Dr. Sepideh Mirrahimi(Ecole Polytechnique, Paris): A Hamilton-Jacobi approach for mutation-selection models

Mittwoch, 12.12.2012 16:15 im Raum SR1b
Mathematik und Informatik

We provide an analysis of some concentration phenomena which appear in problems related to biology. In particular, we study the adaptive dynamics of a population structured by a phenotypical trait. The mathematical modeling of these problems gives rise to parabolic equations with small diffusion. The presence of a small term leads to multi-scale models. The asymptotic solutions of these equations concentrate on one or several points in the trait space that are evolving in time. Our approach is based on the Hopf-Cole transformation which leads to Hamilton-Jacobi equations with constraint. We also show how this approach can be extended to models with a spatial structure.

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