Oberseminar des Instituts für Analysis und Numerik

Prof. Dr. Christian Engwer Prof. Dr. Manuel Friedrich Prof. Dr. Arnulf Jentzen Prof. Dr. Mario Ohlberger Prof. Dr. André Schlichting
Prof. Dr. Christian Seis Prof. Dr. Angela Stevens Prof. Dr. Benedikt Wirth Dr. Frank Wübbeling Prof. Dr. Caterina Zeppieri
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Mittwochs 16:15 bis 18:00, wöchentlich, Raum M5, falls nicht anders angeküdigt

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Datum     Sprecher EinrichtungTitel
03.07.2024Lauren Conger Caltech Dynamics of Strategic Agents and Algorithms as PDEs
24.04.2024Dr. Nicola Vassena IZBI Universität Leipzig Which sub-structures cause instability in biological networks?
11.04.2024Oberseminar Mathematics of Deep Learning: Dr. Julia Ackermann Uni Wuppertal Deep neural networks overcome the curse of dimensionality for space-time solutions of semilinear PDEs
30.06.2023Prof. Jim Dai Cornell University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen Queueing Network Controls via Deep Reinforcement Learning
24.05.2023Andrea Petrocchi University of Konstanz Trust-Region RB Methods for PDE-Constrained Optimization and Optimal Input Design
13.01.2023Oberseminar Mathematics of Deep Learning: Prof. Stephan Wojtowytsch Texas A&M University, USA Prof. Stephan Wojtowytsch (Texas A&M University, USA) via ZOOM: Optimal bump functions for shallow ReLU networks: Weight decay, depth separation and the curse of dimensionality
14.12.2022Jonas Nicodemus Uni Stuttgart The quest for the best Hamiltonian for Reduced Port-Hamiltonian Systems
05.07.2022Christopher Straub Universität Bayreuth Linearly Stable Shells of Collisionless Matter Surrounding a Schwarzschild Black Hole. Oberseminar "Topics in General Relativity"
28.06.2022Nicolas Besset Université Paris-Saclay Parametrix construction and Fredholm theory for totally characteristic wave type operators. Oberseminar "Topics in General Relativity"
21.06.2022Dr. Christoph Kehle ETH Zürich Strong Cosmic Censorship for ? < 0. Oberseminar "Topics in General Relativity"
15.06.2022Beomjun Choi Pohang University, Korea Liouville theorem for surfaces translating by sub-affine-critical powers of Gauss curvature
01.06.2022Dr. Siyu Liang Universität Bielefeld Stochastic Hypodissipative Hydrodynamic Equations: Well-posedness, Stationary Solutions and Ergodicity
31.05.2022Dr. Melanie Graf Universität Tübingen Coordinates are messy. Oberseminar "Topics in General Relativity"
24.05.2022Renato Velozo University of Cambridge Stability of Schwarzschild for the spherically symmetric Einstein--massless Vlasov system. Oberseminar "Topics in General Relativity"
10.05.2022Dr. Fatima-Ezzahra Jabiri University College London Stationary axisymmetric Einstein-Vlasov bifurcations of the Kerr spacetime. Oberseminar "Topics in General Relativity"
03.05.2022Dr. Martin Taylor Imperial College London The nonlinear stability of the Schwarzschild family of black holes. Oberseminar "Topics in General Relativity"
26.04.2022Dr. Dejan Gajic Radboud University, Nijmegen Late-time tails for geometric wave equations with inverse-square potentials. Oberseminar "Topics in General Relativity"
19.04.2022Arthur Touati École Polytechnique, Paris Construction of high-frequency spacetimes. Oberseminar "Topics in General Relativity"
11.04.2022Dr. Annegret Burtscher Nimwegen On the volume of generalized tubes. Oberseminar "Topics in General Relativity"
05.04.2022Dr. Matthias Wink Münster Vanishing Results for Betti numbers. Oberseminar "Topics in General Relativity"
17.11.2021Bin Gao WWU A Riemannian rank-adaptive method for low-rank matrix completion
20.10.2021Estefania Loayza Romero WWU A Fully Discrete, Riemanninan Approach to PDE-Constrained Shape Optimization
14.07.2021Sara Merino Aceituno Universität Wien, Österreich Applying kinetic theory to the study of collective dynamics
07.07.2021Hendrik Ranocha Mathematics Münster Combining Analysis and Data: Optimized Runge-Kutta Methods with Automatic Step Size Control for Compressible Computational Fluid Dynamics.
07.07.2021Hendrik Ranocha WWU Münster Combining Analysis and Data: Optimized Runge-Kutta Methods with Automatic Step Size Control for Compressible Computational Fluid Dynamics
23.06.2021Helena Judith Nusszveig Lopes University of Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien Vanishing viscosity and conserved quantities for 2D incompressible flow
16.06.2021Carlo Orrieri Universität Pavia, Italien Large Deviations for some interacting particle systems
09.06.2021Riccardo Scala University of Siena, Italien A nonparametric Plateau problem with partial free boundary on a plane
19.05.2021Youngsoo Choi Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, U.S.A. Data-driven methods of accelerating physical simulations and their applications
12.05.2021Mario Maurelli Università degli Studi di Milano, Italien 2D Euler equations with transport noise: bounded and measure-valued vorticity
27.04.2021Hendrik Ranocha Mathematics Münster Introduction to Julia and Trixi, a numerical simulation framework for hyperbolic PDEs (virtual).
14.01.2021Prof. Dr. Heiner Olbermann Université de Louvain, Belgique TBA
09.12.2020Prof. Dr. Heiner Olbermann Université de Louvain, Belgien Energy scaling for a conically constrained sector
02.07.2020Dominik Winkler WWU Münster Well-posedness of a cross-diffusion model (Oberseminar Analysis)
05.02.2020Patrick Buchfink Uni Stuttgart Basis Generation for Symplectic Model Order Reduction
15.01.2020Dr. Giacomo Del Nin University of Warwick Pattern formation in optimal planar partitions
23.10.2019Leonie Schmeller WWU Münster Derivation of linearized elasticity from nonlinear multiwell energies // 14:15 h
29.11.2018Axel Malqvist Chalmers University Localization of multiscale problems
27.06.2018Martin Burger Münster Propagation of gradient flow structures from microscopic to macroscopic models
27.06.2018Martin Burger Münster Einführung - Statistische Mechanik und Kinetische Theorie
20.06.2018Masterstudenten Prof. Wirth wwu
06.06.2018Tobias Leibner WWU NiMoNa Vorträge
19.03.2018Audrey Repetti Edinburgh Optimisation methods for Bayesian inference: Application to high dimensional inverse problems
28.02.2018Tatiana Bubba Helsinki TBA
27.02.2018Carina Geldhauser St. Petersburg Limits of semidiscrete gradient flows and their stochastic perturbation
24.01.2018Dr. André Schlichting Universität Bonn A non-local Fokker-Planck equation related to nucleation and coarsening
10.01.2018Tim Laux University of Berkeley A gradient-flow approach to thresholding for codimension-two mean-curvature flow
10.01.2018Yury Korolev WWU Münster Inverse Problems with Errors in the Forward Operator and Applications in Deblurring
29.11.2017David Bourne Durham University, UK Nonlocal Particle Systems with Wasserstein Interaction
27.11.2017Joost Batenburg CWI Amsterdam Towards Real-Time Tomography
05.07.2017Karolina Weber TU Wien Stochastic Reaction-Diffusion Equations
31.05.2017Pierluigi Cesana Kyushu University, Japan Modeling the microstructure of active membranes
22.02.2017Frank Natterer Univ Muenster Image Reconstruction in Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping
15.02.2017Matteo Novaga Pisa A two phase model with cross and self attractive interactions
08.02.2017Raphael Wittkowski Dept Physics, Univ Muenster Brownian active particles and models
07.02.2017Ville Kolehmainen Kuopio Structural regularization for fMRI
30.01.2017Prof. Dr. Ricardo Nochetto University of Maryland Nematic liquid crystals with variable degree of orientation
25.01.2017Remo Kretschmann Universität Duisburg-Essen Bayesian inverse problems with Laplacian noise
18.01.2017Thomas Huser Bielefeld Speeding up optical nanoscopy
12.01.2017Dr. Ivano Primi Heidelberg Instruments GmbH Mathe bietet Perspektiven
19.12.2016Vera Bommer Universität DuisburgVera Bommer ( Universität Duisburg) „Numerical Analysis for Optimal Control of the Full Time-Dependent Maxwell Equation“
14.12.2016Prof. Dr. Yasumasa Nishiura Tohoku UniversityProf. Dr. Yasumasa Nishiura (Tohoku University) Dynamics of spatially localized patterns in heterogeneous media and its application to adaptive behaviors of Physarum
23.11.2016Dr. Jonathan Bevan University of Surrey Conditions for the Holder regularity of local minimizers of a nonlinear elastic energy in two dimensions
02.11.2016Claudia Totzek Kaiserlautern Controlling the Behavior of a Group with the Help of External Agents
24.10.2016Antonin Chambolle Ecole Polytechnique TBA
24.10.2016Antonin Chambolle Ecole Polytechnique A curvature dependent functional for regularization
14.09.2016Virginie Ehrlacher ENPC, Paris Analysis of cross-diffusion equations in a moving domain
27.07.2016Lars Ruthotto Emory Joint Methods for Reconstruction and Background Field Removal of QSM
13.07.2016Lucia Scardia University of Bath Convergence of Interaction-driven Evolutions of Dislocations
06.07.2016Dr. Martin Rasmussen Imperial College London Bifurcations of random dynamical systems
22.06.2016Dr. Matthias Wolfrum WIAS, Berlin "Synchronization Transitions in Systems of Coupled Phase Oscillators"
Im Rahmen der Dynamics in Mathematics
15.06.2016Farid Bozorgnia Universität Lissabon Numerical Investigtions of Spatial Segregation Models
25.05.2016Dr. Christoph Lehrenfeld WWU H (div)-conforming Hybrid Discontinuous Galerkin methods for incompressible flows
Termin: 15:15 Uhr
04.05.2016Prof. Dr. Leonid Berlyand Pennsylvania State University Sharp interface limit in a phase field model of cell motility
27.04.2016Dr. Karsten Matthies University of Bath Deriving kinetic PDEs from billiards
20.04.2016Prof. Dipl.Ing. Dr. Peter Szmolyan TU Wien Multiple Time Scale Dynamical Systems
20.04.2016Andreas Hauptmann Helsinki Direct Inversion from partial-boundary data in electrical impedance tomography
13.04.2016Armin Lechleiter Bremen Electrical Impedance Tomography and Factorization Methods
03.02.2016Dr. Kathrin Smetana WWU Localized model order reduction
03.02.2016Giacomo Albi TU Munich Kinetic Modeling and Control of Self-Organizing Systems
01.02.2016Prof. Michael C. Mackey Centre for Applied Mathematics in Bioscience and Medicine Department of Physiology McGill University "Using mathematics to understand, treat, and avoid hematological disease: Better medicine through mathematics?"
20.01.2016Prof. Dr. Antonio Segatti Universität Pavia Variational models for nematic shells
16.12.2015Rodrigo Bleyer Helsinki Digital speech: an overview from the spoken language to the GIF problem
16.12.2015Qiaoqiao Ding Shanghai TBA
25.11.2015Eric Siero Universität Leiden A recipe for desert
11.11.2015Christoph Schnörr Heidelberg Image Labeling by Assignment
10.11.2015Prof. Dr. Olga Vasilieva Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia Optimal Control Theory and Dengue Fever
28.10.2015Marie-Therese Wolfram RICAM Linz On parabolic free boundary price formation models under market size fluctuations
28.10.2015Helene Ranetbauer RICAM Linz Derivation and analysis of a non-linear cross-diffusion model for pedestrian dynamics
22.09.2015Christian Stohrer POems, UMA, ENSTA ParisTech Analytical and Numerical Homogenization of Maxwell's Equations in Frequency Domain
26.08.2015Camille Sutour Bordeaux Numerical night vision system: Automatic restoration and multimodal registration of low light level images
19.08.2015Martin Benning Cambridge How generalised singular vectors can help to develop new regularisation methods
08.07.2015Dr. Karsten Matthies University of Bath Travelling Waves Bifurcating from Resonances of Reaction-Diffusion Equations in Periodic media
02.07.2015Immanuel Martini Universität Stuttgart Certified Reduced Basis Approximation for Heterogeneously Coupled Parametrized Flow Problems
01.07.2015Prof. Dr. Horst Thieme Arizona State University Spreading speeds for a fox rabies model with infection-age dependent diffusion
24.06.2015Dr. Carolin Kreisbeck Universität Regensburg Heterogeneous thin films: Dimension reduction and homogenization of functionals with differential constraints
17.06.2015 Achtung: Vortrag im M6! Petar Mlinaric MPI Magdeburg Model Order Reduction of Input-Output Systems
03.06.2015Dr. Thanh Nam Nguyen Universitè Paris-Sud Large time behavior for a nonlocal ordinary di fferential equation - Generation of interface for the mass conserved Allen-Cahn equation
20.05.2015M. Kretz Universität Frankfurt Explicitly Data-Parallel Programming with C++
08.04.2015Carola Schönlieb Cambridge Total variation as a discrete gradient flow.
09.02.2015Sabine Hittmeir RICAM Linz Travelling waves for a nonlocal (KdV-) Burgers equation
04.02.2015Jan Bongers WWU Anwendung der Finite-Elemente-Methode auf ein Cahn-Hilliard-Modell für den Langmuir-Blodgett-Transfer
03.02.2015Peter Markowich KAUST / Cambridge / Vienna Mathematical Analysis of a PDE System for Biological Network Formation
02.02.2015Felix Lucka UCL Challenges of Dynamic High Resolution Photoacoustic Tomography
21.01.2015Prof. Dr. Mark Groves Universität des SaarlandesProf. Dr. Mark Groves (Universität des Saarlandes) Three-dimensional water waves
14.01.2015Fabian Duncker Bochum Nonparametric estimation of coefficients in stochastic differential equations by penalized maximum likelihood
03.12.2014Giuliano Lazzaroni SISSA, Trieste Rate-independent damage in thermo-viscoelastic materials with iniertia
03.12.2014Stefan Kunis Osnabrück Fast Fourier and Laplace transforms
03.12.2014Christina Brandt Osnabrück Photoacoustic tomography: sparse image reconstruction using shearlets
19.11.2014Christian Clason Duisburg-Essen Konvexe Relaxierung von kontinuierlich--diskreten Problemen
12.11.2014Achtung geänderte Vortragszeit: 17.00 Uhr M4 Fanzhi Chen WWU Nonlinear Waves in Lattices
05.11.2014Uwe Thiele Münster Dynamic unbinding transitions and deposition patterns in dragged meniscus problems (with digressions on depinning transitions and gradient dynamics formulations)
04.11.2014Robert Klöfkorn IRIS, Bergen hp-adaptive Finite Element Methods in DUNE-FEM
17.09.2014Maria Bruna Oxford Diffusion in Porous Media
04.09.2014Fredrik Hellman Uppsala University A multilevel Monte Carlo method for failure probabilities
03.09.2014Matthias Erhardt UCL Joint reconstruction of PET-MRI by exploiting structural similarity
20.05.2014Mariya Ptashnyk University of Dundee tba.
19.05.2014Michel Defrise Brüssel Current directions in PET imaging: Quantification using Time of Flight
07.05.2014Alexander Lorz UPMC - Paris 6 Population dynamics and therapeutic resistance: mathematical models
23.04.2014Prof. Dr. Thomas Hillen University of Alberta, CanadaProf. Dr. Thomas Hillen (University of Alberta, Canada), Anisotropic diffusion model for glioma spread and wolf movement
24.03.2014Matthias Schlottbom Universität Darmstadt Numerical Methods for Parameter Identification in Stationary Radiative Transfer
17.03.2014Lars Ruthotto UBC Vancouver A Numerical Framework for Inverse Problems with Hyperbolic PDE-Constraints
05.03.2014Florian Grüne WWU Validation of higher order FEM for the EEG forward model
26.02.2014Jakob Ludewig WWU Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for the EEG Forward Problem
25.02.2014Studenten des Praktikums Nichtlineare Modellierung in den Naturwissenschaften WWU Modellierung der Ausbreitung von SARS
17.02.2014Tapio Helin Helsinki Inverse problems in adaptive optics
29.01.2014Dr. Marco Barchiesi Univesity of Naples A nonlinear model for nematic elastomers
22.01.2014Dr. Flaviana Iurlano Universität Bonn Asymptotic analysis of certain damage models in linearized elasticity
15.01.2014Tuomo Valkonen Cambridge The Chambolle-Pock method for nonlinear operators in MRI
19.12.2013Studenten des Praktikums Nichtlineare Modellierung in den Naturwissenschaften WWU Modellierung der Ausbreitung von SARS.
13.11.2013Barbara Zwicknagl Bonn Variational models for epitaxially strained crystalline films: scaling laws and beyond
16.10.2013Falk Meyer WWU Münster Convergent adaptive Finite Element Methods for the solution of the EEG forward problem.
16.10.2013Sven Wagner WWU Münster Volume conduction and optimized stimulation protocols in transcranial current stimulation
17.07.2013Giuliano Lazzaroni University of Wuerzburg Dislocations in nanowire heterostructures: from discrete to continuum
10.07.2013Prof. Dr. Kyungkeun Kang Yonsei University KoreaProf. Dr. Kyungkeun Kang (Yonsei University Korea) A 2D-model of cell sorting induced by propagation of chemical signals along spiral waves
10.07.2013 Prof. Dr. Horst R. Thieme Arizona State University Prof. Dr. Horst R. Thieme (Arizona State University) Dynamics of a differential delay system modeling bluetongue,
10.07.2013Rachel Hegemann Münster Farewell talk
03.07.2013Alethea Barbaro Case Western Reserve University Kinetics of socially interacting particles
03.07.2013Prof. Dr. Stephan van Gils Twente University EnschedeProf. Dr. Stephan van Gils (Twente University Enschede) On Local Bifurcations in Neural Field Models with Transmission Delays
27.06.2013Marie Therese Wolfram Universität Wien On optimal control approaches for pedestrian dynamics
25.06.2013Thomas Knösche Max-Planck-Institut für Kognitions- und Neurowissenschaften, Leipzig Neural Mass Modelling – a Tool for Linking Neurophysiology, Brain Measurements and Behavior
25.06.2013Robert Klöfkorn NCAR, Boulder, USA Adaptive DG Schemes for Atmospheric Problems.
19.06.2013Andreas Nüßing Universität Münster Masterarbeit „Algebraic Multigrid for Discontinuous Galerkin Methods”
19.06.2013Carola Schönlieb Cambridge Directional splitting for nonlinear fourth-order PDEs in imaging applications
12.06.2013N.N. N.N. Vortrag im Informatik-Kolloquium
05.06.2013David Kriesel Universität Bonn Säubern und Covern expandierender Gitterpolygone
28.05.2013Nick Kepper DKFZ & Universität Heidelberg 3D modeling and computer simulations of chromatin at different scales
17.04.2013Matthias Liero WIAS Berlin On gradient structures and geodesic convexity for reaction-diffusion systems
13.03.2013Daniel Peterseim HU Berlin tba
14.02.2013Ruth Baker Oxford Connecting mesoscale and macroscale models of cellular migration
10.01.2013Dr. Jens Rottmann-Matthes Uni Bielefeld Freezing traveling waves with application to a hyperbolic Hodgkin-Huxley system
09.01.2013Prof. Dr. Christof Melcher RWTH Aachen Thiele´s question and the motion of magnetic vortices
18.12.2012Jens WohlgemuthMPI Leipzig Study of a refernce free model for plasticity
14.12.2012Carola Schönlieb Cambridge Noise estimation by PDE-constrained optimisation:
13.12.2012Bertram Duering Sussex Structure preserving numerical methods for Wasserstein gradient flows
12.12.2012Dr. Sepideh MirrahimiEcole Polytechnique, Paris "A Hamilton-Jacobi approach for mutation-selection models"
05.12.2012Dr. Dirk Hartmann Siemens, Corporate Technology Local Maximum Entropy Particle Based Hydrodynamics
04.12.2012Andreas Buhr CST, Darmstadt Performance Tuning of Numerical Codes in a Commercial Environment
28.11.2012Prof. Dr. Tobias Lamm Institut für Technologie, Karlsruhe Willmore surfaces in Riemannian manifolds
21.11.2012Simone Fagioli Aquila Measure solutions for nonlocal interaction PDEs with two species
20.11.2012Prof. Dr. Thomas Richter Heidelberg Fluid-Structure Interactions in Fully Eulerian Coordinates
16.11.2012Christian Schmeiser Vienna Mathematical modeling of actin driven cell motility
07.11.2012Braxton Osting University of California Los Angeles Some spectral optimization problems arising in optics and data collection
10.10.2012Herbert Egger Darmstadt Analysis and Numerical Methods for Fluorescence Diffuse Optical Tomography
28.08.2012Melina Freitag Baths Regularization parameter estimation and resolution of sharp fronts in variational data assimilation.
10.07.2012Shuai Lu Fudan / WIAS On the inverse problems for the coupled continuum pipe flow model for flows in karst aquifers
04.07.2012Verschiedene Dozenten Population Dynamics Day 2012
28.06.2012Dr. Yalcin Kaya University of South Australia, Adelaide Finding Interpolating Curves Using Optimal Control Theory
27.06.2012Tim Kreuzmann KIT Geometrische Rekonstruktion in der Biolumineszenz-Tomographie
27.06.2012Anna Zhigun Helmholtz Zentrum München On a balance condition for a class of PDEs incl. porous....
19.06.2012Sebastian Rau Kaiserslautern Optimal Control of nonlinear Schrödinger-Poisson Systems
13.06.2012Prof.Dr. M.A. Mark Peletier TU Eindhoven, NL Size doesn´t matter, it´s the way you stack it....
05.06.2012Roeland Mattheus Merks Modeling stochastic self-organization of multicellular tissues:
23.05.2012 Dr. Yann Bernard Universität Freiburg Energy quantization for the Willmore functional
26.04.2012Carola Schönlieb Cambridge Image restoration with bounded Hessian regularisation
20.04.2012Peter Markowich Cambridge/KAUST On PDE models for (some) socio-economic problems: price formation
06.03.2012Markus Knappitsch Universität Münster Kinetic transport Equations and Anisotropic Diffusion. Modeling, Scaling and Application to Glioma Growth
09.02.2012Marco Di FrancescoBarcelona The Hughes model for pedestrian flow: known results and open problems
25.01.2012S. Westerheide WWU Towards surface processes in cut cell methods with appl. in cell biology
24.01.2012Cecile Louchet Orleans Total Variation denoising using posterior expectation
19.01.2012Anja Voss-Böhme TU Dresden Interacting particle systems for analyzing emergent collective cell behavior
14.01.2012Tilmann Glimm Western Washington University Modeling in vitro experiments of chicken limb skeletal morphogensis: The role of galectins
01.12.2011Virginie Ehrlacher CERMICS, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech Convergence of a greedy algorithm for high-dimensional convex nonlinear problems
16.11.2011Jens FlemmingChemnitz Convergence rates for Tikhonov regularization with Poisson distributed data
02.11.2011Sven Barendt Universität Lübeck Attenuation correction in SPECT
27.10.2011Steffen Müthing Universität Stuttgart A flexible software framework for multi-physics simulations
25.10.2011Vortragsreihe von Thomas Hillen Transport Equations and their Applications to Chemotaxis, Glioma Growth and Wolf Movement
17.10.2011Alexander Lorz Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris Dirac Mass Dynamics in Parabolic Equations
07.06.2011Jan Modersitzki Lübeck Hyperelastic Image Registration
30.05.2011Robin Strehlow Universität Bremen The Tikhonov Functional and Normsensitivity of its Minimizer
26.05.2011Angel Angelov Universität Münster Multimodale Bildregistrierung durch elastisches Matching von Kantenskizzen
24.05.2011Thomas Lorenz Institute of Mathematics, Goethe University Frankfurt a.M.Thomas Lorenz (Institute of Mathematics, Goethe University Frankfurt a.M.) "Self-determination for shapes !" - via di erential equations for sets ?!
19.05.2011Miroslav Lachowicz Universität Warschau On a system of partial integro--differential equations modelling cancer invasion
10.02.2011 Mini-Workshop on Cell Migration
20.01.2011Markus Knappitsch Uni Bonn Ein mathematisches Rahmenmodell biologischer Kommunikation und dynamische Information in der Biologie (Zeit beachten!)
13.01.2011Ulrich Bauer Göttingen Topological denoising: Persistence meets total variation
16.12.2010Sebastian Götschel ZIB Berlin State Trajectory Compression for Optimal Control with Parabolic PDEs
09.12.2010Sven Bogdan Universität Münster, Fachbereich Biologie Planare Zellpolarität
30.11.2010Maria Bruna-Estrach Oxford Excluded volume effects in diffusion of hard spheres
18.11.2010Michael Schaefer WWU Münster Parameter optimization for elliptic equations based on the reduced basis approach
04.11.2010Nikolai Osmolovskii Politechnica Radomska Second-Order Conditions in Optimal Control
28.10.2010Chantal Oberson-Ausoni WWU Münster Some Applications of Topology in Polymer Science
01.07.2010Hanna PikkarainenRICAM Inverse problems with Radon measures
29.06.2010Felix LuckaWWU Hierarchical Bayesian Approaches for EEG/MEG Current Desity Reconstruction: MCMC-Based CM Estimation with FEM Forward Simulation
29.06.2010Hanna PikkarainenRICAM Convergence results for Bayesian inversion
29.06.2010Tapio HelinRICAM Discretization and data segmentation in Bayesian inverse problems
29.06.2010Verschiedene Dozenten Miniworkshop zum Thema Bayesian Inversion
24.06.2010Ioannis Toulopoulos Univ. Freiburg Numerical Solutions of Euler Equations by Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method
20.05.2010Michael Lenzinger TU Dortmund Regularization limits for two-phase flow in porous media and phase evolution in shape memory alloys
06.05.2010Thodoros Katsaounis Univ. Heraklion A discontinuous Galerkin method for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
22.04.2010Christina Steiner RWTH Aachen Adaptive Zeitschrittweitensteuerung für Erhaltungssätze mittels adjungierter Fehlerdarstellung
17.12.2009Daniel Wirtz Entwicklung und Anwendung eines Segmentierungsframeworks für medizinische Bildverarbeitung
17.12.2009Ina Josek Das modifizierte Deffuant-Weisbuch-Modell - Meinungsdynamik mit heterogenen Agenten
10.12.2009Marcus Wagner Graz Elastic image registration als polykonvexes Steuerungsproblem
03.12.2009Maik Boltes Jülich Automatische Extraktion von Trajektorien von Personen aus Videos
19.11.2009Bärbel Schlake Properties of non-linear Cross Diffusion Models describing Ion Transport
29.10.2009Alex Sawatzky Münster Nonlocal total variation regularization
15.10.2009Marcisse Fouego Göttingen
07.07.2009Felix Brockherde, Johann Jakob Preuß Universität Münster Ein 2D-Modell zur Positionsbestimmung der Patella
07.07.2009Bernd Kuhlenschmidt, Christian Grumann, Sven Wagner Universität Münster Modellierung und Simulation einer Tumor-Ausbreitung
07.07.2009Jan Jatzkowski Videobasierte Kollisionserkennung als Fahrerassistenzsystem
29.06.2009Rob McLeod Universität Utah New Reasons for Doctors to Like Imaging: Applications in Brain Research and Cardiology
23.06.2009Michael Möller Universität Münster A Variational Approach for Sharpening High Dimensional Images
16.06.2009Marco Di Francesco L'Aquila / Cambridge Measure solutions, finite time blow up, global confinement and multiple blow up for nonlocal transport PDE's on Rn.
09.06.2009Marzena Franek Universität Münster Regularisierter Optimaler Transport und ihre Anwendung in der Bildverarbeitung
27.05.2009K. Schäfers und F. Wübbeling Universität Münster Von der physikalischen Messung bis zum rekonstruierten Bild
26.05.2009Dr. Heiko Berninger FU Berlin Multigrid and DomaninDecomposition for saturated-unsaturated Fluid Flow in heterogeneous Porous Media
25.05.2009Victor Isakov Wichita State On the inverse doping profile problem for semiconductors
18.05.2009Marie-Therese Wolfram Cambridge Opinion formation with strong leaders
12.05.2009Christoph Gersbacher Universität Freiburg A Local Discontinuous Galerkin Discretization For Incompressible Shallow Free-Surface Flows in 3D
07.05.2009Gunnar Seemann Karlsruhe Computer-Modellierung der kardialen Elektrophysiologie: Vom Ionenkanal bis zum EKG
29.04.2009M. Schäfers und O. Schober Molekulare Bildgebung - Quo vadis?
28.04.2009Jahn Müller Parallel Total Variation Minimization
02.04.2009Esther Klann Simultaneous Segmentation and Reconstruction for SPECT/CT data
31.03.2009Robert Stück Göttingen Semi-blind deconvolution in 4Pi-microscopy
16.03.2009Michael Blume Erlangen Recursive and Hierarchical Identification of Reactive Transport and Fluid Flow Parametrization
27.01.2009Jahn Müller Münster Parallel Total Variation Minimization
26.01.2009Kattrin Arning RICAM Linz Modelling of ion channels - insights from mathematics
20.01.2009Kathrin Smetana Münster Existence of solutions of a PDE coupled with an ODE modelling subsurface flow with special in- and outflow conditions
13.01.2009Markus Bachmayr RWTH Aachen Bregman Iterative Methods for Total Variation Regularization of Nonlinear Inverse Problems
02.12.2008Martin Benning Münster A Nonlinear Variational Method for Improved Quantification of Myocardial Blood Flow Using H2 15O
25.11.2008Dirk Lorenz Bremen Inverse Probleme mit Sparsity Constraints - Stabilität und Algorithmen
18.11.2008Kent-Andre Mardal Simula, Oslo Patient-Specific Simulations of the Hemodynamics in the circle of Wills
28.10.2008Karol Mikula Bratislava Finite volume schemes for non-linear anisotropic diffusion with applications to image processing
19.08.2008Alexander Katsevich University of Central Florida Motion compensated image reconstruction in tomography.
15.07.2008Jan Pietschmann Universität Münster Trend to Equilibrium in Nonlinear Fokker-Planck Equations
08.07.2008Oliver Slaby Universität Freiburg Modeling and Optimal Control in Systems Biology: Applications from Immunology and Chronotherapy
24.06.2008Mirko Kränkel Universität Freiburg Local Discontinuous Galerkin Methoden für elliptische Differentialgleichungen und das Stokes System
17.06.2008Carola Schönlieb Cambridge University Domain Decomposition for Total Variation Minimization
29.04.2008Tanja Mues Universität Münster Numerische Simulation von Oszillatorischer Zonierung
22.04.2008Melanie Schröter Universität Münster Identifikation von Herzinfarkten aus EKG-Daten
22.04.2008Björn Nielsen SIMULA, Oslo Theoretical and practical aspects of the inverse problem of electrocardiography.
15.04.2008Raimund Bürger Universidad de Concepcion, Chile Ein Verfahren vom Engquist-Osher-Typ für Erhaltungsgleichungen mit unstetiger Flussfunktion
08.04.2008Bärbel Schlake Universität Münster Mathematical Models for Pedestrian Motion
05.02.2008Patrick Henning Universität Münster Heterogeneous Multiscale Finite Element Method on Perforated Domains
29.01.2008Charalambos Makridakis University of Crete A posteriori error control for evolution PDEs based on reconstruction techniques.
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