Student assistants

Englisches Seminar
Universität Münster
Johannisstr. 12-20
48143 Münster
Phone +49-(0)251-83-24832
Room: 314

Eva Larisch

Eva is currently pursuing studies in English, French and Political Science at the University of Münster and looks forward to becoming an inspiring teacher for young learners. Before entering university, she completed both a Business and a Translator’s degree in Bremen and Osnabrück respectively. She is particularly interested in Feminist, Gender and Transnational Studies, plus she devotes a lot of time to further uniting Europe through her voluntary work with the Young European Federalists.

Nina Greta Hattrup

Nina studies English, History and Educational Sciences at the University of Münster and plans to become a teacher for young learners. Before pursuing her studies, she spent a year in New Zealand which awoke her interest in Postcolonial Studies and the varieties of English. Other than that, she is interested in Queer, Feminist and Cultural Studies, and Literary History.

Yash Gupta

Yash is currently enrolled in the Master’s programme in National and Transnational Studies at the University of Münster. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Literary and Cultural Studies with a minor in Graphic Design, and a diploma in Fine Arts. As a student with multiple dis/abilities he is interested in non/human differences expressed in the disciplines of Death Studies, South Asian Cultural Studies, Critical Dis/ability Studies, Gender & (A)sexuality Studies, and practice-based Animal & Environmental Welfare. 
Currently, he also serves as the Chair of the Student Conference Committee for the First International Conference on Critical South Asian Death Studies.