Dr. Romana Kopeckova

Professur für Englische Sprachwissenschaft (Prof. Gut)
Dr. Romana Kopeckova

Johannisstr. 12-20, room 320
48143 Münster

T: +49 251 83-25640

Consultation Hours

  • English Linguistics and DaZ: Thursday 1-2pm and by appointment
  • Intercultural Dossiers: Mondays 10-11am (please note a dedicated email contact: interdos@uni-muenster.de)
  • Additional consultation hours for Intercultural Dossiers (Ms Victoria Rolfes, ES312): Mondays 10am-12pm, Tuesdays 2-4pm.

  • Research Areas

    • Third language acquisition
    • Second language speech perception and production
    • The age factor
  • CV


    Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
    M.A. in English Language and Literature & Philosophy (Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic)
    M.A. in Applied Linguistics (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, The Netherlands)
    Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic)


    Research Assistant (English Department, University of Münster)
    Language Instructor (English Department, University of Münster)
    Tutor in English for Academic Purposes (summer terms; School of Education, University of Nottingham)
    DAAD Scholar (English Department, University of Münster)
    Research Assistant (Project: Second Language Acquisition and Native Language Maintenance in the Polish Diaspora in Ireland and France; Centre for Communication and Language Studies, Trinity College Dublin)
    Tutor in English Language (English Department, Masaryk University Brno)
  • Projects

    • MULTI-PHON - Phonological cross-linguistic influence in young Polish learning multilinguals ()
      Individual project: Deutsch-Polnische Wissenschaftsstiftung
    • Cross-linguistic influence in the acquisition of phonology and phonetics by multilingual children and adults ()
      Individual project: DFG - Individual Grants Programme | Project Number: GU 548/11-1 | KO 5158/4-1
  • Publications

    Books (Monographs)

    • Gut, Ulrike; Kopecková, Romana; Nelson, Christina. (). Phonetics and Phonology in Multilingual Language Development. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


    Research articles (Journals)
    • Kopeckova, R., Wrembel, M., Gut, U., Balas, A. (). Differences in phonological awareness of young L3 learners: an accent mimicry study. International Journal of Multilingualism, 18. doi: 10.1080/14790718.2021.1897127.
    • Wrembel Magdalena, Gut Ulrike, Kopeckova Romana, Balas Anna. (). Cross-Linguistic Interactions in Third Language Acquisition: Evidence from Multi-Feature Analysis of Speech Perception. Languages, 5(52), 1–21.
    • Kopeckova R., Dimroth C., Gut U. (). Children’s and adults’ initial phonological acquisition of a foreign language. Journal of Second Language Pronunciation, 5:3, 374–401. doi: 10.1075/jslp.18033.kop.
    • Kopeckova Romana, Dimroth Christine, Gut Ulrike. (). Children’s and adults’ initial phonological acquisition of a foreign language. Journal of Second Language Pronunciation, 5(3), 374–401.
    • Kopeckova, R., Marecka, M., Wrembel, M., Gut, U. (). Interactions between three phonological subsystems of young multilinguals: The influence of language status . International Journal of Multilingualism, 13(4), 426–443.
    • Kopeckova R. (). The bilingual advantage in L3 learning: A developmental study of rhotic sounds . International Journal of Multilingualism, 13(4), 410–425.
    Research Articles in Edited Proceedings (Conferences)
    • Kopeckova, R. & Gooch, S. (). Prosody in spoken academic discourse. In Kavanagh Mick, Robinson Lisa (Eds.) BALEAP Conference 2013. The Janus Moment in EAP: Revising the Past and Building the Future, Nottingham , pp. 43–52.
    • Kopeckova, R. (). Learning vowel sounds in a migrant setting: The case of Polish children and adults in Ireland . In Wrembel, M., Kul, M. & Dziubalska-Kołaczyk, K. (Eds.): Achievements and Perspectives in SLA of Speech: New Sounds 2010 , pp. 137–148. Oxford: Peter Lang.
    Research articles (Book Contributions)
    • Kopeckova R, Poarch GJ. (). Teaching English as a third language in primary and secondary school: The potential of pluralistic approaches to language learning. In Putjata G, Danilovich Y (Eds.), Sprachliche Vielfalt im Unterricht: Fachdidaktische Perspektiven auf Lehre und Forschung im DaZ-Modul (pp. 219–230). VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften. doi: 10.1007/978-3-658-23254-2_12.
    • Kopeckova, R. (). Differences in the perception of English vowel sounds by child L2 and L3 learners. In Gut, U., Fuchs, R. & Wunder E.-M. (Eds.), Universal or Diverse Paths to English Phonology? (pp. 71–89). Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton.
    • Skrzypek, A., Kopeckova, R., Bidzińska, B. & Singleton, D. (). Language and culture: Attitudes towards and perceptions of English L2 acquisition among adult Polish migrants in Ireland. In Geraghty, B. & Conacher, J.E. (Eds.), Cultures in Contact: Contemporary Issues in Language Use and Language Learning (pp. 112–130). London: Continuum.
    • Kopeckova, R. (). Cross-linguistic influence in child L3 instructed phonological acquisition. In Aronin, L. & Pawlak, M. (Eds.), Essential Topics in Applied Linguistics and Multilingualism. Studies in Honor of David Singleton (pp. 205–224).
    • Kopeckova, R. (). Segmental acquisition in Polish child and adult learners in Ireland. In Singleton, D, Regan, V. & Debaene, E. (Eds.), Linguistic and Cultural Acquisition in a Migrant Community (pp. 134–151). Clevedon: Multilingual Matters.
    • Singleton, D. & Kopeckova, R. (). Second language phonology: A critical perspective on critical period perspectives. In Berndt, A. (Eds.), Languages in the Perspective of Lifelong Learning (pp. 119–128). Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.
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    • Debaene, E. & Kopeckova, R. (). Adult learners encountering the Polish language in Ireland . In Egger, S. & McDonagh, J. (Eds.), Polish-Irish Encounters in the Old and New Europe (pp. 197–214).
  • Conference presentations

    Fuchs, R. & Kopečková, R. (2014). Perceptual similarity in Flege´s Speech Learning Model. Workshop on Linguistic and Psycholinguistic Studies in L2 Phonology. University of Stuttgart.

    Kopečková, R. (2014). Phonological L3 acquisition in instructed child learners. The 9th International Conference on Third Language Acquisition and Multilingualism. University of Uppsala.

    Kopečková, R. (2013). Cross-linguistic influence in L3 child phonological acquisition. EUROSLA 23. University of Amsterdam.

    Kopečková, R. (2013). The role of age in third language phonological acquisition. The 5th AILA-Europe Junior Researcher Meeting, Trinity College Dublin.

    Kopečková, R. & Gooch, S. (2013). Prosody in spoken academic discourse. BALEAP Conference 2013. University of Nottingham.

    Kopečková, R. (2012). Differences in cross-language phonetic similarity perception: The case of Polish child learners in Ireland. Universal or diverse paths to English phonology? Bridging the gap between research on phonological acquisition of English as a second, third and foreign language. Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster.

    Kopečková, R. (2010). Learning vowel sounds in a migrant setting: The case of Polish children and adults in Ireland. New Sounds 2010: The 6th International Symposium on the Acquisition of Second Language Speech, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

    Kopečková, R. (2009). Multilingual competence explored: The case of Polish children and teenagers in the Republic of Ireland. The Child: Postgraduate Research Conference 2009. First Annual Multi Disciplinary Postgraduate Conference of the Research Forum for the Child, Queen’s University, Belfast.

    Kopečková, R. (2009). Ireland and its young Polish newcomers: Investigating attitudes towards learning languages. The 6th International Conference on Third Language Acquisition and Multilingualism, Free University of Bozen.

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    Kopečková, R. (2008). If Poland equals ‘girls’ and Ireland equals ‘school’, just where is ‘home’? Ireland and its Polish newcomers: An investigation of attitudes, identity construction and the dynamics of language-use in the new multicultural Ireland. Encounters and Intersections: Religion, Diaspora and Ethnicities, St Catherine’s College Oxford.

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    Kopečková, R. & Nestor, N. (2008). Is home always where the heart is? A study of Polish migrant children’s attitudes towards their languages and countries. Migration Studies in Ireland – An Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference, Trinity College Dublin.

  • Intercultural Dossier


    Consultation hours Dr Romana Kopeckova (Room 320):

    • Monday 10-11am and by appointment

    Consultation hours Victoria Rolfes (Student assistant, Room 312):

    • Monday 10am-12pm
    • Tuesday 2-4pm