Our Collaborative Research Centre fosters an interdisciplinary research culture early in the scientific career because we need both clinical and scientific perspectives to make significant progress in our research field. Our network engages in the training of a new generation of scientists at the interface between disciplines, e.g. between natural sciences (interdisciplinary scientists) and between natural sciences and clinical medicine (clinician scientists). Our various career modules aim to enrich traditional career paths for natural scientists and physicians.

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Integrated Research Training Group “Multiscale Imaging”

In our Research Training Group, early-career scientists from the fields of medicine, biology, chemistry and pharmacy, physics, mathematics and computer science go through a joint training programme that provides them with comprehensive scientific training in the field of “multiscale imaging”, individual support for their doctoral thesis projects and supervision of their personal career development.

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Equal opportunity in our research network

We see collaboration as characterised by the provision of equal opportunities for people in all their diversity and with their various perspectives, as an incubator for creative and productive research and as an enrichment to our daily work. In order to come as close as possible to this ideal and strengthen equality in science, we focus on supporting female scientists as well as measures for a family-friendly working environment.

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Flexible research funding for clinician scientists

Before, during or after their residency, and explicitly at the very beginning of a scientific career, we cordially invite physicians interested in the translational research area “Dynamics and Imaging of Inflammation and Infection” to apply for funding for a clinician-scientist rotation. Your questions are very welcome at any time – including outside the schedule of current calls!

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Project funding for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers

Developing your own project ideas and acquiring funding for them is a crucial step in a scientific career. In our research network, doctoral researchers can independently develop and manage their own first pilot projects. Postdocs have the opportunity to apply for start-up projects, thus potentially paving the way to a project leadership role in our research network’s future funding periods.