Claudia Giesbert

André Schlichting (WWU Münster) via ZOOM: Oscillatory behavior of bubbleator dynamics

Wednesday, 18.11.2020 11:00 per ZOOM: Link to Zoom info

Mathematik und Informatik

It is well known that kinetic models satisfying the so-called detailed balance condition have an entropy functional which can be used to derive convergence to equilibrium results. On the other hand, there are many physical situations (typically open systems) where it is natural to use kinetic equations for which a detailed balance condition does not hold. In these cases, more complicated dynamical behavior can arise, for instance, oscillatory behaviors. A class of kinetic equations where it is not a priori evident if temporal oscillations can occur are the coagulation-fragmentation equations. In the talk, we concentrate on Becker-Döring type dynamics, in which only a single monomer can attach or detach from a cluster. These equations have been extensively used to model chemical-physical systems and especially bubbleator dynamics. In this talk, I will describe such models for which the onset of periodic oscillations can be proven by formal asymptotics. One of the models represents the formation of large clusters in a Becker-Döring equation having a source of monomers and removal of large clusters. Joint work with Barbara Niethammer, Bob Pego, and Juan Velazquez.

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