Bag lunch on the topic of raw material imports and human rights

On 7 November, a Brown Bag Lunch will be held at the Institute for Political Science (Scharnhorststr. 100, Room 101 on the 1st floor) at the WWU Münster on the topic "Raw Material Imports and Human Rights - Voluntary Responsibility or Legal Necessity?" The event is jointly organised by Facing Finance and the Christian Initiative Romero with ZIN and aims at informing about the current debate on the responsibility of companies for their supply chains based on the mining of raw materials in Latin America.

The presentation will first illustrate the social and ecological problems associated with the mining of copper and molybdenum in Mexico, using current cases. Based on this, it will be shown how German companies are linked to these problems through their procurement of raw materials - and what measures are already being taken by the industry to comply with their duty of care. The tension between voluntary corporate initiatives and the ever-increasing call for legal regulation will be discussed together with the participants based on these examples.

The event is based on the results of the following studies:

Facing Finance (2018): Faire Rohstoffe für grüne Technologien
Christliche Initiative Romero (2019): Der deutsche Rohstoffhunger und seine menschenrechtlichen Folgen