Welcome to the Library of the English Department at the University of Münster.
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Library of the English Department

Comments, concerns, and book suggestions via  E-Mail (lucks@wwu.de). Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

- Library information & Lending desk: 0251- 83 24 506.  - Specialized information: 0251 - 83 24 507

Using the English Department Library under Corona restrictions

The library is operating under restrictions due to the pandemic. All of the information on the WWU under corona restrictions can be found on this website for more information on the coronavirus by the Rectorate of the WWU [de].

Last Update: 21.8.2021:
The library is open for use. Please note that as of August 30, 2021, the libraries of the English Department are no longer offering additional borrowing services.

Current opening hours:
Monday - Thursday: 10:00 a.m - 4:00 p.m.
In order to rearrange our collection, the library keeps closed on Fridays

Please observe the following rules:
When entering the library, please use the disinfectant provided to clean your hands.
Please wear a medical face mask whenever moving about the library. You do not have to wear a mask at your seat.
Please observe the usual rules of hygiene (distance of 1.5m, hand hygiene, sneezing into your elbow, etc.)


  Audio Tour  - Explore the Department Library!

The Library recommends also Training tours of the University and Regional Library (ULB) Münster.

The library of the English Seminar is located on the first floor at Johannisstraße 12 – 20. The special library offers an ever-growing collection of some 100,000 volumes, 280 digital media, 39,000 microfilms, and other audio-visual resources.

The English Department has a reference library. Accordingly, books may be read in the library or partially copied. This allows all users uninterrupted access to the library’s resources. Recent acquisitions can be found on a special shelf in room 106.

All students of the WWU with a valid student identification card can loan books over the weekend and public holidays.  There is also the possibility of a short-term loan for out-of-house copying. The borrowing policy can be found under  Library Regulations

Questions?  We’d love to help: Information in Room 103. E-Mail and telephone:  (0251) 83 - 24 636 or 0251 83 - 24 507

Library Staff in alphabetical order:

Prof. Dr. Dagmar Deuber (Library Trustee of the Seminar)

Ingrid Hokamp (Employee Accession)

Silke Lück (Graduate Librarian)

Carsten Roepke (Library Technical Assistent Accession)

Simone Ullrich (Library Technical Assistent)

Student Aides/Information & Lending Desk (Tel. 0251 - 83 24 506) E-Mail: Nele Ketels, Philipp Lewerenz, Leonie Lukasiewicz, Lasse Maßmann, Jacqueline Sachse, Vanessa Thomas,

Hinweis für Bibliotheksbenutzer mit Behinderung:

Die Bibliothek des Englischen Seminars ist leider nicht barrierefrei.

Mitarbeiter der Bibliothek holen Ihnen auf Wunsch jedes Medium an Ihren Arbeitsplatz.

Sie können gerne auch per Telefon oder E-Mail Medien zur Benutzung vorbestellen, die dann an der Aufsicht für Sie bereitgehalten werden.

Tel. 0251 – 83 24 636. E-Mail  (ullribib@uni-muenster.de)