Radio Q feature on E-Fuels with ZIN member Prof. Tillmann Buttschardt

At the end of March, the EU decided that from 2035 onwards, only cars powered by electricity or e-fuels may be newly registered. There will be no more new registrations of cars with combustion engines. Against this background, a feature broadcasted on June 20 by Radio Q (a radio station run by students of the University of Muenster) takes a critical look at the topic of e-fuels. ZIN-member Prof. Tillmann Buttschardt participates as an expert.

The landscape ecologist explains what exactly e-fuels are, and takes a critical look at the high energy requirements for their production. He concludes that other measures (especially traffic avoidance) should be prioritized in order to enable the necessary transformation of traffic.

You can listen to the entire feature by Radio-Q reporter Jolanda Karakus here.