Sebastian Throm

Konstantinos Zemas (WWU): Rigidity estimates for isometric and conformal maps on the sphere

Wednesday, 20.01.2021 11:00 per ZOOM: Link to Zoom info

Mathematik und Informatik

In this talk I would like to discuss both linear and nonlinear stability aspects of the class of rigid motions (resp. Möbius transformations) of the standard round sphere among maps from the sphere into the ambient Euclidean space. Unlike similar in flavour results for maps defined on domains, not only an isometric (resp. conformal) deficit is necessary in this more flexible setting, but also a deficit measuring the distortion of the sphere under the maps in consideration. The latter is defined as an associated isoperimetric type of deficit. We will mostly focus on the case when the ambient dimension is 3 and also explain why, in both cases, the estimates are optimal in their corresponding settings. The adaptations needed in higher dimensions will also be addressed. We also obtain linear stability estimates for both cases in all dimensions. These can be regarded as Korn-type inequalities for the combination of the quadratic form associated with the isometric (resp. conformal) deficit on the sphere and the isoperimetric one. This is joint work with S. Luckhaus.

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