Mittwoch, 1.März 2023, 14:00-18:00 Uhr

11. Nachmittag der Fremdsprachen 2023 - Wortschatzarbeit

Das Forum Fremdsprachendidaktik lädt alle Fremdsprachenlehrkräfte und Referenda*innen der Primarstufe, Sek I/II und BK zum 11. Nachmittag der Fremdsprachen ein. Studierende können auch gerne teilnehmen.

Save the date: 01.03.2023, 14:00-18:00 Uhr

Die Anmeldung ist ab sofort geöffnet.

Weitere Informationen zur Anmeldung, Ablauf und Programm finden Sie ab sofort hier: Nachmittag der Fremdsprachen

Ma Colloquium Poster Wise2022

Join our MA- colloquium!

We kindly invite you to join our MA- colloquium where you can discuss your own thesis, get helpful feedback and get the opportunity to meet other students who are at the same point of their academic career. If you are interested in participating, please contact

The colloquium takes place on the following dates in ES226 from 6.00pm - 7.30pm:
• October 25th 2022 (Kick-off meeting)
• November 15th 2022
• December 6th 2022 (Possible extra meeting)
• December 13th 2022
• January 10th 2023
• January 24th 2023

Time to Say Goodbye

We are very sad to say goodbye to our colleagues Naime Zeineddine and Dr. Karoline Wirbatz.
Dr. Karoline Wirbatz has done a fantastic job in the Curriculum 4.0 project where she coordinated, directed and carried out video recordings of nine famous researchers from the ELE context.
Naime Zeineddine has been working with dedication on the QLB project and produced best- practice in- class recordings which add a practical focus to the teacher education at the WWU. The projects contribute to the improvement of the English language teacher education at the WWU. Thank you both for all your hard work and fantastic support of our team. We wish you all the best and you will be missed in our team!

| ELE team on the road

Successful SLTED conference in Vienna

© P. Siepmann

The international Second Language Teacher Education congress 2022 in Vienna brought together researchers from around the world to discuss salient issues in developing teacher professionality. The English Language Education team contributed six papers to the conference: Jens-Folkert Folkerts presented his design-based research project on listening comprehension and, in a second talk in cooperation with Philipp Siepmann, discussed implications of the researchers' two practice-led projects for developing specific language assessment literacy to prepare (prospective) teachers for constructing and assessing listening comprehension tests and oral communication exams in the foreign language classroom. Joined by Frauke Matz, Marius Ritter presented results from his Ph.D. project on fostering teachers' professional vision using classroom videographies. Anika Marxl initiated a lively discussion in the panel by drawing attention to the need for multimodal mediation competences in the global and digital age. Together with Ricardo Römhild, she presented a second talk. Our doctoral students raised the issue of teaching critical discourse competence, thereby (re-)considering the primary goal of language education. Finally, Frauke Matz contributed to our friend Werner Delanoy's symposium and presented her take on the question 'Quo Vadis Cultural Learning and Language Education?'. Besides these contributions, the networking opportunities made our team's field trip to Vienna a big success.

September - November
Critical Media Literacy-flyer-fall2022
© Jeff Share

Webinar: Critical Media Literacy – free registration

Dr. Jeff Share (UCLA) offers 5 webinars on critical media literacy. Registration is free, so if you're interested in learning more about this subject from one of the leading experts in the field, sign up! The webinars will take place between 1 am–2.30 am CET.

| Curriculum 4.0: See you on the flip(ped) side

New teaching strategies: Spotlight Lectures Part 9 is a wrap

© K. Wirbatz

Today we welcomed Michael Rogge (ZfsL Gelsenkirchen) with his take on Agile Learning in the foreign language classroom. He emphasised the importance of a proactive pedagogical change in the modern classroom to adapt to a changing living environment. With the advent of online knowledge data bases, AI and similar technologies, factual knowledge is becoming less important and human competencies are becoming increasingly more important. The development of such competencies must be encouraged and sustained by teachers and through more student-centred activities.

Check out our project-website for further details

27.09. - 29.09.2023

DGFF Kongress 2023

Der 30. Kongress für Fremdsprachendidaktik der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Fremdsprachenforschung wird 2023 unter dem Titel "Grenzen - Grenzräume - Entgrenzungen" an der Pädagogischen Hochschule Freiburg im Breisgau stattfinden.  Auf der DGFF Kongress Webseite können Sie weitere Informationen zum Call for Papers und der Anmeldung finden.

Die DGFF Nachwuchstagung 2023 wird am 16. und 17. März hier an der WWU stattfinden. Weitere Informationen zur Nachwuchstagung "Findungsphasen" finden Sie hier.

| Curriculum 4.0: See you on the flip(ped) side

New lecture recorded: Interesting insights about Critical Media Literacy

l. t. r.: Ricardo Römhild, Prof. Dr. Frauke Matz, Diego Share, Dr. Jeff Share
© F. Matz

On August 1st we had the honours to record yet another digital lecture for our Curriculum 4.0/ Spotlight series project. Dr. Jeff Share of the UCLA shared with us the main concepts and practical steps of how to engage critically with all kinds of modern media in the English language classroom. Due to his own earlier work experience as a professional photographer and a primary school teacher it was a very informative mix of personal viewing points and the scholastic works of this field he has been studying in for years. We would like to thank Mr. Share for his time and effort and we are looking forward to providing students with this helpful material!

Check out his teaser on our project website

ADiBE Reunion – World CLIL 2023
CLIL conference group
© María Luisa Pérez Cañado

Thanks to two ADiBE symposia organised by Kim Bowers and Marisa Cañado at World CLIL Conference in The Hague, the team had the chance to reunite. We are very grateful to have been able to present key findings of the German ADiBE sample and listening to the other teams share their findings. We hope to see you all very soon for another ADiBE reunion!

New Publication
Publication Tdaj Becker
© Teacher Development Academic Journal

Out now!

Becker, D., Ludwig, C., and Summer, T. (2022). Taboos in ELT through the lens of critical pedagogy: A short Introduction. Teacher Development Academic Journal 2(2), 9-16.

Read more on Daniel Becker's website or go to the publisher's website (link to publication).

| Recent event

DBR Symposium was a success

© F. Matz

On last Friday, 10th June, our symposium on the topic of "design based research" finally took place. We are very utterly thankful for this great success with our second in-person symposium after the long Covid-break and want to kindly thank all the participants for their support!
We experienced a very interesting portfolio of keynotes who showed us the variety of this relatively new methodological approach. Thanks a lot to our fantastic keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Susan McKenney and all the other speakers for their insightful and really interesting contributions.
It’s been lovely having you again in our department and we hope to see you all soon again.
If you are interested in the event, make sure to visit the DBR symposium website

Friday, June 10th, 2022
Plakat Edr 2022 Rz 1

Upcoming Event

Symposium: Design-Based Research in English Language Education

Design-Based Research (DBR) has already become a fixed branch of research in many areas in recent years. In the context of foreign language education, there are already individual projects based on DBR principles, but there is a lack of a systematic methodological discourse. The symposium organized by the Chair of English Language Education aims to provide an impetus for a DBR network in foreign language research.
For more information visit the DBR Symposium Website.
Register now!

New Publication
Anglistik 33 1 Focus On Video Games
© Universitätsverlag Winter Heidelberg

Out Now!

Focus on Video Games and English Language Education/Designing Hybrid Learning Spaces.
Focus Editors: Daniel Becker and Frauke Matz

We are very excited to announce that the new Anglistik issue has finally been published. Daniel Becker and Frauke Matz would love to thank all authors for their insightful contributions and the editorial team for all their patience and wonderful support. You can access this open access issue via this link: Anglistik 33 (2022), Issue 1

| Recent Event

Symposium: Reading YA Literature in the EFL Classroom and Beyond

On Friday, 20th May, our YA symposium took place. It was the first onsite event after a long time and we would love to thank Professor Corinna Norrick Rühl and the Book Studies Department for this amazing cooperation.

We would also love to thank our fantastic keynotes (Melanie Ramdarshan Bold, Alison Waller, and Werner Delanoy) and all speakers for their insightful and really interesting contributions.

To our guests: It’s been lovely having you again in our department and we hope to see you all soon again.

If you are interested in the event, make sure to visit the YA symposium website!

Event | 16.-17. März 2023
Plakat Nachwuchstagung 2023 Rz 3mm Beschnitt.pdf

DGFF Nachwuchstagung 2023

Das gesamte Team der Fachdidaktik Englisch freut sich sehr, die nächste DGFF Nachwuchstagung ausrichten zu dürfen.
Organisiert wird die Tagung von Naime Zeineddine, den Doktorand*innen Stewart Campbell, Jens-Folkert Folkerts, Anika Marxl, Marius Ritter, Ricardo Römhild sowie den Post-Docs Daniel Becker, Rebecca Schlieckmann, Philipp Siepmann und Karoline Wirbatz. Tagungspräsidentinnen sind Frauke Matz & Julia Reckermann.
Weitere Informationen finden Sie im Frühjahr unter DGFF auf dieser Webseite.

| Curriculum 4.0: See you on the flip(ped) side
Jonathon Reinhardt and Dr. Daniel Becker
© F. Matz

Prof. Dr. Jonathon Reinhardt's Spotlight: Digital Games in ELT

On Monday, Jonathon Reinhardt (Universtity of Arizona) recorded his spotlight for our Curriculum 4.0 project. In this wonderful and inspiring lecture he speaks about the potentials of digital games in language education. As one of the most amazing pioneers in this new field of research he thus gives valuable insights into this new classroom practice. It was wonderful to have him as a guest and we cannot wait to see him again in early summer 2023. 

Gaudelli Guest Lecture May 2022

Panel Discussion on Global Citizenship Education - A Full Success!

We were happy to welcome Dr. William Gaudelli, who joined us for a panel discussion on the intersections between Global Citizenship Education (GCEd) and English Language Education. Driven by excellent, hard-hitting questions from the audience, the discussion revolved around fundamental principles of GCEd and Human Rights Education, the role and self-perception of educators, and the necessity of working together to initiate and facilitate change – one step at a time. Thank you very much to everybody involved for creating such a unique experience!

04.05.2022, 16:00 Uhr, F5
Plakat Gaudelli Matz

Panel Discussion on Global Citizenship Education

Panel Discussion with William Gaudelli and Frauke Matz – Im Rahmen der Vorlesung Selected Aspects of SLA/ELT findet am 04. Mai 2022 eine Podiumsdiskussion mit William Gaudelli (Lehigh University) und Frauke Matz (WWU) zum Thema Global Citizenship Education statt.

Wann? – 04.05.2022, 16:00-18:00Uhr
Wo? – Fürstenberghaus, F5

1. Westfälisches Kolloquium der Fachdidaktik Englisch

Wir haben uns sehr gefreut, am 29.04.2022 die Doktorand*innen und Postdocs von Professor Dominik Rumlich und Peter Hohwiller bei uns am Englischen Seminar begrüßen zu können. Nach der langen Pandemiezeit haben wir uns endlich zum 1. Westfälischen Kolloquium der Fachdidaktik Englisch treffen können. Das persönliche Kennenlernen und der fachliche Austausch über die unterschiedlichen Forschungsprojekte sowie der ‚Walk and Talk‘ durch den botanischen Garten der WWU war für uns alle sehr bereichernd und beide Nachwuchsteams freuen sich schon auf den nächsten Austausch, der dann im Herbst an der Universität Paderborn stattfinden wird. Wir bedanken uns ganz herzlich für den Besuch!

| Curriculum 4.0: See you on the flip(ped) side
Prof. Schmidt and Prof. Strasser in the production lab of the REACH start-up center
© Prof. Matz

It's a wrap: New Curriculum 4.0 session with Prof. Strasser and Prof. Schmidt

We are pleased to announce that both Prof. Dr. Thomas Strasser of the University college of teacher education Vienna and Prof. Dr. Torben Schmidt of the Leuphana University Lüneburg joined our Curriculum 4.0 project with their take on "I'm going DeepL underground... AI-powered learning. Potentials and limitations". Their presentation gave an overview of the genesis of AI technology in general and the influences it has had already and will inevitably have on language learning and language teaching in the future. Apart from that the two lecturers also shed a light on the rather philosophical question of how the improvement of AI will reduce or enhance the importance of human professions such as the English language teacher.

Starting April 26th, 6.15 pm
Ma Colloquium Poster 2022

Join our MA-colloquium

Are you writing your MA-thesis in English language education at the moment, or are you thinking about doing so in the near future?
If so, the ELE team of the WWU Münster would like to invite you to join our MA-colloquium. The colloquium is open for all MA-students and aims at offering you:

  •  an opportunity to present your work in progress to your fellow students and lecturers
  • individualised feedback on your work in progress
  • an opportunity to connect and exchange ideas with other MA-thesis candidates
  • general input on how to write your MA-thesis
For more information take a look at the poster!

31.05.2022 | 28.06.2022
Workshops Summer Term 2022 Poster

Workshops - Summer Term 2022

Are you writing your BA or Med thesis in English Language Education this semester? - Then sign up for our workshops!

  • „Ich muss jetzt echt mal anfangen" - wissenschaftliches Schreiben meistern
    31.05.2022, 18:00-19:30, ES3
    (Marius Ritter)
  • How (not) to write your BA/MEd thesis
    28.06.2022, 18:00-19:30, ES3
    (Ricardo Römhild)
Information on how to register can be found on the poster.

| Curriculum 4.0 - See You on the Flip(ped) Side
© F. Matz

Currciulum 4.0 project: New session recorded

Professor Carolyn Blume, TU Dortmund,  supported our Curriculum 4.0 project with her inspiring presentation on “How to Make the EFL Classroom More Inclusive?”. In this wonderful spotlight lecture she speaks about different possibilities on making texts more accessible for all learners. She also touches the topics of diversity of gender and religion. It was wonderful having her and we would love to thank her again for her participation.

| 11. Nachmittag der Fremdsprachen findet am 01.03.2023 statt!

10. Nachmittag der Fremdsprachen

© Matz

Am 02.03.22 fand der 10. Nachmittag der Fremdsprachen des Forums Fremdsprachendidaktik unter der Leitung von Prof. Dr. Frauke Matz statt. Herr Henrichs von der Bezirksregierung Münster sowie Dr. Martin Jungwirth von unserem ZFL haben auf eine besondere Weise die Veranstaltung mit ihren Grußworten eingeleitet, für die wir uns ganz herzlichen bedanken möchten.
Den Auftaktvortrag zum Thema Mündlichkeit hielt Professorin Bärbel Diehr von der Universität Wuppertal und es gab insgesamt 11 Workshops für den Fremdsprachenunterricht aller Schulstufen. Unser Dank gilt daher auch allen Workshopleiter*innen und Frau Professorin Diehr für ihre hervorragenden Beiträge.
Das Interesse an diesem digitalen Fachtag war mit insgesamt 234 Anmeldungen wieder groß und wir möchten uns ganz herzlich für die rege Teilnahme, die Diskussionen und den Austausch bedanken!
Wir freuen uns wirklich sehr, dass einmal im Jahr so zahlreich Ausbildende und Auszubildende aller Schulformen zu diesem Fachtag an der WWU zusammenkommen und freuen uns schon auf den nächsten Nachmittag der Fremdsprachen am 01.03.2023.

Out Now!
Adibe Project 2
© ADiBE Project

New Publication

Our publication is now open-access!

Philipp Siepmann, Dominik Rumlich, Frauke Matz, and Ricardo Römhild (2021): Attention to diversity in German CLIL classrooms: multi-perspective research on students’ and teachers’ perceptions. In: International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism 2021 (ahead-of-print), 1-17.

Link to publication

New Publication by Dr. Daniel Becker
Becker Videospiele Im Fremdsprachenunterricht
© Narr.

Out Now! - Videospiele im Fremdsprachenunterricht

Becker, Daniel (2021): Videospiele im Fremdsprachenunterricht. Tübingen: Narr.   Link zur Publikation [de]

Description (German):
Videospiele sind nicht nur äußerst beliebt bei Jugendlichen, sondern weisen auch vielseitige Potentiale für das Fremdsprachenlernen auf. Doch wie genau kann man diese Potentiale praktisch umsetzen und im Fremdsprachenunterricht nutzen? Das vorliegende Buch möchte Antworten auf diese in der Fremdsprachenforschung bisher vernachlässigte Frage bieten.

Guest Lecture: 8.12.2021
Devos Plakat Ele Ver2

Guest Lecture - Language Assessment for the Classroom

Im Rahmen der Vorlesung Selected Aspects of SLA/ELT findet am 08. Dezember 2021 ein Gastvortrag von Dr. Nathan Devos (British Columbia Institute of Technology) zum Thema Language Assessment for the Classroom: Transferring Theory of Assessment Development to Online Language Assessment for Practical Use in the Classroom statt.

Wann? - 8.12.2021, 16:00-18:00 Uhr
Wo? - Audimax (Johanisstr. 12-20)

Qlb Projekt People
© Frauke Matz

ELE QLB@ZfsL Gelsenkirchen

Am 26.10.21 war das ELE Team des WWU QLB Teilprojektes "Videobasierte Lehrmodule als Mittel der Theorie-Praxis Integration” von der Bezirksregierung Münster eingeladen, im Rahmen der Dienstbesprechung der Fachleitungen Englisch von dem aktuellen Stand des Projekts zu berichten. Der Auftaktvortrag sowie die anschließende Diskussion fand im ZfsL Gelsenkirchen statt.

Wir möchten uns an dieser Stelle ganz herzlich für die Einladung und den Austausch mit den Fachleitungen Englisch der Seminare Bocholt, Gelsenkirchen, Münster, Recklinghausen und Rheine bedanken.

DGFF Nachwuchspreis - Johanna Marks
Johanna Mit Urkunde

DGFF Nachwuchspreis - Johanna Marks

Dr. des. Johanna Marks wurde auf dem diesjährigen Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Fremdsprachenforschung (DGFF) der Nachwuchspreis in Würdigung ihrer Dissertation “Standards und Kompetenzen in der Lehrer*innenbildung - eine fremdsprachendidaktischen Perspektive" verliehen.
Wir gratulieren ihr von ganzem Herzen für diesen Erfolg und freuen uns sehr mit ihr über diese bedeutende Auszeichnung.
Unser großer Dank gilt der Erstbetreuerin, Professorin Christiane Lütge von der Ludwig-Maximillians-Universität München. Prof. Dr. Lütge, die von 2011-2015 den Lehrstuhl für Englische Didaktik an der WWU hatte, war erfolgreich in der Abordnung von Johanna Mark aus dem Schuldienst und hat die Dissertationsarbeit über ihren Wechsel an die LMU hinaus in großartiger Weise betreut und Johanna Marks intensiv in diesem Prozess begleitet.

TOOLS - Multiplier Event on 4th October 2021
Plakat Tools

TOOLS - Multiplier Event on 4th October 2021

On Monday , 4th October, our TOOLS-multiplier event took place at the ZfsL Münster and we were able to welcome 75 participants. This teacher education event focused on the aspects of digitality, inclusion and digital citizenship. Jun- Prof. Dr. Carolyn Blume (Dortmund University) gave an introductory talk, which was followed by four different workshops.
It was the first time that in the context of English language education all institutions (ELE@WWU, ZfL, ZfsLs Münster, Gelsenkirchen, Bocholt) came together to discuss technologically enhanced online opportunities for language learning in inclusive education.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank the 55 in-service teacher trainees, their 5 ZfsL teacher educators the team of the ZfsL Münster as well as the workshop leaders and Jun.Prof. Carolyne Blume for this amazing and fruitful day.

Virtual Exchange Münster-Hyogo

Virtual Exchange Münster-Hyogo

As part of a virtual exchange program between the Hyogo University of Teacher Education (Japan) and the WWU, Prof. Dr. Frauke Matz & Marius Ritter were invited to provide insight into the research on teacher professionalisation taking place in the QLB-Project “Videobasierte Lehrmodule”. Due to the pandemic, the event took place virtually, which was no detriment to the enlightening talks and fruitful discussions. We are very thankful to Martin Jungwirth and his team at the ZFL for the opportunity to share our research with international partners.

MA - colloquium winter term 21/22
Ma Colloquium Poster 2021
© Anika Marxl

MA - colloquium winter term 21/22

Are you writing your MA-thesis in English language education at the moment, or are you thinking about doing so in the near future?

If so, the ELE team of the WWU Münster would like to invite you to join our new MA-colloquium. The colloquium is open for all MA-students and aims at offering you:

* an opportunity to present your work in progress to your fellow students and lecturers
* individualised feedback on your work in progress
* an opportunity to connect and exchange ideas with other MA-thesis candidates
* general input on how to write your MA-thesis

In the winter term 21/22, the MA-Colloquium will take place via Zoom on the following dates: 19.10.21, 09.11.21, 07.12.21, 11.01.22 from 6 - 7:30 pm.

If you would like to participate, please contact Alicia Battenfeld.
Should there be any questions regarding the colloquium, please contact Anika Marxl.

TOOLS - Teacher Education Event
Plakat Tools Web

WWU Teacher Eduaction Event

The project TOOLS (Technologically enhanced online opportunities for language learning in inclusive education) aims to prepare in- and pre-service English teachers to face diversity and inclusion in the classroom in the digital age. With the support of the European Union and Erasmus+, 7 partners across 5 countries combine skills in the areas of inclusion, ICT and teacher training, along with their different cultural perceptions. In Münster, the Zentrum für Lehrerbildung (ZfL) and the team of English language education at the WWU as well as the Zentrum für schulpraktische Lehrerausbildung (ZfsL) are working on the project.
This teacher training event is part of the TOOLS project and focuses puts a specific focus on the aspect of digital citizenship. Jun- Prof. Dr. Carolyn Blume will give a introductory talk followed by different workshops for you to choose from.

Details regarding the registration can be found on the TOOLS website soon.

© Jonas Schlieckmann

Welcome Rebecca Schlieckmann!

We are very pleased to announce that Rebecca Schlieckmann has joined our team!
Her main research interests include early foreign language learning and teaching, the transition from primary to secondary school, teacher cooperation and EFL teacher education. In 2021 she successfully defended her PhD Dissertation. You can find more information on her website.

Register until August 1st to participate!
Plakat Tools Ly02-1

Study@home: Additional Course in the Winter Term

Material Analysis and Design: Study@home - The TOOLS Project
22nd – 26th November 2021

Please note that we now offer a project week for future teachers of English (Blockseminar) who still need to complete their study@home. It will be taught by teachers of the University of Vic, Spain, the University of Opole, Poland, and the WWU as part of the ERASMUS+ TOOLS project. As part of this international project, you will be placed in groups with international students from Vic and Opole University to study together.
For more information on the project and registration process visit the Tools website!

June 11th, 2021
Symposium Screenshot

Report on the International Symposium „Fostering and Assessing Oracy in Foreign Language Education: Perspectives from Practice-Oriented and Design-Based Research”

On 11th June 2021, the international symposium „Fostering and Assessing Oracy in Foreign Language Education: Perspectives from Practice-Oriented and Design-Based Research”, which was organised by the TEFL department of the WWU, was held online. Led by Jun.-Prof. Dr. Julia Reckermann and Dr. Philipp Siepmann, the event shed light onto two significant developments in foreign language research: firstly, it addressed the importance of oracy in foreign language learning and teaching, and secondly, it highlighted the potential, and increasing significance, of practice-oriented and design-based empirical research in foreign language education. The virtual format allowed 36 participants from five countries to participate in a lively and highly productive exchange.
Read the whole article on the Symposium website!

Adibe Zoom

Presentation of the ADiBE project outputs at the CLIL 2021 Webinar in Sheffield, UK

For a presentation of the four ADiBE outputs that will be published on the project website later in 2021, the whole project family convened for the CLIL 2021 webinar. The event was organized by Kim Bower and her team at Sheffield Hallam University, but had to take place online due to the ongoing pandemic. It was the first time the results of the cross-national research project on diversity and differentiation in bilingual education as well as the three practice-oriented outputs were revealed to a larger audience of CLIL researchers and practitioners. Read more...

Upcoming Guest Lecture by Dr. Daniel Becker | July 7th, 4- 6 pm
Plakat Becker Ele 1 _pdf
© Becker

Video Games and English Language Education

Currently, video games are witnessing a ‘golden age’. With titles such as Minecraft or GTA V selling over 200 million copies worldwide, they have become a most prominent part of popular culture today. With this in mind, it is hardly surprising that video games are often frequented by children and teenagers, too. As the most recent JIM study shows (Medienpädagogischer Forschungsverband 2020: 54), 68% of the studied 12 to 19-year-olds play digital games daily or several times a week, while another 25% deal with them on a monthly basis. In a younger generation, in other words, digital games have become a force of entertainment to be reckoned with.

And yet, video games are more than just entertainment: games also afford numerous opportunities for learning and can be used to foster key competences in English language education. In my presentation, I will provide an overview over some of these learning potentials, by looking at concrete game examples and their affordances in the EFL classroom. Additionally, I will explore ways and approaches to implement games in teaching practice, since, so far, the question of how to work with video games has hardly been explored on a systematic level. In this context, the presentation will also deal with issues and challenges that go along with using this digital medium in an EFL teaching environment.

June 11th, 9:00-17:00

Symposium - Fostering and Assessing Oracy in Foreign Language Education: Perspectives from Practice-Oriented and Design-Based Research

This one-day symposium will bring together researchers who follow a practice-oriented and/or design-based approach to researching oracy in foreign language learning.

Keynote Speakers:

Prof. Dr. Anne Burns, University of NSW, Australia
Prof. Dr. Bärbel Diehr, Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Germany
Prof. Dr. Susan McKenney, UT Twente, Netherlands

Research Cluster – Ausschreibung von studentischen Abschlussarbeiten

Research Cluster – Ausschreibung von studentischen Abschlussarbeiten: Didaktik der Beruflichen Bildung & Fremdsprachendidaktik

Wir suchen interessierte BK Studierende, die uns in dem Bemühen, eine engere Verzahnung zwischen der Beruflichen Bildung und der Fremdsprachendidaktik unterstützen würden. Angehängt finden Sie eine Ausschreibung und wir würden uns sehr freuen, wenn Sie uns bei Interesse kontaktieren könnten.

Mehr Informationen entnehmen Sie bitte folgender PDF Datei zur Ausschreibung von studentischen Abschlussarbeiten [de].


MA-Thesis Colloquium
Poster Ma Colloquium Sose 2021

MA Colloquium Summer Term 2021

Are you writing your MA-Thesis in English language education at the moment, or are you thinking about doing so in the near future?

If so, the ELE team of the WWU Münster would like to invite you to join our new  MA-Colloquium. The colloquium is open for all MA-students and aims at offering you:

  • an opportunity to present your work in progress to your fellow students and lecturers
  • individualised feedback on your work in progress
  • an opportunity to connect and exchange ideas with other MA-thesis candidates
  • general input on how to write your MA-thesis
In the summer term 2021, the MA-Colloquium will take place via Zoom on the following dates: 27.04, 11.05, 08.06, and 19.06.2021

If you want to participate or have any questions, please contact:
Daniel Becker

BA and MEd Thesis Workshops
Workshops Summer Term 2021 Poster
© Mia Gillenkirch

Workshops: Summer Term 2021

Are you writing your BA or Med thesis in English Language Education this semester? Then sign up for our workshops!

How (not) to write your BA/MEd thesis
28.04.2021, 18:00-19:30 (via Zoom)
(Jun.-Prof. Dr. Julia Reckermann)

"Ich muss jetzt echt mal anfangen" - wissenschaftliches Schreiben meistern
05.05.2021, 18:00-19:30 (via Zoom)
(Anika Marxl & Marius Ritter)

Information regarding the registration can be found on the poster below (see pdf-fyle).

Fortbildungstag der Qualitätsgruppe Englisch der Bezirksregierung Münster

Am 10.03.2021 veranstaltete die Qualitätsgruppe Englisch der Bezirksregierung Münster unter Leitung von Frau Heiny (BZR Münster) einen Fortbildungstag mit dem Schwerpunkt Testung von Hörverstehen. Frauke Matz, Julia Reckermann und Jens Folkerts (ELE-WWU) unterstützten die Fortbildung durch einen Impulsvortrag zu theoretischen Grundlagen sowie zwei Workshops zu Hörverstehen in der Sekundarstufe I bzw. Sekundarstufe II. Wir bedanken uns für diese Möglichkeit und freuen uns über die Fortsetzung der Kooperation.

Nachmittag der Fremdsprachen
Flyer 9. Nachmittag der Femdsprachen
© Englisches Seminar

Erfolgreicher digitaler Nachmittag der Fremdsprachen

Am 02.03.2021 veranstaltete das Forum Fremdsprachendidaktik den 9. Nachmittag der Fremdsprachen.
Bedingt durch die Corona-Pandemie fand die jährliche Lehrer*innenfortbildung dieses Jahr erstmalig digital statt. Nach einer kurzen Begrüßung nahmen die Teilnehmenden an zwei verschiedenen Workshops teil. Ganz nach dem diesjährigen Motto: Spotlights in Foreign Language Education wurden Workshops mit einem breiten Spektrum an Themen angeboten.

Wir möchten uns an dieser Stelle bei der überwältigenden Zahl der Teilnehmenden bedanken: ganze 335 Anmeldungen sind im Vorfeld getätigt worden! Diese große Resonanz und auch das durchweg positive Feedback haben uns sehr gefreut. Ein herzliches Dankeschön auch an alle Workshopleitenden sowie an alle Teammitglieder, die mit ihrer tatkräftigen Unterstützung diese Veranstaltung möglich gemacht haben.

Wir freuen uns auch schon, Sie alle bei unserem nächsten Nachmittag der Fremdsprachen - hoffentlich in Präsenz - am 02.03.2022 begrüßen zu dürfen!

© Jens Folkert

Welcome Jens Folkerts!

We are very happy to announce that Jens Folkerts will join our Team from February onwards. He has been a full-time teacher for several years and is now starting his PhD focusing on listening comprehension and the development of new test designs for high stakes exams.

You can find more information on his website.

Stewart Campbell
© Stewart Campbell

Welcome, Stewart Campbell!

We are very pleased to announce that Stewart Campbell has joined our team.
Originally from Los Angeles, he has studied in both Germany and the United States and is a fully-certified secondary school teacher in the subjects English and history at the Gymnasium/Gesamtschule level.
He is currently a PhD student within the QLB Projekt Basiscurriculum Heterogenität [de] and will support our department in this area.

You can find more information about Stewart Campbell on his website.

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Gewinner des wwu citizen science Publikumspreises!

Das Siegerprojekt „Peer-to-Peer-Videos im bilingualen Unterricht“ basiert auf einer Kooperation zwischen Jun.-Prof. Julia Reckermann und dem Arbeitskreis Bilingual des St.-Antonius Gymnasiums in Lüdinghausen. Bei den Peer-to-Peer-Videos handelt es sich um Filme, die in den zweisprachig unterrichteten Fächern Biologie und Geschichte der Mittelstufe von und für Schülerinnen und Schüler entwickelt wurden. Die Forschungsfrage des Projekts lautet: Inwieweit bieten diese Videos vielfältige fremdsprachliche, inhaltliche sowie digitale Lerngelegenheiten? Die Schüler recherchieren und strukturieren die Inhalte, um sie in Form eines Videos aufzubereiten. Die Videos werden mit den schuleigenen iPads angefertigt und auf der schulinternen Lernplattform gespeichert. Von dort können die Schüler sie im Rahmen unterschiedlicher Lerngelegenheiten nutzen. Ziel ist es, das Potenzial sowie die Erfolgsbedingungen von Peer-to-Peer-Videos für den bilingualen Sachfachunterricht herauszuarbeiten.

Das Video finden Sie auf der Seite von Jun.-Prof. Julia Reckermann.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie auch auf der Website des wwu citizen science Wettbewerbs.


Stellungnahme zur Rückverlegung des Englischunterrichts in Klasse 3 in NRW zum Schuljahr 2021/2022

Das Schulministerium NRW plant mit dem Masterplan Grundschule u.a. eine Rückverlegung des Englischunterrichts von der ersten zurück in die dritte Klasse mit dann drei statt zwei Wochenstunden. Mit dieser Stellungnahme nehmen wir, Professor*innen der Fremdsprachendidaktik in Deutschland, kritisch Stellung zu dieser Entscheidung. Die Stellungnahme wurde Anfang November auf den Websites der Hauptautor*innen, hierunter auch Jun.-Prof. Dr. Julia Reckermann, veröffentlicht und an mehrere Adressaten gesendet, v.a.: NRW Schulministerin Yvonnen Gebauer, NRW Landtagsfraktionsvorsitzende aller Parteien, Landespressekonferenz Düsseldorf. In Folge sind mehrere Zeitungsartikel erschienen, v.a.: Kölner Stadtanzeiger (04.11.2020) und WAZ (10.11.2020).

Die Stellungnahme können Sie hier als pdf Datei runterladen und nachlesen.

ADiBE: An Erasmus+ project
© Matz

ADiBE: The show goes on - digitally

Hosted by the Finnish team, the 3rd partner meeting took place online on 21st/22nd September 2020. The international expert group discussed how to proceed in times of the pandemic with regards to both project coordination and collaboration with local schools. Although virtual exchange certainly cannot replace face-to-face collaboration in Finnland, the meeting was highly productive and proved to be a highlight in the academic calendar of everybody involved. As a result, the project enters its next stage, promising to provide concrete resources to make bilingual education a more inclusive reality for all.

TOOLS: An Erasmus+ project
© Frauke Matz

TOOLS: Keeping up the good work

After a short hiatus over the summer, the Erasmus Plus Project TOOLS has taken up work again in its partner meeting on September 22nd. Due to the Corona crisis, this meeting had to take place via Zoom (see photo).

During the meeting, the different partners of the project provided a short update on their work in progress and arranged a timeline for their contributions in the upcoming weeks. The project, which deals with questions of inclusion and diversity in a digital age, has just entered the phase of materials development. The team of English language education at the WWU Münster (represented by Frauke Matz, Daniel Becker and Anika Marxl) will also contribute some learning materials to the project. The materials to be developed aim at assisting teachers in dealing with different forms of diversity in their classrooms and will be collected on a project-platform soon.

Foto Jun.-Prof. Dr. Julia Reckermann
© Sperlinger

Welcome Jun.-Prof. Dr. Julia Reckermann!

We are excited to welcome Prof. Dr. Julia Reckermann, who has just joined our team in January 2020.

Please find more information here.

Foto Kick-off Meeting
© Prof. Frauke Matz

TOOLS Kick-off Meeting

Das TOOLS Projekt hat begonnen.

Im Rahmen dieses praxisnahen, anwendungsbezogenen europäischen Kooperationsprojektes sind Daniel Becker & Frauke Matz (Fachdidaktik Englisch), Corinna Schopphoff & Martin Jungwirth (ZfL) und Ralf Kerstgens (ZfsL Münster) nach Opole gereist.
Mit diesem Kick-off Meeting vom 04.11.-06.11.2019 beginnen wir ein phasenübergreifendes Projekt, das im Zeichen von Inklusion und Digitalisierung steht.
Wir freuen uns sehr auf diese Zusammenarbeit!

Foto Adibe Treffen Münster
© Prof. Frauke Matz

A warm welcome to the ADiBE-Team!

We were delighted to host the 2nd partner meeting of our ADiBE project from Thursday, 24th until Saturday, 26th October 2020.

It was a pleasure for the Münster team to welcome the representatives of the Austrian (Silvia Bauer-Marschalinger, Christiane Dalton-Puffer & Helen Heaney), Finnish (Tarja Nikula-Jäntti & Kristiina Skinnari), Italian (Teresa Ting), Spanish (María Luisa Pérez Canado, Diego Rascón Moreno, Trinidad Jerez Montoy, Antonio Vincente Casas Pedrosa) and UK teams (Do Coyle & Kim Bower) as well as Dominik Rumlich (Germany).

Foto Olumide Popoola
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Olumide Popoola’s Creative Writer’s Talk

In a joint event hosted by the TEFL team and the Chair of English, Postcolonial & Media Studies, author Olumide Popoola delivered an engaging creative writer's talk titled "Undo Me! Language, Form, and Queer Potentiality" as part of this year's "Postcolonial Narrations" graduate forum. Popoola engaged with her novel "When We Speak of Nothing" and explored the idea of how form and Yoruba folklore provide means to express alternative understandings of youth culture and transgender identities. With the TEFL team, Popoola was also in talks about further projects that center on teaching Nigerian texts in German high schools.

Foto Marius Ritter
© Sperlinger

Welcome Marius Ritter!

We are very pleased to announce that Marius Ritter has now joined our team.
He is a PhD student within the QLB Projekt Videobasierte Lehrmodule als Mittel der Theorie-Praxis-Integration and will support us within this project.

You can find more information here.