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ZIN members on the panel "The Amazon Complex - More than a Rainforest" as part of Amazon Week

Amazon Week takes place from September 11-15 in Berlin and online

The Brazilian Embassy in Berlin is hosting the "Amazon Week" from September 11 to 15 with numerous cross-sector events. ZIN members Dr. Rebecca Froese and Dr. Karen Siegel will be participating as speakers on the panel "The Amazon Complex - More than a Rainforest: Scientific & Transdisciplinary Approximations".

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Rebecca Froese successfully completed her Ph.D

Rebecca Froese, who joined the ZIN in January, defended her dissertation on January 16th, 2023 with a presentation on the question of how state and non-state institutions deal with the social-ecological consequences of land use and climate change and contribute to the avoidance of so-called tipping points. | Read more

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Lecture by Anica Roßmöller at the International Relations Section Conference of the DVPW

The ZIN junior scholar presents her research on the local implementation of the SDGs in India at the Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen

ZIN Junior Scholar Anica Roßmöller gave a lecture on "The local implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: empirical insights from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu" at the IR section meeting of the German Political Science Association (Deutschen Vereinigung für Politische Wissenschaft, DVPW) on June 16. | Read More

CAMPUS EARTH 2023/ 2nd Sustainability Day at the University of Münster with diverse ZIN participation

Diverse program on the topic of "Sustainability at the Intersection of Democracy and Social Justice" on October 13

On Friday, October 13, the University of Münster will host its 2nd Sustainability Day, featuring a variety of transfer events centered around the theme "Sustainability at the Intersection of Democracy and Social Justice". From 1 pm to 8 pm, numerous activities will take place in the city centre, the Fürstenberghaus, and the Geological Museum - many of which are organised by or involve ZIN members.

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Climate Change Centre Austria awards Young Scientist Award to ZIN- junior scholar Halliki Kreinin

The Climate Change Centre Austria (CCCA) has announced the winner of this year's prestigious Young Researcher Award. The award goes to Dr. Halliki Kreinin, who completed her PhD last year at the Institute of Ecological Economics at the University of Economics in Vienna on the topic of sustainable work and production in relation to the 1.5 C target. She will officially receive the award on April 13 during the CCCA Austria Climate Day in Austria. | Read more

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Radio Q feature on E-Fuels with ZIN member Prof. Tillmann Buttschardt

At the end of March, the EU decided that from 2035 onwards, only cars powered by electricity or e-fuels may be newly registered. There will be no more new registrations of cars with combustion engines. Against this background, a feature broadcasted on June 20 by Radio Q (a radio station run by students of the University of Muenster) takes a critical look at the topic of e-fuels. ZIN-member Prof. Tillmann Buttschardt participates as an expert. | Read more

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Invitation: "1st Conference on Sustainability and Data - Connecting Perspectives Between Practicioners and Researchers"

Virtual conference on September 12th - Registration possible till August 31st

On September 12, starting at 9:30 a.m., the "1st Conference on Sustainability and Data", co-organized by ZIN member Dr. Lea Püchel, will take place online. The 1st Conference on Sustainability and Data brings together sustainability and IT researchers, managers, and policymakers to share their experiences and challenges in working with sustainability data.  | Continue


"How sustainable is your university?" - Share your opinion

Survey as part of the SUNRISE LAB research project

As part of the joint project SUNRISE LAB, involving ZIN members Prof. Doris Fuchs and Dr. Rebecca Froese, a survey on sustainability at the University of Münster is currently being conducted among all university status groups.

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Craving the Academic Doughnut?

Invitation to a Workshop on the prerequisites for sustainability at the University of Münster on October 13

The teams from the SUNRISE LAB and LATERNE projects (both involving ZIN members) cordially invite you to the event "Craving for the Academic Donut". This event will be held on October 13 from 2 pm to 5:30 pm. It is part of the 2nd Sustainability Day at the University of Münster.

ZIN-scholars offer a wide range of sustainability-related courses in the winter term

In the winter term 2023/24, ZIN scholars will once again be offering a wide range of exciting sustainability-related courses in various disciplines. These include, for example, a seminar on the conference "Rights of nature in the Basic Law", seminars on topics such as "Sustainability and digitality in the school context" or "AI and sustainability - potentials, challenges and conflicting goals" and also lectures series such as the one revolving around "Water as a lifeline".

Lecture Series "Climate Change and Peace - Shaping the future"

Kickoff: Lecture by Prof. Dr. Stefan Rahmstorf on September 11, 2023

We are pleased to draw your attention to the lecture series "Climate Change and Peace - Shaping the Future", which will start on September 11 at 7:30 pm with a lecture by Prof Dr Stefan Rahmstorf.

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Conference on civil disobedience as a means of protest with lecture by Prof. Michael Quante

The annual conference of the Centre for Bioethics (WWU) will take place on July 7, starting a 3 pm in Muenster.

The annual conference of the Centre for Bioethics of the WWU will take place on July 7 from 3pm to 6pm in the lecture theatre at Badestr. 9/10 in Muenster. The conference is dedicated to the topic  “Vom Protest zum Widerstand: das letzte Mittel der letzten Generation?” (can be translated as: "From protest to resistance: The last resort of the last generation?". In addition to Prof. Bernd Ladwig (FU Berlin), ZIN member Prof Michael Quante will also give a lecture on this conference theme.

Start of the research project INCITE-DEM - "Inclusive citizenship in a world in transformation"

Prof. Doris Fuchs is leading a sub-project together with other scholars from Münster University

On March 6 and 7, Prof. Doris Fuchs takes part in the kick-off event of the research project INCITE-DEM in Lisbon. The project, in which the ZIN spokesperson is leading a sub-project together with Prof. Oliver Treib and Prof. Bernd Schlipphak, is supported by the Horizon Programme of the EU and will run in the period March 2023 - February 2026. | Continue

Open access journal "Sociology and Sustainability" shares new CfP

The open access journal “Sociology and Sustainability - Contributions to Socio-Ecological Transformation Research” (SuN) has published a new call for papers: Interested authors are cordially invited to send an abstract on the main topic "Time of Transformation, Time of Silence?" to the journal by February 15 2024.

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"Sustainability with God's blessing"

Presentation of Asmaa El Maaroufi’s profile in the university newspaper wissen.leben

The current issue of the university newspaper “wissen/leben” (December 2023) recently published the profile of ZIN member Professor Asmaa El Maaroufi. The article entitled "Sustainability with God's blessing” illustrates the academic career of the theologian and philosopher Professor El Maaroufi.

Steffen Lange invited as a guest on the podcast "CREDS in conversation"

On January 15, ZIN member Steffen Lange was guest on the Center for Research into Energy Demand Solutions’ (CREDS) podcast "CREDS in Conversation." Together with Professor Tim Foxon, Professor Tim Schwanen and host Dr. Sarah Higginson he talked about the study "Digital reset: Directing Technologies for the Deep Sustainability Transformation", co-authored by him. | Read more

Statements by ZIN spokeswoman Doris Fuchs on the e-fuels debate in different TV-formats

On March 23, the German TV-show MDR Investigativ broadcasted a reportage on e-fuels and their possible contribution to climate neutrality. In the reportage, ZIN spokeswoman Doris Fuchs commented on the German Liberal Party's (FDP) reasons for blocking a complete phase-out of internal combustion engines at the EU level.  She commented on the same topic in the news program “Tagesschau” on March 21. 

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Invitation: Book launch for Anne Käfer's "Gottes Werk und Fleisches Lust"

January 31st 2024 - 6:15 pm - JO 101, Johannisstr. 4

On January 31st 2024, the Centre for Religion and Modernity, the Seminary for Reformed Theology and the ZIN invite you to a book launch on the occasion of the publication of the book "Gottes Werk und Fleisches Lust" by theologist and ZIN member Prof Anne Käfer. The event will take place from 18:15 in JO 101 (Johannisstr. 4, 48143 Münster).

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Invitation: Panel discussion on climate activism

Wednesday, Feb. 22, 7:30 p.m., Akademie Franz Hitze-Haus (Münster, Germany)

In times of multiple crises, socio-technical innovations for sustainability and a growing awareness for "green" issues, there are many developments and changes with regard to environmental and climate policy. In this situation, various actors are advocating for more ambitious climate policies in a different ways. In an  open panel discussion we would like to discuss about these developments with older and newer climate policy actors. Activists from Greenpeace, Scientists for Future, and the Last Generation will join the discussion. We also welcome representatives from BUNDjugendNRW, Students for Future and Ende Gelände on the panel. | Read more

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Together towards sustainable universities

Joint project of FH Münster (University of Applied Sciences), WWU Münster and katho NRW explores the potential of living labs

One of today's challenges is the shift toward sustainability - also for universities. Münster's three major universities are therefore joining forces as part of the research project "Sustainable University Landscape Münster" and establishing the SUNRISE LAB, a superordinate "living lab" to research five other living labs in the project. At the ZIN, Dr. Rebecca Froese and Prof. Doris Fuchs will organize the living lab on biodiversity. | Read more


Report on Microplastic Investigations in the Rieselfelder in Lokalzeit Münsterland

On 17 July 2023, WDR's Lokalzeit Münsterland reported on the microplastic investigations in the Rieselfelder of Münster. The team led by Dr. Friederike Gabel (ILÖK) and Prof. Dr. Bodo Philipp (Institute of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology) examined the occurrence and distribution of microplastics in the bird paradise of the Rieselfelder.

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Karen Siegel's research project was shortlisted for the Routledge Area Studies Awards

Every year, the publisher Routledge presents the "Routledge Area Studies Awards" in the categories "Impact" and "Interdisciplinarity". This year, the research project "Transformation and Sustainability Governance in South American Bioeconomies", which political scientist and ZIN member Dr Karen Siegel is conducting with other researchers, has also made it onto the shortlist in the "Impact" category.

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How are the SDGs implemented at the local level?

Anica Roßmöller presents results of a research stay in India at the international conference ISA

ZIN Junior Scholar Anica Roßmöller talked about "The local implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: empirical insights from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu" at the annual conference of the International Studies Association (ISA) on March 15.  | Read more


Invitation to the "Kreislauf-Dinner"!

Public event focusing on "circular economy" on June 17 starting from 5 p.m., VHS Münster.

On Saturday, June 17 from 5 to 9.30 p.m., the " Kreislauf-Dinner”, an event jointly organized by StadtLabor, ZIN, vhs and fairteilbar, " will take place at the VHS Münster. The experimental event format aims at bringing scientists, practitioners and interested citizens into an exchange about different aspects of the circular economy in four discussion rounds.  | Read More


The ZIN’s open lecture series 2023 starts in April and focusses on "Conflicts about Sustainability

The series includes five lectures, each one on a Thursday at 12:15 p.m.

Students and interested citizens are cordially invited to attend the ZIN’s open lecture series “Brotzeitkolloquium” in the summer term of 2023. This semester, the speakers will address various "Conflicts about Sustainability" by talking about insect extinction, digitalization and species protection – just to name a few examples. | Read More

Project on transformation in the Münsterland region receives University of Münster’s Citizen Science Award

Dr. Cornelia Steinhäuser and Prof. Matthias Grundmann accompany the socio-ecological transformation process of the artists' village Schöppingen

At the beginning of May, the University of Münster Foundation and the university’s Innovation Office (Arbeitsstelle Forschungstransfer, AFO) awarded the foundation’s Citizen Science Prize. One of the two winning projects is a project (“Transformationen im Münsterland”) led by ZIN members Prof. Matthias Grundmann (Institute of Sociology) and Dr. Cornelia Steinhäuser (Institute of Landscape Ecology) together with Julia Haarmann (Foundation Artists' Village Schöppingen). | Read More

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Anne Remke as a guest on the podcast "Fokus Frieden"

First episode in the context of a cooperation between the ZIN and "Fokus Frieden"

At the end of November, ZIN member Prof. Anne Remke participated as a guest on the "Fokus Frieden" podcast. The episode focusing on "Electricity and security of supply - how do we prevent a blackout?" (own translation) is part of a collaboration between "Fokus Frieden" and the ZIN. It focuses on the challenges regarding critical infrastructure and ways to make it more resilient.


Results from the BIOCIVIS project presented to an international audience

Victoria Hasenkamp and Wiebke Walleck talk about “Participation in the bioeconomy: How to involve citizens in the discussion on complex technological issues?"

On February 22 and 23, the international conference "Bioeconomy Policies, Actors, and Transformations: Achievements, Challenges, and Recommendations" took place in Berlin. ZIN junior scholars Victoria Hasenkamp and Wiebke Walleck presented results from the research project BIOCIVIS to an international audience in their lecture "Participation in the bioeconomy: How to involve citizens in the discussion on complex technological issues?".| Read more

Full speed ahead - MExLab ExperiMINTe joins the MS Wissenschaft Come and join us!

On Monday, July 10 2023, the MExLab ExperiMINTe will be on deck of the ship “MS Wissenschaft”, which is touring Germany as part of the "Science Year 2023 - Our Universe".  The floating science centre will dock in Muenster’s city harbour, near the Kunsthalle, from 8 to 11 July 2023. In addition to the interactive exhibition (open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.), you can also experience exciting experiments together with scientists from the University of Muenster on July 10 and 11.

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Deutschlandfunk feature on climate-friendly lifestyles with Prof. Doris Fuchs

On June 21, parts of the broadcast "Umwelt und Verbraucher" (in English: Environment and Consumers) of the German radio program Deutschlandfunk were dedicated to the topic of climate-friendly lifestyles. In this context, ZIN spokesperson Professor Doris Fuchs presented findings from the EU project 1.5° Lifestyles. The international research project is investigating what climate-compatible lifestyles could look like and how they could be implemented. | Read more

Conference "The rights of nature in the Basic Law" - registration now open

The ZIN is co-hosting the event at the beginning of February 2024

On February 1 and 2 2024, the interdisciplinary and interactive conference "The Rights of Nature in the Basic Law. An opportunity to transform the anthropocentric worldview" (own translation) takes place at the Akademie Franz Hitze Haus, Münster. Registration is now open.

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How can effective levers be found for Münster's climate policy?

“Münsteraner Klimagespräch“ on November 23rd, 7 p.m., vhs-Forum, Aegidiimarkt 2

Another event in the “Münsteraner Klimagespräche” series will take place on Thursday, November 23rd 2023, starting at 7 pm. The event at the vhs-Forum, Aegidiimarkt 2, will focus on the question of how effective levers for Münster's climate policy can be found. | Read more


Interdisciplinary ZIN seminars in winter semester 23/24

Among the numerous sustainability-related courses offered by ZIN scholars in the winter term 23/24 are two interdisciplinary seminars: While Prof. Anne Käfer (Protestant Theology) and Carolin Bohn (Political Science) teach together on the "Future of Old Ideas", the joint advanced seminar by Prof. Anne Käfer and Prof Tillmann Buttschardt (Landscape Ecology) focuses on the topic of "Rights of Nature".

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ZIN member Rebecca Froese has been awarded the participatory prize "Together for the Future" of the Claussen-Simon Stiftung

The Claussen-Simon Stiftung’s Participatory Award recognizes and supports scholarship holders and alumni:ae who engage in interdisciplinary collaboration on questions and challenges that society faces. With their project "Passierschein A39", the pianist and performer Daniel Bucurescu and the scientist Rebecca Froese create a publicly accessible participatory dialogue format building on artistic self-awareness to bring people of different generations and origins together and to develop and artistically articulate their visions and ideas of sustainable futures. 

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Doris Fuchs assumes position as RIFS Director - Tillmann Buttschardt becomes new ZIN spokesperson

In 2015, Prof. Doris Fuchs, along with a few other researchers from the University of Münster, founded the ZIN. She has since served as its spokesperson. Doris Fuchs took up the position of Director at the Research Institute for Sustainability - Helmholtz Centre Potsdam (RIFS) on 1 October 2023. Alongside her new directorial duties, Doris Fuchs will continue as a Professor of Sustainable Development at the University of Münster and remain part of the ZIN Executive Board team. The position of ZIN spokesperson will be assumed by Prof. Dr. Tillmann Buttschardt.

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Guidance for successful citizen participation in practice

The BIOCIVIS project publishes a hands-on brochure

The results of the BIOCIVIS project are gradually finding their way into various publications for science and practice. A Hands-On brochure was recently published: a guide on how participation can be successfully implemented in practice. It is now available for download as a PDF:

BIOCIVIS Hands-O Broschüre

"How to Achieve the Transport Transition?" - Film Screening and Subsequent Panel Discussion with Antonia Graf and Julia Hansel September 1, 2023 - Kurbelkiste, Münster – Free Admission

ZIN member Prof. Antonia Graf and ZIN employee Julia Hansel will join Jochen Roes (Stadtwerke Münster) as panelists on September 1 for a discussion on the topic of the transport transition. The discussion will follow a screening of a documentary of successful transport transitions starting at 4:30 pm at Kurbelkiste Münster (Cinema).

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A well-rounded event - lively discussions and exciting ideas at the dialog event “Kreislauf-Dinner”

Over 50 guests attended the opening event of the compost festival, which was organised by ZIN and the StadtLabor together with vhs Münster and fairteilbar

On June 17 2023, the dialog event “Kreislauf-Dinner” took place in the vhs Forum as the kick-off event for this year's “Kompostfestival”. The experimental event was organised jointly by ZIN and the StadtLabor with vhs Münster and fairteilbar.

© Stabsstelle Klima, Stadt Münster

Doris Fuchs at the City Forum "Münster becomes Climate City"

The ZIN spokesperson will be a panelist at the City Forum on June 15

ZIN spokesperson Prof. Doris Fuchs will participate as a panelist in the discussion on "Climate Perspectives", which is part of the City Forum "Münster becomes Climate City" on June 15.

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"Despite good intentions, we often fail to celebrate a ‘sustainable’ Christmas"

epd interview with Carolin Bohn

On 15 December, the Evangelische Zeitung published an interview by the Evangelischer Pressedienst (Katrin Nordwald) with ZIN researcher Carolin Bohn on the topic of "Sustainability and Christmas". The political scientist illustrates possible reasons why there are no transformative changes towards a truly “sustainable” Christmas.

Can citizen participation promote transformation an strengthen democracies in times of crises? - Public lecture by Carolin Bohn and Lena Siepker

On Monday, July 3rd, starting at 4:15 pm, ZIN scholars Carolin Bohn and Lena Siepker will give a lecture entitled “Demokratien in der (Klima)krise – Transformation durch Bürger*innenbeteiligung? "(can be translated as: “Democracies times of crisis - transformation through citizen participation?") in the Auditorium Aasee (Scharnhorststr. 100) as part of a series of public lecture series organised by the contact point “Studium im Alter”.