Audio Tour

We are delighted to present you with an updated audio tour, prepared and narrated by students of our department within the framework of their Book Studies courses.

With our Audio Tour you can discover our Departmental Library whenever you would like! You will get to know interesting facts about the structure of our library, our borrowing conditions, our collections and much more. Enjoy!

How does the Audio Tour work?

There are two possibilities of listening to the audio tour.

  • Download the listed mp3-files onto your mp3-player or smartphone.
  • Easily scan the QR-codes which you will find at every station of the Audio Tour with your smartphone. The link will directly lead you to the corresponding audio file. (For further information about QR codes please visit the ULB page on QR codes.)

Please print out the handout (EN) (German version). It helps you to locate the different stations and is useful for your better orientation. Printed copies are also available at the information desk.

Come to our Departmental Library which is located at Johannisstraße 12-20, 1st floor. You will find the first station in the entrance area.


▪    A list of all stations you will come across is provided on the handout.
▪    We highly recommend to proceed through the stations in the proposed order.

Stationen des Rundgangs [de]

German audio files (mp3) (ZIP-Ordner, ca. 16 MB), German transcript

Information points of the tour [en]

English audio files (mp3) (ZIP file, ca. 18 MB), English transcript

We wish you a pleasant stay at our library. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the Information & Lending Desk (0251/83-24506).