About us

In the Collaborative Research Centre 1450 “Multiscale imaging of organ-specific inflammation”, CRC “inSight” for short, we aim to understand which cellular processes in which organs are decisive indicators of how an inflammation will progress. To this end, we develop a specific imaging methodology: We incorporate different imaging technologies into our investigations and develop innovative strategies for the labelling of cells and the evaluation of image data in order to be able to integrate information from single cells to entire organisms, and from mice to men. We expect that this holistic view will allow us to identify links between cellular inflammation mechanisms and the function of organs. The importance of biomedical imaging in our research project is also incorporated in its name: the term “insight” reflects how things made visible using new methodologies – that are now “in sight” – provide us with new “insights”.

Clinician scientists, biologists, biochemists, chemists, physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists from more than 30 research groups are part of our team. This includes numerous junior scientists from the various disciplines who conduct research in our interdisciplinary projects and go through a joint training programme in our Intergrated Research Training Group. Our network started its work in January 2021 and is funded by the German Research Foundation with more than ten million euros for an initial period of four years.

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A variety of bodies and a team in science management and communication help to shape the work done by our Collaborative Research Centre. The spokesperson for our network is Prof Michael Schäfers, a nuclear medicine specialist. His deputy is biochemist Prof Friedemann Kiefer.