the Need for Safe Space'), Clish, 3 August 2020; republ. on Progressive Gaelic, 5 September 2020.

    “Preface,” in The Black Diaspora and Germany / Deutschland und die Schwarze Diaspora, ed. by BDG Network (S. Stroh et al.), Münster: Edition Assemblage 2018, 10-16 (co-written with other network members).

    Conference report:  “‘Empires and Revolutions: R. B. Cunninghame Graham and other Scottish Writers on Globalisation and Democracy, c. 1850–1950’, Association for Scottish Literary Studies (ASLS), Stirling, 3–5 July 2015.” In: Scottish Studies Newsletter 46 (2016), 95–97.

    Endorsement of Michael Newton's Seanchaidh na Coille: The Memory-Keeper of the Forest. Anthology of Scottish-Gaelic Literature of Canada (Sydney, N.S.: Cape Breton University Press 2015) as one of the “Best Scottish Books of 2015.” In: The Bottle Imp 18 (2015).

    “Celticity and the Gaelic Voice in (Post)Dolonial Discourse,” on homepage of seminar 31 of the 2010 conference of the European Society for the Study of English (ESSE; Torino, Italy, 24–28 August; seminar title: “Dis/placing the British Empire: Theoretical and Critical Views from Scottish Studies”), School of English & Scottish Language & Literature (SESLL), University of Glasgow, Homepage: www.gla.ac.uk/departments/sesll/ seminarsandconferences/esse2010seminar31/papersandabstracts/#d.en.150544; direct URL: http://www.gla.ac.uk/media/media_165657_en.pdf (publ. July 2010).

    “Auswahlbibliografie“ (select bibliography for further reading on the journal issue’s topic), in Transcultural Identities: Britain, issue no. 95 of Der fremdsprachliche Unterricht Englisch (‘Teaching English as a Foreign Language’), ed. S. Stroh & Britta Freitag, 2008, 7 (with Britta Freitag).

    Abstract of PhD dissertation “(Post)Colonial Scotland? Literature, Gaelicness and the Nation,” Acolit 58 (July 2006), 68–72.

    “Die Bildungsstandards und ihre Umsetzung in den 16 Bundesländern: Der Stand der Dinge” (‘The new national educational standards and their implementation in the 16 federal states of Germany: The current situation’) Der fremdsprachliche Unterricht Englisch 81 (3 / 2006), special issue: Bildungsstandards, ed. Wolfgang Hallet & Andreas Müller–Hartmann, 10 f.

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    Conference report: “Towards a Transcultural Future (Aachen),” Acolit 46 (June 2000), 10–12.

    Conference report: “Colonies, Missions, Cultures in the English-Speaking World (Tübingen),” Anglistik 10.2 (1999), 195–199.

  • Guest lectures & conference papers

    Guest lectures, conference keynotes, and invited papers:

    “Literature and beyond: The uses of postcolonial perspectives in Gaelic Studies,”
    keynote lecture, conference “Rannsachadh na Gàidhlig 10”, University of Edinburgh, August 2018

    “Stating the nation? – Decolonising strategies in Gaelic poetry”,
    guest lecture, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, April 2018

    "Indian dimensions in Scottish national identity: Bashabi Fraser’s engagement with the literary and visual archive",
    invited paper, workshop "India and Northern Europe: Identity Formation, Nation and Knowledge Transfer in the 19th and 20th Century", University of Kiel, May 2017

    "Progress and primitivism: Highland Scotland, the metropolitan readership and James Macpherson’s ‘Ossian’,"
    guest lecture, University of Basel, April 2017 & May 2019

    “Scottishness in contemporary global pop culture: Difference, cultural hierarchy and translation in the Outlander series,” guest lecture, University of Mainz (Germersheim campus), February 2017

    "Walter Kennedy as an early postcolonial trailblazer? Medieval and modern images of the border-crossing intellectual,”
    invited paper, symposium "Educated Out: The Literature of these Isles," University of Aberdeen, September 2014

    "Transmigrant memory and its discontents in New Zealand literature: Fiona Kidman and James McNeish,”
    guest lecture, University of Zürich, April 2014

    "Cultural translation and the ailing body politic in recent anglophone African literature,”
    guest lecture, University of Düsseldorf, June 2013

    "Postcolonialism, Celticity and the nation state: Interrogating old and new multiculturalisms in Europe and beyond,"
    keynote lecture, 14th International Conference on the Literature of Region & Nation, University of Pécs, June 2012

    “European (post)colonialisms and the historicisation of difference: From Antiquity’s empires to convivial futures,“
    keynote lecture, conference “Interrogating Cosmopolitan Conviviality,” Bamberg University, May 2012.

    “Transmigration and (post)colonial discourse: Theories, histories and fictions of repeated relocation,”
    guest lecture, University of Berne,   May 2009.

    Further conference papers:

    "The ideological construct of the 'body politic' in Karen King-Aribisala's Kicking Tongues,"
    GAPS conference "Ideology in Postcolonial Texts and Contexts," University of Münster, May 2015

    "(Post)colonial discourse and the British archipelago(es): Re-reading travel writing from the eve of Union,"
    1st World Congress of Scottish Literatures, University of Glasgow, July 2014

    "(Post)colonial Celts and the issue of racism,"
    129th Annual Convention of the Modern Language Association of America (MLA), Chicago, January 2014

    “Revisioning Irish postcolonialism: The Scottish connection,”
    Anglistentag, University of Potsdam, September 2012

    “Muslims and the Scottish canon: Recent multicultural rewritings of Burns and Stevenson,”
    11th International Conference of ESSE (European Society for the Study of English), Bogazici University, Istanbul, September 2012

    “Roman precedents of British (post)colonial discourse: Patterns, alignments, subversions,”
    ASNEL conference "Post-Empire Imaginaries? Anglophone Literature, History and the Demise of Empires,” University of Berne, May 2012

    "Transperipherality as a model for Diaspora Studies? Interfaces of race, class and (post)colonialism,”
    Workshop “Transcending Diaspora: Whiteness, Performativity and the Politics of the Body,” DFG Young Scholars’s Network “Black Diaspora and Germany,” University of Münster, December 2010

    “Celticity and the Gaelic voice in (post)colonial discourse”
    10th International Conference of ESSE (European Society for the Study of English), University of Torino, August 2010

    “Inter-colonial migrations and the evolution of transnational identities”
    ACLALS conference “Strokes Across Cultures,” Nicosia, June 2010

    “Contesting diasporic community identity: Normanism, gender and colonial settlement in the writings of Flora McPherson and Fiona Kidman”
    ASNEL conference “Contested Communities: Communication, Narration, Imagination,” University of Bayreuth, May 2010

    “Theories and practices of transmigration: Translocation and colonial British diasporas”
    ASNEL conference “Postcolonial Translocations,” University of Muenster, May 2009

    "Towards a postcolonial environment? Nature, ‘native’ and nation in Scottish cultural representations of the oil industry”
    ASNEL conference “Local Natures, Global Responsibilities,” University of Jena, May 2007

    “Gender, Islam and (failed) integration in Britain: K. Glenaan’s film Yasmin (2004) and the public debate”
    Conference “Hybrid Cultures, Nervous States: Insecurity & Anxiety in Britain and Germany in a (Post)Colonial World,” University of Münster, May 2007

    “Transcultural visions in a fractured mirror: Word and image in Ken Loach’s film Ae Fond Kiss
    ASNEL conference “Word and Image,” University of Koblenz–Landau, May 2006

    “Transperipheral translations? Native North American / Scottish Gaelic connections”
    ASNEL conference “Translations of Cultures,” University of Kiel, May 2005

    “The long shadow of Tacitus: Intersections of Classical and modern colonial discourses in the 18th-century Scottish Highlands”
    ASNEL conference “Transcultural English Studies,” University of Frankfurt, May 2004

    “Cultural translation and liminality in Scotland around 1700: Martin Martin and Maighstir Seathan”
    “Connecting Cultures” conference, University of Kent at Canterbury, April 2004

    “Scotland as a multi-fractured post/colonial go-between? Ambiguous interfaces between (post )Celticism, Gaelicness, Scottishness, Britishness, and postcolonial theory”
    ASNEL conference “Global Fragments: Dis-Orientation in the New World Order,” University of Magdeburg, May/June 2003