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Which barriers are impeding a transformation to sustainability? How could they be overcome?

In September 2019 the edited volume "Gegenwart und Zukunft sozial-ökologischer Transformation" was published by Nomos. In this multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary work, readers learn about barriers that are currently preventing a successful transformation to sustainability in the four central areas of consumption, participation, science and time, and about ways to overcome them. The fourteen contributing authors approach these topics from different disciplinary perspectives, such as political science, philosophy, theology and human geography. They pursue and question the assumption that previous approaches to the promotion of sustainability are inadequate, since they do not change unsustainable structures of our society, economy, culture and politics. At the same time, they outline innovative strategies that could contribute to the realization of a comprehensive and profound socio-ecological transformation, even in view of this difficult starting position and within the limited remaining time.

With Carolin Bohn, Prof. Doris Fuchs, Prof. Marianne Heimbach-Steins and Prof. Samuel Mössner, four members of the ZIN are represented among the authors: Prof. Marianne Heimbach-Steins makes a socio-ethical contribution to the topic of consumption by addressing the "relationship between good life and justice with regard to the demands and implementation of sustainable consumption" (Bohn et al. 2019: 55, own translation). Carolin Bohn and Prof. Doris Fuchs approach the topic "participation" from a political science perspective. In their contribution, they argue that sustainability-oriented participation processes in liberal (post-)democracies can only contribute to sustainability transformation if they foster political judgement formation. Prof. Samuel Mössner, in a coreflexion to Prof. Ingolfur Blühdorn's and Hauke Dannemann's contribution "Der post-ökologische Verteidigungskurs", underpins their hypothesis of a "politics of non-sustainability" (ibid.: 136, own translation) from a spatial-geographical perspective.

More information on the edited volume as well as a reading sample are available online.
Source: Bohn, Carolin; Fuchs, Doris; Kerkhoff, Antonius; Müller, Christian (Hrsg.) (2019): Gegenwart und Zukunft sozial-ökologischer Transformation“, Baden-Baden: Nomos.