Tilmann Glimm (Western Washington University): Modeling in vitro experiments of chicken limb skeletal morphogensis: The role of galectins

Samstag, 14.01.2012 14:00 im Raum Besprechungsraum der Numerik
Mathematik und Informatik

In embryonic development, cells self-organize to form complex patterns giving rise to tissues and organs. One of the standard experimental models for self-organization in development is the formation of skeletal elements in chicken legs and wings. Here cells aggregate to form so-called chondrogenic condensations, which turn into cartilage and later into bone. This behavior is also seen in vitro in so-called micromass experiments. The exact regulatory mechanisms for this process are intensely studied, but far from understood. One of the very earliest markers of condensations are members of the family of galectins (glycoproteins). Recently S. A. Newman and R. Bhat (New York Medical College) have experimentally identified a possible regulatory network of galectins. This network displays some intriguing and counterintuitive behavior. My talk is a preliminary report on work in progress on modeling this galectin network with a system of nonlocal parabolic PDESs. Besides setting up the model, I will present some numerical results and talk about analytical and numerical challenges.

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