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Satura has a home at the English Department of the University of Münster. The journal was founded by students of two of the Master programs available at the university: British, American and Postcolonial Studies, and National and Transnational Studies. Here you can find the main principles of the journal’s work and existence.

Satura is dedicated to writing and visual art done by students in English. The journal consists of several parts dedicated to academic research, book reviews, creative nonfiction, creative fiction, and poetry. Some of the articles we publish were born on the intersections between Political Studies and Linguistics, Media Studies, Anthropology and Cultural Studies. In this way Satura celebrates and encourages the intersectionalities of different fields of Humanities.

Our online presence brings us closer to readers around the world. We can reach a wider audience via Twitter (@JournalSatura), Instagram and our website. This allows us to build a platform for Creative and Academic exchange around the world.


Literary Open Mic – Open Call


Interested in being creative in writing? Want to share that creativity with other people? Not shy to speak on stage in front of a crowd of people with a microphone? Want to hear other people’s creativity?

Then come to the Literary Open Mic Event organized by the staff at Satura! Not only will you be sharing your creative writing with, but you’ll have the opportunity to hone your public speaking skills if you’re planning a career that involves communication with the public! The event will be held on June 19, at Baracke starting at 8 PM, so mark your calendars! We hope to see you there, and we can’t wait to hear what you’ve written!

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Vol. 5 (2023): Momentum
Cover page for Volume 5, featuring a marbled painting in green, orange, and red as the background

Volume 5 explores the concept of "Momentum" in creative writing, academic writing, and artwork by students from the University of Münster and around the world. We asked for our contributors to explore direction, movement, force, and power as they observe it in the world.

Published: 2024-02-21

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