Bridging the Gaps Oberseminar Analysis

Prof. Dr. Gustav Holzegel Prof. Dr. Joachim Lohkamp Prof. Dr. André Schlichting Prof. Dr. Angela Stevens
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18.10.2022Dr. Athanasios Chatzikaleas WWU Münster Non-linear periodic waves in AdS and their stability , Oberseminar "Topics in General Relativity"
05.07.2022Christopher Straub Universität Bayreuth Linearly Stable Shells of Collisionless Matter Surrounding a Schwarzschild Black Hole. Oberseminar "Topics in General Relativity"
28.06.2022Nicolas Besset Université Paris-Saclay Parametrix construction and Fredholm theory for totally characteristic wave type operators. Oberseminar "Topics in General Relativity"
21.06.2022Dr. Christoph Kehle ETH Zürich Strong Cosmic Censorship for ? < 0. Oberseminar "Topics in General Relativity"
01.06.2022Agnes Lamacz Uni Duisburg-Essen High-order homogenization in optimal control by the Bloch wave method
31.05.2022Dr. Melanie Graf Universität Tübingen Coordinates are messy. Oberseminar "Topics in General Relativity"
24.05.2022Renato Velozo University of Cambridge Stability of Schwarzschild for the spherically symmetric Einstein--massless Vlasov system. Oberseminar "Topics in General Relativity"
10.05.2022Dr. Fatima-Ezzahra Jabiri University College London Stationary axisymmetric Einstein-Vlasov bifurcations of the Kerr spacetime. Oberseminar "Topics in General Relativity"
03.05.2022Dr. Martin Taylor Imperial College London The nonlinear stability of the Schwarzschild family of black holes. Oberseminar "Topics in General Relativity"
26.04.2022Dr. Dejan Gajic Radboud University, Nijmegen Late-time tails for geometric wave equations with inverse-square potentials. Oberseminar "Topics in General Relativity"
19.04.2022Arthur Touati École Polytechnique, Paris Construction of high-frequency spacetimes. Oberseminar "Topics in General Relativity"
11.04.2022Dr. Annegret Burtscher Nimwegen On the volume of generalized tubes. Oberseminar "Topics in General Relativity"
05.04.2022Dr. Matthias Wink Münster Vanishing Results for Betti numbers. Oberseminar "Topics in General Relativity"
26.01.2022Bridging the Gaps OS Analysis: Joachim Lohkamp WWU Stable Curve Families and Splitting Theorems
12.01.2022Bridging the Gaps OS Analysis: Konstantinos Zemas WWU Geometric rigidity in variable domains and derivation of linearized models for elastic materials with free surfaces
08.12.2021Bridging the Gaps OS Analysis: André Schlichting WWU On the origin of non-metric gradient flows
01.12.2021Bridging the Gaps OS Analysis: Jonas Potthoff WWU Energy scaling laws for 3D elastic shape optimization
24.11.2021Bridging the Gaps OS Analysis: Claude Warnick University of Cambridge Effective Field Theories
17.11.2021Bridging the Gaps OS Analysis: Theresa Simon WWU Local minimizers of the interface area functional: An approach via local paired calibrations
27.10.2021Bridging the Gaps OS Analysis: Athanasios Chatzikaleas WWU On time periodic solutions to toy models capturing the Anti-de-Sitter stability
23.06.2021Bridging the Gaps Oberseminar Analysis: Benedikt Wirth WWU Numerical approximation on Riemannian manifolds
09.06.2021Bridging the Gaps Oberseminar Analysis: Caterina Zeppieri WWU Stochastic homogenization of free-discontinuity problems
19.05.2021Bridging the Gaps Obersminar Analysis: Joachim Lohkamp WWU The Space-Time Positive Mass Theorem
12.05.2021Bridging the Gaps Oberseminar Analysis: Gabriele Benomio Princeton/Young Research Fellow Muenster A new instability for higher dimensional black holes
05.05.2021Bridging the Gaps Obersminar Analysis: Manuel Friedrich WWU Gamma-convergence for free-discontinuity problems in linear elasticity
28.04.2021Bridging the Gaps Oberseminar Analysis: Christoph Böhm WWU Non-compact Einstein manifolds with symmetry
14.04.2021Bridging the Gaps Oberseminar Analysis: Hans-Joachim Hein WWU Asymptotics of Kähler-Einstein metrics with complex hyperbolic cusps
03.02.2021Julius Lohmann WWU On the Wasserstein distance with respect to a generalization of the urban metric
27.01.2021Oliver Graf WWU The spacelike-characteristic Cauchy problem with bounded L2 curvature in general relativity
20.01.2021Konstantinos Zemas WWU Rigidity estimates for isometric and conformal maps on the sphere
14.01.2021Prof. Dr. Heiner Olbermann Université de Louvain, Belgique TBA
16.12.2020Christopher Kauffman WWU Global Stability for the Einstein-Maxwell-Klein-Gordon System
09.12.2020Prof. Dr. Heiner Olbermann Université de Louvain, Belgien Energy scaling for a conically constrained sector
09.12.2020Sebastian Throm WWU Long-time behaviour for coagulation models
02.12.2020Joachim Lohkamp WWU The Secret Hyperbolic Life of Positive Scalar Curvature
25.11.2020Angela Stevens Universität Münster Cross-Diffusion, "Aggregation"-Equations, and Singularities - an Introduction. Oberseminar Analysis
18.11.2020André Schlichting WWU Münster Oscillatory behavior of bubbleator dynamics
04.11.2020Gustav Holzegel WWU Münster Wave Equations on Black Hole Spacetimes -- An Introduction
16.07.2020Chiranjib Mukherjee: On some homogenization problems in non-elliptic context Oberseminar Analysis On some homogenization problems in non-elliptic context (Oberseminar Analysis)
02.07.2020Dominik Winkler WWU Münster Well-posedness of a cross-diffusion model (Oberseminar Analysis)
25.06.2020Roberta Marziani WWU Münster 3D Nonlinear elastic models for line defects in crystals (Oberseminar Analysis)
18.06.2020Oberseminar Analysis Matteo Perugini, Uni Münster: Lower semicontinuity for functionals defined on piecewise rigid functions
15.11.2016Annika Bach WWU Second-order approximation of anisotropic free-discontinuity functionals
08.06.2016Benedikt Jost WWU Homogenization in perforated domains III
01.06.2016Christoph Tenbrock WWU "Some aspects of modelling Planarian regeneration"
25.05.2016Björn Bringmann TU München Solution Paths of Polyhedral Regularizations
Joint work with Daniel Cremers, Felix Krahmer, and Michael Möller.
11.05.2016Annika Bach WWUAnnika Bach (WWU) "Second order approximation of the anisotropic Mumford-Shah functional"
04.05.2016Prof. Dr. Martin Burger WWU Some open problems by MB
27.04.2016Benedikt Jost WWU Homogenization in perforated domains II
20.04.2016Benedikt Jost WWU Homogenization in perforated domains I
03.02.2016Dr. Jan Frederik Pietschmann WWU Price formation and data assimilation
27.01.2016Dr. Alessio Brancolini WWU Quantitative isoperimetric inequalities
20.01.2016Oskar Kärcher WWU Relaxation to equilibrium in the one-dimensional Cahn-Hilliard equation
13.01.2016Dominik Harbeke WWU On a nonlocal phase separation model
16.12.2015David Schulte WWU An abstract existence theorem for parabolic systems. Part II
09.12.2015David Schulte WWU An abstract existence theorem for parabolic systems. Part I
02.12.2015Gunnar Kaib WWU An attempt to deduce for segregation of species via dimensionality bounds
25.11.2015Benedikt Jost WWU Homogenization in weakly connected domains
18.11.2015Benedikt Jost WWU Homogenization of the poisson equation in a thick periodic junction
11.11.2015Gunnar Kaib WWU Uniqueness of connected radial stationary solutions of a nonlocal aggregation equation
04.11.2015Teresa Esposito WWU Homogenization of the Ambrosio-Tortorelli functional
28.10.2015Dr. Annibale Magni WWU Mean curvature motion of plane triple junctions
21.10.2015Christoph Tenbrock WWU Modelling Planarian Regeneration
10.06.2015Prof. Dr. Jianfeng Lu Duke University Localization and fast algorithms for electronic structure models
03.06.2015Dr. Thanh Nam Nguyen Universitè Paris-Sud Large time behavior for a nonlocal ordinary di fferential equation - Generation of interface for the mass conserved Allen-Cahn equation
06.05.2015Assja Laas WWU Über das Langzeitverhalten der homogenen Fokker-Planck-Gleichung.
15.04.2015Prof. Dr. Martin Burger WWU Some problems in continuum limits of interacting particle systems
04.02.2015Dr. Alessio Brancolini WWU Branched transport urban planning and pattern formation
26.11.2014Dr. Annibale Magni WWU Differential adhesion and pattern formation
19.11.2014Teresa Esposito WWU 15.00 s.t. Elliptic approximations of the Mumford-Shah functional
12.11.2014Achtung geänderte Vortragszeit: 17.00 Uhr M4 Fanzhi Chen WWU Nonlinear Waves in Lattices
05.11.2014 kein Vortrag am 05.11.2014
29.10.2014Gunnar Kaib WWU Droplet Phases and the Two-Dimensional Ohta-Kawasaki Energy
22.10.2014Gunnar Kaib WWU Droplet Phases and the Two-Dimensional Ohta-Kawasaki Energy
18.06.2014Christoph Tenbrock WWU Chemical reactions as Gamma-limit of diffusion
04.06.2014Dr. Annibale Magni WWU Variational analysis for a mean curvature flow action functional
14.05.2014Teresa Esposito WWU Second-order approximation of the Mumford-Shah functional
07.05.2014Benedikt Jost WWU Homogenization
23.04.2014Dr. Giuseppe Capriani WWU Mathematical Models of sorting phenomena of lipids in the cell membrane
15.04.2014Dr. Alessio Brancolini WWU Networks
29.01.2014Dr. Marco Barchiesi Univesity of Naples A nonlinear model for nematic elastomers
19.12.2013Studenten des Praktikums Nichtlineare Modellierung in den Naturwissenschaften WWU Modellierung der Ausbreitung von SARS.
10.07.2013Prof. Dr. Kyungkeun Kang Yonsei University KoreaProf. Dr. Kyungkeun Kang (Yonsei University Korea) A 2D-model of cell sorting induced by propagation of chemical signals along spiral waves
10.07.2013 Prof. Dr. Horst R. Thieme Arizona State University Prof. Dr. Horst R. Thieme (Arizona State University) Dynamics of a differential delay system modeling bluetongue,
03.07.2013Prof. Dr. Stephan van Gils Twente University EnschedeProf. Dr. Stephan van Gils (Twente University Enschede) On Local Bifurcations in Neural Field Models with Transmission Delays
18.12.2012Jens WohlgemuthMPI Leipzig Study of a refernce free model for plasticity
04.12.2012JProf. Dr. Caterina Ida Zeppieri WWU Gamma-Konvergenz II
20.11.2012JProf. Dr. Caterina Ida Zeppieri WWU Gamma-Konvergenz
13.11.2012Dr. Laura Keller WWU Homogenization II
30.10.2012Dr. Laura Keller WWU Münster Homogenisierung