Project on transformation in the Münsterland region receives University of Münster’s Citizen Science Award

At the beginning of May, the University of Münster Foundation and the university’s Innovation Office (Arbeitsstelle Forschungstransfer, AFO) awarded the foundation’s Citizen Science Prize. One of the two winning projects is a project (“Transformationen im Münsterland”) led by ZIN members Prof. Matthias Grundmann (Institute of Sociology) and Dr. Cornelia Steinhäuser (Institute of Landscape Ecology) together with Julia Haarmann (Foundation Artists' Village Schöppingen). Focus of the project is accompanying research on the socio-ecological transformation of the artists’ village Schöppingen. As part of the project, students of the two ZIN members talk about the question "How can the village make a contribution to sustainable regional development as a socio-ecologically oriented actor?" with artists.

You can learn more about the project "Transformationen im Münsterland" in this video:

Source: WWU Münster: press release "Vielfältiges Mitforschen", 04.04.2023, available online here: (last access: 22.05.2023).