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... to the Collaborative Research Centre 1450 “inSight – Multiscale imaging of organ-specific inflammation”! In our network, we investigate how the body regulates inflammation in different organs and, to this end, develop a specific multisale imaging methodology that brings together information from single cells to entire organisms.

Project funding for early career scientists

Developing your own project ideas and acquiring respective funding is a crucial step in a scientific career. We are launching two funding programmes to encourage both doctoral resarchers to independently develop and manage their very first own projects and postdocs to apply with advanced ideas, thus paving the way for project leadership in future funding periods. The deadline to apply is January 31 2022. All applicants will be invited for a short project presentation on February 11 2022 and the Careers Committee will review applications on a competitive basis.

CRC inSight Pilot Projects

CRC inSight Start-up Projects

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“You do really need to believe that you’re equal”

Dr Noelia Alonso Gonzalez recently became Professor of Macrophage Biology at the University of Münster. Her career springboard was a programme run by the research network “Cells in Motion”, which aimed to increase the proportion of women in leadership positions. In a video, the researcher and mother talks about her career path, international mobility and gender equality.