Matthias Erhardt (UCL): Joint reconstruction of PET-MRI by exploiting structural similarity

Mittwoch, 03.09.2014 14:15
Mathematik und Informatik

Abstract: Recent advances in technology have enabled the combination of positron emission tomography (PET) with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). These PET-MRI scanners simultaneously acquire functional PET and anatomical or functional MRI data. As function and anatomy are not independent of one another the images to be reconstructed are likely to have shared structures. We aim to exploit this inherent structural similarity by reconstructing from both modalities in a joint reconstruction framework. The structural similarity between two modalities can be modelled in two different ways: edges are more likely to be at similar positions and/or to have similar orientations. Our numerical experiments where we jointly reconstruct from blurred Radon data with Poisson noise (PET) and under-sampled Fourier data with Gaussian noise (MRI) show that both modalities benefit from each other in areas of shared edge information. Joint work with: Kris Thielemans, Luis Pizarro, David Atkinson, Sebastien Ourselin, Brian F. Hutton and Simon R. Arridge

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