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Dr. Christoph Kehle (ETH Zürich): Strong Cosmic Censorship for ? < 0. Oberseminar Topics in General Relativity

Tuesday, 21.06.2022 12:00 im Raum SRZ204

Mathematik und Informatik

The statement that general relativity is deterministic finds its mathematical formulation in the celebrated `Strong Cosmic Censorship Conjecture' due to Roger Penrose. I will present my results on the linear analog of this conjecture in the case of negative cosmological constant. It turns out that this is intimately tied to Diophantine properties of a suitable ratio of mass and angular momentum of the black hole due to the presence of slowly decaying quasinormal modes on the black hole exterior. If time permits, I will further discuss a related result (joint with M. Van de Moortel) on Strong Cosmic Censorship for spherical symmetry dynamical black holes in the presence of slow decay.

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