Thanks to the cooperation between the Ehrenpreis Centre and the Society of its Friends Förderkreis des Ehrenpreis Instituts für Swift Studien an der Universität Münster, the resources of the library have been considerably expanded since its inception. At the moment of writing, the history of Swift criticism from 1750 up to the present day is virtually complete. All these titles have been made available in an electronic database, so that fruitful keyword searches are possible (alternatively, search the OPAC). Moreover, the Ehrenpreis Centre owns all major editions of Swift’s collected works as well as many editions of individual pamphlets and poems (see Swift Studies, 22, 2007, 7-96). As regards its most ambitious objective, the reconstruction, in identical imprints, of all titles known to have been in the Dean’s library and known to have been read by him, it has successfully reassembled some eighty-five per cent.

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This bibliography of the Ehrenpreis Centre’s Rare Books is a somewhat extended, and very cautiously modernized, short-title catalogue, not a full-scale quasi-facsimile descriptive bibliography. Its chief purpose is to make the Centre’s holdings accessible to the widest possible readership. It contains more than 90 per cent of the books Swift is known to have owned in identical imprints as well as a substantial number of titles he can be shown to have read additionally. All who would like to learn more about individual items are cordially invited to write or, better still, to come and find out for themselves.


Travel Grant

The Friends of the Ehrenpreis Centre for Swift Studies are pleased to announce that, from 2019, a travel stipend will be issued on an annual basis. The grant is intended to support young talented Swift scholars.