Prof. Dr. Christof Melcher (RWTH Aachen): Thiele´s question and the motion of magnetic vortices

Mittwoch, 09.01.2013 16:15 im Raum SR1b
Mathematik und Informatik

A pioneering reformulation of Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equations, aiming to facilitate the dynamic description of magnetic domains, has been introduced by A. A. Thiele in the 70' and used by D. L. Huber in 80' in the context spin vortices, and is nowadays a common tool for predicting the dynamics of various types of topological defects in magnetism. In this talk, we shall report on recent analytical results, developed in collaboration with M. Kurzke, R. Moser, and D. Spirn, that establish a mathematically rigorous derivation of Thiele’s equation in the framework of Ginzburg-Landau theory for singular harmonic maps and flows.

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