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From the root to the crown - initiatives for transformation at the local level

ZIN and Franz Hitze Haus invite to the study day on 31.01.2020

What role do actors at the local level (e.g. civil society initiatives or social citizens' movements) currently play in the context of a socio-ecological transformation? What actual transformation potential do they have to contribute to more sufficiency, to regain autonomy or to realize comprehensive participation? And what conditions would have to be met for this? The study day "From the Root to the Crown", which will take place on January 31, 2020 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Akademie Franz-Hitze-Haus, will approach these questions from different perspectives and discuss them critically with speakers from science and practice. I Continue

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Religion, Spirituality and Sustainability - Impulses and workshops for interdisciplinary sustainability research

The ZIN and the academy Franz heat house invite to the study day to 10.01.2020

Can religion, belief and spiritual ideas in modern and pluralistic societies provide important impulses for a more sustainable life? Where do similarities and differences exist with regard to sustainability? And what is the situation regarding the relationship between individual responsibility and political solutions? These are the questions addressed by the Study Day initiated by ZIN, which will take place on January 10, 2020 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Akademie Franz-Hitze-Haus. I Continue

Crowdfunding for anthology "Social-Ecological Utopias" launched

"Books that the world needs are rare enough. This is one of them: It is time to dare more utopia. After all, who wants to live in a society that systematically has to harm third parties in order to maintain its mode of production and consumption? Well, I certainly don't." (Stephan Lessenich) I Continue


Climate strike week with large ZIN participation

Prof. Grundmann, Prof. Löschel, Tobias Gumbert and Björn Wendt contribute to the program of the Public Climate School of the University of Münster with various events

From 25 to 29 November 2019, the Public Climate School will also take place at the WWU. In this nationwide climate strike week, the regular events of the university will be replaced or supplemented by workshops, seminars, lectures and discussions on the topic of climate protection. The climate strike week was initiated by the Students for Future, in Münster with the support of the AStA of the University of Münster. Many ZIN members and employees also responded to the call to open courses for this week and report them to the Public Climate School. I Continue

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ZIN speaker Prof'in Doris Fuchs is co-editor of a handbook on Global Sustainability Governance

The Routledge Handbook of Global Sustainability Governance provides a normative, critical and transformative view of global sustainability governance

At the end of October, ZIN spokeswoman Prof'in Doris Fuchs, Agni Kalfagianni (Associate Professor at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, University of Utrecht, Netherlands) and Anders Hayden (Associate Professor of Environmental Policy, Department of Political Science, Dalhousie University, Canada) published the Routledge Handbook of Global Sustainability Governance. | Continue

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Panel Discussion on a Green Office at University of Muenster

ZIN spokeswoman Prof. Doris Fuchs calls for a uniform sustainability strategy for WWU

On Monday evening, 4 November 2019, a panel discussion on the establishment of a so-called Green Office at the University of Muenster took place. In consultation with the student Green Office Initiative, the General Student Comitee (German abbreviation: AStA) invited various representatives of WWU to the event: ZIN spokeswoman Prof. Doris Fuchs, AStA chairwoman Sara Mavahedian, university chancellor Matthias Schwarte, Josef Kaiser (Perspektive n) and Vice-Rector for Internationalization and Knowledge Transfer and Prof. Dr. Michael Quante. Students and representatives of the areas teaching, research, administration and business sat in the audience and were regularly involved in the discussion. | Continue

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Why only strong sustainable consumption governance will make a difference

ZIN spokeswoman Prof. Doris Fuchs publishes article on sustainable consumption

In October, Edward Elgar Publishing Limited published the anthology "A Research Agenda for Sustainable Consumption Governance" edited by Oksana Mont. It assesses achievements, challenges and future paths for research and examines how new dimensions of knowledge and practice challenge, reshape and develop the traditional understanding of sustainable consumption governance. | Continue

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Appeal in trade journal: Over 11,000 researchers warn of climate emergency

Article in "BioScience" calls for immediate action

A few weeks before the UN climate summit, the journal published a contribution, supported by over 11,000 researchers, warning of the consequences of climate change and the lack of consequences. "From the available data it becomes clear that a climatic emergency comes on us, writes the scientists. The supporters include 871 researchers from German universities and institutes, including ZIN spokeswoman Prof'in Doris Fuchs. I Continue

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Sustainability Research at WWU: Article on the work of the ZIN in the Westfälische Nachrichten (German)

The Westfälische Nachrichten has published an article on the work of the ZIN at WWU. Based on a discussion with Prof. Tillmann Buttschardt it presents the work on networking sustainability researchers at WWU and promoting interdisciplinary research in this field. In addition to the wide range of disciplines represented, ZIN events such as the so-called Brotzeitkolloquium and the cooperation of ZIN members in sustainability processes in Münster are mentioned. | Continue

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"Münster's Climate Policy and the Paris Climate Agreement" are the focus of the first "Münster Climate Talks

New public event series starts on 07.11.2019 at 19:30 in the Stadtweinhaus

On Thursday, November 7, 2019 from 7:30 p.m. the first "Münsteraner Klimagespräch" will take place in the main committee room of the Münster Stadtweinhaus (Prinzipalmarkt 6-7). The focus of the event, which is also organized by ZIN as a member of the "Münsteraner Klimagespräch" (Münster Climate Dialogue), is "Münster's Climate Policy and the Paris Climate Agreement". I Continue

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Discuss with ZIN speaker Prof'in Doris Fuchs and other experts about sustainability at the WWU!

The Green Office Initiative of the WWU Münster together with ASTA and "netzwerk n" organizes a discussion event on November 4, 2019

On Monday, November 4, 2019, the Green Office Initiative of the WWU Münster, together with netzwerk n and the ASTA of the WWU Münster, is organizing a discussion event on the topic of "Sustainability at the WWU Münster", which will take place from 6:15 p.m. in Lecture Hall 9 (Schlossplatz 2, Münster). Prof. Doris Fuchs will be one of four guests at the event. I Continue

Network N trains student multipliers for sustainability in NRW

Application deadline for the training series in winter semester 2019/20 is October 13, 2019

In order to make the higher education landscape in NRW more sustainable, netzwerk n has founded a student network for universities in NRW together with the education for sustainable development network of the University of Wuppertal and is also organizing a training series in winter semester 2019/20 to train student multipliers for sustainability at universities. I Continue

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The Urban Mobility Transition from the Perspective of Junior Scholars

Interdisciplinary and international workshop organized by the junior research group DynaMo

On September 23 and 24 the junior research group DynaMo held the interdisciplinary and international workshop "Paving Ways: Junior Researchers Perspectives on urban mobility transitions" under the co-leadership of ZIN member Antonia Graf. Together with a total of twelve invited researchers from eight different institutions in four countries - Belgium, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Germany - the junior research group members discussed the status of their respective projects and different aspects of the socio-technical transformation of urban mobility systems. | Continue

Plakat Brown Bag Lunch

Bag lunch on the topic of raw material imports and human rights

Event organized by ZIN, the Facing Finance association and the Christian Initiative Romero on November 7, 2019 at 12:15 pmEvent organized by ZIN, the Facing Finance association and the Christian Initiative Romero on November 7, 2019 at 12:15 pm

On 7 November, a Brown Bag Lunch will be held at the Institute for Political Science (Scharnhorststr. 100, Room 101 on the 1st floor) at the WWU Münster on the topic "Raw Material Imports and Human Rights - Voluntary Responsibility or Legal Necessity?" The event is jointly organised by Facing Finance and the Christian Initiative Romero with ZIN and aims at informing about the current debate on the responsibility of companies for their supply chains based on the mining of raw materials in Latin America. | Continue

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Discussion Forum at the “Great Transformation”-Conference in Jena deals with the implementation of sustainability under conditions of inequality

Doris Fuchs and Carolin Bohn contribute to the discussion with an impulse lecture about sustainability-oriented citizen participation

As part of the conference "Great Transformation: Die Zukunft moderner Gesellschaften" (23.09.-27.09., Friedrich-Schiller University Jena), the Forum “Geschützte Bedürfnisse, nachhaltige Teilhabe” (in English: "Protected Needs, Sustainable Participation") (Organizers: Peter Bartelheimer, Antonietta Di Giulio, Rico Defila) will take place on Friday, 27 September at 10.30. It revolves around the question of how to implement sustainability under conditions of increasing inequality. | Continue

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‘Green liberal freedom' as a building block of a socio-ecological ethics of limits

ZIN-junior scholars Carolin Bohn and Tobias Gumbert deliver about the relation between sustainability and freedom at the “Forum Sozialethik 2019”

With a lecture entitled "'Green liberal freedom' as a building block of a socio-ecological ethic of borders", ZIN-junior scholars Tobias Gumbert and Carolin Bohn will contribute to the “Forum Sozialethik 2019”, from 16-18 September (Schwerte). | Continue

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Which barriers are impeding a transformation to sustainability? How could they be overcome?

The new edited volume “Gegenwart und Zukunft sozial-ökologischer Transformation” by Carolin Bohn, Doris Fuchs, Antonius Kerkhoff and Christian Müller (eds.) focusses on these questions

In September 2019 the edited volume "Gegenwart und Zukunft sozial-ökologischer Transformation" was published by Nomos. In this multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary work, readers learn about barriers that are currently preventing a successful transformation to sustainability in the four central areas of consumption, participation, science and time, and about ways to overcome them.  | continue

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"Science meets Practice": 49th Annual Meeting of the Society for Ecology

The annual meeting of the Society for Ecology takes place at Muenster University from 9-13 September and includes contributions of ZIN members.

The annual conference of the Society for Ecolog takes place from 9-13 September in Muenster, and "aims to stimulate exchange between the academic ecological community and practitioners in order to find applied solutions to environmental problems" (GfÖ, 2019). There will be a total of 40 thematic sessions, with 385 lectures and 198 posters, as well as workshops and discussions by around 650 scientists from 34 countries. ZIN members Tillmann Buttschardt and Bodo Philipp will also participate. | Continue

Working Group Dynamo
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3rd internal Workshop of the DynaMo Junior Research Group in Muenster on the topic "Implementation of Sustainable Mobility Measures - Perspectives from Practice and Science"

On 2nd July, the junior research group DynaMo - Mobility-Energy-Dynamics in Urban Areas, led by ZIN member Junior Prof. Dr. Antonia Graf (Institute for Political Science, University of Muenster) and Dr. Marco Sonnberger (University of Stuttgart), hosted its third internal workshop with practice partners. The meeting, dedicated to exchanging and networking with more than 25 actors from administration, civil society and business, took place in Muenster for the first time. Ι continue

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The European Energy Union and the German climate protection law - towards an integration of energy and climate policy?

5th and last lecture of the lecture series “ZIN-Brotzeitkolloquium” 2019 with Prof. Sabine Schlacke

The last lecture of this year's ZIN-Brotzeitkolloquium on July 11, held by ZIN board member Prof. Sabine Schlacke from the Institute for Environmental and Planning Law, will revolve around ways to implement the integration of climate and energy policy in Germany demanded by the European Union. | continue

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ZIN junior scholars contribute to environment project week at the St. Mauritz Gymnasium in Muenster

With Ulrike Jürschik (Institute for Environmental and Planning Law, WBGU) and Nils Stockmann (Institute for Political Science) two ZIN junior scholars at once were invited as speakers to a an environment project week of the St. Mauritz-Gymnasium in Muenster. In numerous lectures, workshops and excursions, pupils from grades 9 to 12 spent this week dealing with a wide variety of issues relating to the topics environment and sustainability. Ι continue

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There is enough for everyone – really?

Lecture by Tobias Gumbert focusses on food waste as a sustainability problem

In the fourth part of the 4th of the public lecture series “ZIN-Brotzeitkolloquium” on 27 June 2019 from 12:15 - 13:45 (seminar room JUR 2, Johannisstr. 14-16), ZIN junior scholar Tobias Gumbert (WWU Muenster) will talk about sustainable alternatives to food waste in Muenster. Ι continue

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How democratic can environmental protection be? How climate-friendly is democracy?

Carolin Bohn, Tobias Gumbert and other guests will discuss these questions at the KSHG Muenster panel discussion “Klimaschutz und Demokratie” on June 27

On Thursday, June 27, ZIN junior scholars Carolin Bohn and Tobias Gumbert will take part in a panel discussion on “Klimaschutz und Demokratie” (engl.:"Climate Protection and Democracy") organized by the KSHG Muenster. Ι continue

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ZIN members give their expert opinion on the “plastic problem”

Extensive contribution to the "plastic problem" with the participation of three ZIN members in the new issue of the university newspaper "wissen|leben".

On June 5 the new issue of the university newspaper "wissen|leben" published an interview with ZIN junior scholars Dr. Yusif Idies and Tobias Gumbert about plastics, plastics consumption and plastics avoidance. The interview was supplemented by information on microplastics by ZIN member Prof. Bodo Phillip.
Ι continue

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ZIN members contribute to newly published edited volume“Umweltpolitik: Global und Gerecht”

Doris Fuchs, Sabine Schlacke and Tobias Gumbert address EU climate and energy policy and the role of growth for prosperity and sustainability in their respective contributions.

The new edited volume "Umweltpolitik: global und gerecht" (engl.:"Environmental Policy: global and just") documents the (co-)lectures of the conference of the same name and contains contributions from the ZIN members Prof. Doris Fuchs and Prof. Sabine Schlack as well as from ZIN junior scholar Tobias Gumbert. Ι continue

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Responsibility in the Global Agrifood System as an Important Aspect of Responsibility in World Politics

ZIN spokesperson Prof. Doris Fuchs and ZIN junior scholar Tobias Gumbert contribute to the contributors’ workshop "IRresponsibility in World Politics”.

ZIN spokesperson Prof. Doris Fuchs and ZIN junior scholar Tobias Gumbert will take part in the contributors’ workshop "IRresponsibility in World Politics" in Muenster on May 28 and 29 , where they present a contribution on responsibility in the global agrifood system. Ι continue

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Prof. Doris Fuchs encourages thinking about a “sustainable democracy”

ZIN spokesperson Doris Fuchs comments on Prof. Ian Gough's lecture "Necessities and luxuries: how to combine redistribution with sustainable consumption"- Audio recording available online

On April 16, ZIN spokeswoman Prof. Doris Fuchs commented on the lecture "Necessities and luxuries: how to combine redistribution with sustainable consumption" by Prof. Ian Gough. The lecture was held at the Université de Genève (Geneva) as part of a sociological forum on sustainable and ethical consumption and was also part of a three-day international workshop on consumption corridors in which the ZIN spokeswoman participated. Ι continue

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ZIN activity report for 2018 now available online

The report provides interested readers with information on the most important activities of the ZIN in 2018

The ZIN activity report 2018 is now available online. It provides an overview of sustainability-related publications by ZIN members and junior scholars in 2018, as well as information on sustainability-related research projects launched in the same year and addressing a range of sustainability-related issues. | continue

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From sustainability awareness to sustainability action?

First lecture of the 4th “ZIN Brotzeit-Kolloquium” focuses on education for sustainable development

The first lecture of this year's “ZIN Brotzeit-Kolloquium” (a public and interdisciplinary lecture series) will take place on Thursday, 09 May 2019 from 12:15 - 13:45 in the seminar room JO 101 (Johannisstr. 4). Ι continue

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Structural power relations at global level as barriers to sustainable consumption

Contribution of ZIN’s spokeswoman Prof.'in Doris Fuchs et al. to a new edited volume on sustainable consumption examines "Sources of power for sustainable consumption”

Prof'in Doris Fuchs, together with Sylvia Lorek, Antonietta di Giulio and Rico Defila, contributed to the recently published edited volume "Power and Politics in Sustainable Consumption Research and Practice". Ι continue

Marianne Heimbach Steins Sw
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Publication of a new working paper

Marianne Heimbach-Steins reflects on her journey to Peru with Caritas International

In working paper No. 11 entitled “Solidarisch, nachhaltig, beteiligungsgerecht: Weltkirchliche Caritas-Arbeit – Notizen einer Peru-Reise mit Caritas International” (engl.: "Solidary, sustainable, participatory: World Church Caritas Work – Notes on a journey to Peru with Caritas International") Prof. Marianne Heimbach-Steins reports on her time in Peru with Caritas International last December. Ι continue

Loeschel Andreas Zew 2 Quadrat

Energy Transition in Germany - Successes and challenges from an expert’s point of view

On the occasion of the reappointment of the expert commission "Energie der Zukunft", which has been accompanying the monitoring process of the Federal Government in the matter of energy system transformation since 2011, ZIN member and chairman of the commission Prof. Andreas Löschel was interviewed by Muenster university’s press officer about the energy transition and the challenges posed by climate change in Germany. Ι continue

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ZIN welcomes Prof. Martin Winter as a new member

The scientific leader of the MEET Battery Research Centre strengthens the center’s natural scientific dimension

At the first meeting of the ZIN-members in 2019, the ZIN welcomed Prof. Martin Winter as a new member. Ι continue

Schlacke Neu Zugeschnitten

WGBU hands over new report "Unsere gemeinsame digitale Zukunft”

As co-chairwoman of the advisory board, Prof'in Sabine Schlacke worked on the preparation of the expert opinion.

Today (11th of April 2019) , the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WGBU) handed over its new report "Our Common Digital Future" to the Federal Minister for Education and Research and the Federal Minister for the Environment in Berlin. ZIN member Prof'in Sabine Schlacke contributed to development of the report, which calls for a fundamental further development of sustainability concepts and strategies in times of increasing digitalization, as chairwoman of the advisory board. Ι continue

2019-05-14 Plakat Zin-bzk Neue R _ume

Sustainability at lunchtime in the 4th “ZIN -Brotzeitkolloquium”

Successful lecture series enters a new round in summer 2019 under the title "Münster - nachhaltig?

For already the fourth time, the successful lecture series “ZIN-Brotzeitkolloquium” will take place in the summer semester 2019. The speakers, who are ZIN-members or –junior scholars, will give five lectures on sustainability topics such as water protection, food waste or education for sustainable development and civic engagement for sustainability in Münster. In many cases, practice actors concerned with the implementation of sustainability in Münster enrich the scientific analyses through their input. Students from all disciplines and interested citizens are cordially invited to attend the lectures, which take place on five Thursdays from May to July at lunchtime. Previous knowledge is not necessary, a small lunch is welcome! Ι continue

Unizeitschrift Schlacke L _schel Im Gespr _ch
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The energy transition between economic profitability and legal feasibility

ZIN members Prof Sabine Schlacke and Prof Andreas Löschel talk to the university newspaper wissen|leben

In the last issue of the Muenster university’s newspaper “wissen|leben” (December 2018), ZIN members Prof Sabine Schlacke (Institute for Environmental and Planning Law) and Prof Andreas Löschel (Chair of Microeconomics with a Focus on Energy and Resource Economics) discussed the energy transition, the end of hard coal mining and climate protection. | continue

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Event: „Symposium – Perspectives on Nature Conservation“ on 11 April in Münster

On April 11, 2019 at 3 pm the event “Symposium – Perspektiven im Naturschutz. 10 Jahre BBN-Landesgruppe NRW” (“Symposium – Perspectives in Nature Conservation. 10 years BBN-regional group NRW”) will take place at the Institute for Landscape Ecology (ILÖK) of the University of Münster. The symposium is jointly organized by the Nature and Environmental Protection Academy NRW (NUA), the ILÖK and the NRW group of the Federal Association for Vocational Nature Conservation (BBN). | continue

Laudato Si Nomos
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The encyclical Laudato si’ – An interdisciplinary approach to sustainability?

New edited volume combines ZIN-members different disciplinary perspectives on Pope Francis’ second encyclical

When Pope Francis published the encyclical Laudato Si in 2015, he encouraged readers “to unite the entire human family in the search for a sustainable and integral development” and, at the same time, made an invitation “to a new dialogue on the way in which we shape the future of our planet”. Numerous members of the ZIN from very different disciplines have responded to this call. | continue

Plakat 21.19.png
© Institut für Umwelt- und Planungsrecht

“Münsteraner Gespräche zum Umwelt- und Planungsrecht” in March will focus on current developments in energy and climate law

In December 2018, large parts of the European legislative package "Clean Energy for All Europeans", which sets a new legislative framework for European energy and climate policy until 2030, came into force.  On Thursday, 21. 03. 2019 from 11:00 to 16.30 a cooperative event, organized by the Institute for environmental and planning law, discussing these new developments will take place at the district government in Münster. | continue

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Event on “Plastics in Nature and the Environment” on 08 March 2019 in Münster

On Friday, 8 March from 09:00 a.m. to approx. 17:00 p.m. the information event “Plastik in Natur und Umwelt” ("Plastics in Nature and Environment") will take place at the Institute for Landscape Ecology of the University of Münster. The event is jointly organised by the Nature and Environmental Protection Academy NRW, the NABU NRW and the University of Münster and aims to inform about "the production routes and entry paths of plastic, especially into water bodies but also into other ecosystems as well as its consequences for humans, nature and the environment" (event flyer, own translation). | continue

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© energieland2050 e.V. (Projekt Klimaschutzbürger 2.0)

What are the challenges of a self-sufficient lifestyle?

Lecture by Tobias Gumbert and Carolin Bohn at the kick-off event of the project “Klimaschutzbürger 2.0.”

The project “Klimaschutzbürger 2.0”, organized by the association energieland 2050 e.V., began with a celebratory event in Burgsteinfurt (Steinfurt district) on Thursday, 31 January 2019. The objective of the project is to accompany 18 households in the region for one year assisting them in their attempts to reduce their ecological footprint through “measures for climate-friendly behavior in the areas of nutrition & consumption, mobility and energy saving & living” (Website energieland 2050 e.V.) [own translation]. | continue